If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

We shouldn't use our imagination . . .



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We Shouldn’t Use Our Imagination

By Kathy Mote



 The Lord said we shouldn't use our imagination or our intelligent mind to measure or understand Him. That is not knowing Him. He said our mind is not big enough to see Him or what is in His heart. Our imagination is not big enough to imagine Him.


We are not to use our common sense knowledge of scripture to govern Him. We are to hear His voice. He is God and He gives us Life face to face, heart to heart. His Life is imparted into our heart as He speaks to us. Speaking is how He creates. As He expresses His desire, His Spirit moves in us, giving us Life as He desires.


We are to hear Him (He is the Word, the expression of His desire and He is alive to speak) and what He speaks is what we are to believe because we believe Him. Our relationship is with the living God who was raised. What He says to us is what He is doing in us and that is what (and how) we receive.


Just think, every scripture we read is the promise of His relationship to and with us. Every person who wrote what we read about Him heard His voice and wrote what He said. We are to live by His voice just as they did. He is our bread and our Life. He is not doing in our life or our heart what He did in theirs.


To do anything less than hearing Him speak to our heart is to use our intelligence and our judgmental mind to limit, allow, and govern what we will believe. That is not worship or relationship. That is being our own god. We taint our own heart, shutting Him off. That is why so many do not hear His voice.


I know this needs a little sugar, so I will end with this. It is His desire to speak with us. By His presence He will fill, heal and create His image in us. That is the promise He made us.






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It Is His Desire To Speak With Us

By Kathy Mote



It is His desire to speak with us. By His presence He will fill, heal and create His image in us. That is the promise He made us.






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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “Life is conceived in My heart and received in yours. What I have conceived in My heart is what you receive in your heart. You cannot imagine or dream of what I have imagined and dreamed of in Mine.”


The same way His Spirit moved in the deep as He spoke, making it take shape and form as He desired, His Spirit is moving in us, giving us Life that is in Him. This is how He is changing us. We receive not by reading, but by His presence living and moving in us.


As He moves and breathes and lives in us, His Spirit moves in the deep of our heart, causing us to take shape and form. We are not going to be what we have imagined, and we cannot imagine what we will be when He is finished.





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Walking In Our Flesh

By Kathy Mote



Walking in our flesh as we experience carnal life shows us our need of His presence in us. Our flesh is like a small child that wants what it wants, and understands only what it desires. It cannot perceive the glory of God. So we surrender our understanding to Him just like we surrender our desires, and in His presence we understand His desires.





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Some Of God’s Ministers Are Learning Today

By Kathy Mote



Some of God's ministers are learning today that God's purpose in them serves Him and not them. It will fill you and anoint you and set you apart, but make no mistake, it belongs to Him and will obey and glorify Him. If it didn't, it wouldn't be of Him.


Only the most surrendered of hearts will know this and be comforted instead of feeling crushed or let down. Only the most humble hearts are close enough to Him to accept this, but they are blessed beyond anything this life can give.





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Something I Noticed All My Life

By Kathy Mote



Something I noticed all my life is that I have always been held accountable for what the Lord is going to do as if it were my fault. This has gone on all my life and it has taught me a very particular posture of the heart. He gave me this to enable me to release and stand by His Word.


This Lord said everything in my life, every step I have taken, established His covenant. The knowledge of His heart is what He put inside me to release. It is His presence that the world has been responding to. He said it is the anointing that changed my life and humbled my heart, and it had to be like that.


You may think that I think highly of myself. I assure you, I do not. Quite the opposite. What I was given to share is the knowledge of Him, and it will show the world what He is really like. The world and their response to Him is entirely in His hands, but this is what salvation means.


He fills us in order to bring us to Him because He is Life and that is how He saves us from death. He does this by His Spirit in us. We cannot 'create' His image in ourselves by reading His promise of Life, His presence in us does that as we learn to respond to Him. And it's not enough to be loved, dear ones, we have to become as He is by His presence in us. That is what Life is.


Life on this earth is about to change as He reveals what His promise of Life means.




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Something The Lord Said To Me

By Kathy Mote



Something the Lord said to me was, Kid, there's just you and Me. He said this as I learned that where my heart was with HIM is where my heart is with everyone else. What I mean is He uses everyone around me to humble my heart. My response is always to accept that from Him.


There's no use in focusing on people or expecting justice or fairness from them. Him correcting me is what I will see as He uses them. He does this to teach me to see Him as the source of all things and to trust His will in them.


The same thing is true of frustrating situations and that includes inanimate objects, things one would not like to admit becoming frustrated with.


For weeks, everything that I put my hand to seemed to explode, splatter or leap out of my hands. It would have been comical, had it not been so frustrating. I turned my heart to the Lord, and He revealed the source.


He said it was my environment's reaction to the powerful force He was bringing to the Earth. As I surrendered my heart to Him in this, everything, including me, became calm. We are walking in deep, abiding trust as He is present in our heart.





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The Lord Said Something To Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said something to me that I would like to share regarding the human condition and what we are without His intervention. This is a deeper definition of what pride is.


Pride is the will to live without Him. This is something inherent in all of creation until they/we know Him. It is the condition of our heart without Him. The only cure for pride is to know Him as Lord and to love Him. It is only by His presence that we know Him. So, humility is His presence in us. That is how we honor Him.







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The Only Way

By Kathy Mote



The only way to be a part of what God is doing in the Earth is to be hidden in Him. That is what He is doing in your heart.



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