If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

As I sit in the Quiet . . .


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As I Sit In The Quiet

By Kathy Mote



As I sit in the quiet on a day like today, I wonder if I said what He told me to say in the right way. 'Did I get it said right' runs through my mind. He answered me, and said, “There's no such thing. Words won't do justice to what I will pour out of Me. There are no words to describe Life. That is something you must receive.”





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You Share In The Sufferings Of Christ

By Kathy Mote


You share in the sufferings of Christ when you are accepted in Him. As His presence sets you apart to bring you to Him, that is what causes the world to reject you. His presence is what humbles you, and He meant to. To be accepted in Christ is to be set aside for your Father's heart, by your Father's heart, far away from the world around you.


We focus on the rejection, so often not realizing that He caused it by His presence. It is His will to bring you into the desires of His heart, to set you apart from the world and to set you aside for His glory, that you may glory (abide joyously and completely) in His presence.


We focus on the people, or the devil and his mischief and thievery as we live our lives, often fighting them, but truly, we wouldn't do this if we knew our place in our Father's presence. We need to stop comparing ourselves to the world around us and stop grieving when we don't fit into it. Just as Christ's heart and life belonged to the Father to honor Him, so is ours because we belong to Him.


To belong to our Father is to see Him bring about His will in our lives, and He does this powerfully. Until we stand before Him and glory in His desire for us, all we see is that we are separate. But to know Him is to seek and accept His heart for us in every situation. This defines a deeply intimate relationship with Him where our heart hears Him, responds to Him, and trusts Him.





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“Read Your Bible, Read Your Bible”

By Kathy Mote



The number of people who are shouting 'Read your Bible, Read your Bible' astounds me. I have a question. And then what? Is that what we are do with our heart, practice in our flesh what is promised? This is what only His Spirit can fill us with.


We are to open our heart to Him and hear His voice in a deeply personal relationship. Reading about Him is not hearing Him. You cannot read what anyone wrote and truly know them, you have to have a personal relationship with them to know what is in their heart for you. Revealing His heart for you is what heals you. He restores your heart by welcoming you into His presence.


Do you remember the Pharisees, standing along the side of the road (but not on it) with the scriptures in their hands? They doubted and rejected the living Christ who was standing right in front of them by clinging to their interpretation of the scriptures that promised Him. They could have stopped searching for Him in the texts and followed Him.


His response to them will be His response to all who don't open their heart to Him and trust Him to fill them. (Hence, they will not be filled with Him.) Depart from Me. I never knew you. But today He is drawing you closer to hear Him.


And lest you say you are immune to this Truth because you are filled with the Holy Spirit, that Spirit was given to you as a promise of deeper relationship as He leads you to Him.


He said, In those days they will come to me saying, Lord didn't we cast out demons and raise the dead in your name as we did all manner of miracles? His answer was the same for them as it was for the Pharisees. He is firm on the issue of who is to be Lord in our heart so that we might follow HIM.


We are not here to interpret the texts, as beautiful as they are, that promise we can have a relationship with Him. We are here to be brought before Him to know Him and be filled by Him. He is far more beautiful in person than anything ever written. To know Him is to live in Him, for His heart and His presence is our home. That is where our heart and our Life is. We won't leave here without Him.





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There Are Moments

By Kathy Mote


There are moments when I don't see Him, I see what He is contending with. I see what He has set His eye on. I see what He is intent on tearing down. I feel the hostility and the struggle in them, but there is no struggle in Him. He is set on seeing justice in them, and none will resist Him. Every altar in man's thinking will bow before Him as it is shaken to the ground. Nothing will stand before Him that isn't of Him.





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Just To Be Clear

By Kathy Mote



Just to be clear, Eve's sin was to desire to know and understand God's judgment instead of abiding in His presence and accepting what He said. That happened because she wasn't filled with all the fullness of Him, which is how we abide in Him.


To rectify this, He took our place outside His presence to show us the way in, then sent His Spirit to us to lead us to Him. That is why it is said, “He sent His Word (Jesus) and healed them.” This was always the plan.






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Realizing He Is Not Finished

By Kathy Mote



Realizing He is not finished with all of creation will answer all of our questions about our life. He is still creating us as a race that He will bring to His heart, and we are the generation that will see this. What He purposed for us is the desire of His heart. What He began with, Let there be Light, He is not finished with yet.





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We Haven’t Been Give Authority

By Kathy Mote



We haven't been given authority, we accept His authority in our heart to invite Him to change us. Him ruling and reigning in us is how we are transformed. If you want to be transformed, surrender is how it works.






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All Those Who Witnessed Christ Being Hung On The Cross

By Kathy Mote



All those who witnessed Christ being hung on the cross assumed that was God judging Him for saying He was the Christ. But it was not. That was Christ giving His life, His position before the Father and all that the Father promised Him back to Him. I see this in a vision today.


The Lord is calling all those who are called before Him to give back to Him all that He called them, all that He promised them, all He said they were and what they would do. And in their heart, they know it is not to cast them down, but to raise them. That is His way.






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Becoming As He Is, Is Not Within Our Ability To Choose

By Kathy Mote



Becoming as He is, is not within our ability to choose, it is only by His Spirit in us that we become as He is. Being filled and transformed by His Spirit is obedience according to Him. The heart posture of one who desires to be obedient is to want Him. That is His Spirit in us, leading us to Him.





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We Have Mistaken Many Things

By Kathy Mote



We have mistaken many things that He intends to do in us by thinking that is what we are to do for Him. We do this by seeing ourselves instead of seeing Him. His power to bring change into us is not what we wield or operate in the Earth.


We think that because we are filled with His Spirit and we have the scriptures to show us His will that we are able or invited to rule our environment. But this is carnal, and not His intention for us.


It is His intention to transform us by His Spirit moving in us. He did not give us authority to rule all of creation, He will by changing us and He will do this by His presence. This is not something we command, but what we will become. Not what we say or do, but what we are as He changes us. This is His presence as Lord making all of creation bow before Him.







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