If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

God loves us deeply . . .



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God Loves Us Deeply

By Kathy Mote



God loves us deeply and individually, and that is how He knows us. He wrote a love letter to us promising He would come to us, and as we accept His heart and His will for us, which is Jesus, He comes to us and fills us.


What He began by His Spirit, we are not to complete in our flesh, namely by practicing the words of the promise, which is to deny His powerful presence. Life in His presence is what He promised us, and that is not something one can 'practice'.


No one has ever mistaken His presence as He comes to them. Take the Apostle Paul, for example. Just like everyone else the Lord appeared to, Paul knew it was God who spoke to him. When He makes Himself known to our heart, we open our heart to Him. His presence is known to us and it changes us.


As for myself, He did not have to blind me with a bright light and knock me down. His presence was unmistakable. So is His voice and the effect it has on me. He healed my heart just by saying my name as He called me to Him and He told me to call Him Daddy. With the love of a parent is how He considers us.


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The Lord Once Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord once told me, if you want to see a confirmation of what I am releasing, just glance at what the devil is making fun of in the world. That was the year the Lord promised to release great wisdom. He said that seeing Him is seeing the Truth, and that it would tip the scales and change the course of life on the Earth.


Because of the devil's sarcasm, he can't help distorting the Truth that the Lord reveals. The Truth the Lord reveals is Himself. The devil rushes to distort the Truth and he uses the rebellion of the flesh to do it. In other words, he uses carnal thinking. The world listens to the devil, so as the Lord reveals the Truth, the devil rushes to discredit how the Truth is seen.


Those who are not made spiritually alive in Him don't see Him. They reject Him and the Life He gives. So, not being alive to Him, they are not filled. He called those who walk in darkness without Him the carnal, the unalive who 'walk in' death, which is all about flesh and limited to their carnal thinking.


The time we have here is very short, just enough to be filled and grow up in Him. We are filled with His Life as we walk in and by His Spirit and we receive this as we walk with Him. When we leave here, we do not take our flesh with us.


This is why those in the world consider us to be alien to their world, their way of existing, their agenda, their logic and their thinking. As the difference between Life and death becomes more obvious, the warfare grows more intense. As the glory is being revealed, the combat is getting more personal. As the Lord becomes more obviously present in us, those in darkness are able to 'see' His Life and Light in us, and they resent it. We trust Him beyond this life because that is where He is taking us.





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The Lord is Doing Something New

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is doing something new with me and I would like to share. Before today, He would speak to me to guide me, teach me or correct me. We had ongoing conversation. Well, He did all the speaking and I hung on His every word as I did all the listening.


Today it occurred to me to look someone up who I had known on facebook. Then I saw the look on the Lord's face. It was so expressive that it revealed His heart reaction to (and His opinion of) my bright idea.


This is an entirely different way of communicating with me and I love it so much, I can't stop giggling. By not giving me a yes or no, He showed me more than a thousand words could say what this would do to His will for me.


I chose to respect and to honor His heart for me. I won't be looking for anyone. They will find me if it is His will to lead them to me. In this way, everyone is in His hands. I find great comfort in accepting this and I won't be struggling with it.






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What If We Didn’t Have a Copy of Every Word God Spoke

By Kathy Mote



What if we didn't have a copy of every word God spoke to everyone else to teach us of Him. We wouldn't pattern our life after someone else's encounter with Him. We would cry out to Him to have our own heart changing, Life giving, life directing encounter with Him that makes us fall in love with Him.


But we do have a copy of what was written of Him, and it is beautiful, with one exception. What the Apostle Paul wrote of his own life made obeying God sound like a war with the devil. War and struggle is not what we find in the Lord's presence, love, peace and deliverance is.


Those who think that the Bible is all there is to walking with God haven't understood the point of what they read in it. Most of what is written is the promise He made to fill us with the Life that is in Him as we accept Him. It is His desire that we trust Him, not make a manual of His promise to love us.





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Do Not Be Grieved

By Kathy Mote



Do not be grieved when people who used to speak to you no longer speak to you. You are not being rejected. You are being brought into the Lord's presence and this is His will for you. He doesn't want you in their presence, He wants you in His presence to more clearly hear Him.


There is an old saying, Birds of a feather flock together. The reason is they are all going in the same direction. They are not following each other.






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