If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

When you are miserable because of someone else . . .


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When You Are Miserable Because of Someone Else

By Kathy Mote




 When you are miserable because of someone else, someone who is clearly not good for your life, who obviously doesn't have your well being in mind, you consider yourself delivered from them when you escape all entanglement with them.


But there are those who the Lord considers not good for your life, not compatible with where He is taking you because they don't respect Him or His hand on your life. Those are the ones He will deliver you from without notice or consent. He delivers us from harm, even when we don't see it coming, or recognize it. Even when we are willing to forgive it. Trust Him in all things and do not lament.



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Whenever Someone Leaves My Life

By Kathy Mote



Whenever someone leaves my life, it seems as though they are there one minute and gone the next, but never because of an argument or some reason I can put my finger on. Yet I always assume it was something I said. I always think it was my fault or my flaw, because of the way I am.


The Lord said it was His presence that did that every time and for the same reason every time, to protect what He was doing in me and to make sure of my place in His will. He said I was the one taken away, not them. He also told me to share. Someone else needs to hear this. It will comfort their humble heart, but more importantly, it will show their heart the way Home.





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The Lord Showed Me Something

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me something that I would like to share, a view of what He is doing in us seen from His heart. This revealed so much to my heart. He showed me the difference between Lucifer and us to teach me this.


We have always considered His judgment to be His opinion of us, based on what we say and do, which is a reflection of our heart. To be blunt, we thought what He thought of us depended on us.


Lucifer, who was thrown down and cast out, called Satan, the scourge of all mankind, the poster child for being damned, wrecked and ruined, tossed his place in God's presence by thinking highly of himself. By being so impressed with his own beauty, he loved himself more than God. God said he doesn't have a heart, he has something else, a high opinion of himself.


My heart was filled with hope in response to God's grace, wisdom, gentle mercy, and love. Only He can reveal His heart and that is what He is filling us with. We will reflect His heart, and that doesn't depend on us, but on us depending on Him and belonging to Him. The only way we will honor Him is to be of Him, filled with Him.


So His judgment and opinion of us is based on His presence and His heart in us. This is why He said He is creating us.


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The Lord Said I Should Share Something He Showed Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me something and said that I should share. As He moves us forward into what was promised to us, not everyone will recognize it for what it is, and they will not follow Him. Some will draw back, returning to what they are comfortable with, settling for what they already know and understand. They don't want to stand out, they want to stay with what is easier for them.


This will humble our heart as we remain with Him. We are moving into the deeper things of His heart for us, and this is the place we belong. This is uncharted territory. No religion, this, and no one understands. Just as in the days we learned to lean on Him in the desert, we will now be drawn into a more healing embrace. We will find we are in our place. There are no words to describe the relief this will be, but it marks the end of our lifelong waiting in Him.


The Lord said, I have taken much from you in your life that I will now repay. The life I have taken from you will now be filled with My own Life.





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There Is Untold Peace

By Kathy Mote



There is untold peace in being content with your portion.






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I Would Like to Share

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share the story of the miracle chicken soup. This lesson taught me to value and rely on what He says to me over what I can see with my own eyes. He gives me all I need to do what He tells me to do every time.


As I cut up a very large chicken breast to go into the little crock pot, it became obvious that it wouldn't all fit. I thought about it for a second, wondering if I could put a portion of it into something else. As I stood there trying to decide, the Lord said, It will fit. Put it in the crock.


I saw with my own eyes that it got smaller as I shoveled it all into the little crock. So there was enough room to add the other ingredients, just like the Lord told me to do when He showed me to make the soup.


He also showed me that we would have every bit of the larger portion when the time came to ladle it out. I have seen Him do this many times, and I am always delighted with His generousity to provide.


So the soup's all in, broth, garlic, tomato, olive oil and one very large chicken breast. I sat down to eat my breakfast, but the cream cheese I had intended to spread on my toast had gone pink. It looked really bad.


I started to eat my breakfast without it, but the Lord spoke to me again. He said, It's alright, go ahead. I looked into the little container of cream cheese again to find no trace of the gooey mess it had been. It was now fresh and white.


So these are my miracles and I just wanted to share. Earlier He told me not to get junk food, which had been my plan. I obeyed Him and ate what He suggested, and His response was to look out for me like this. Evidently the door swings both ways. May you be blessed to realize just how close He is as you interact with Him.






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I Am Hearing It Again

By Kathy Mote



I am hearing it again so I will say it again. This is what He is saying now. What we read in the Bible is what people heard Him say to them. We read this thinking this is how we are to hear from Him, but this is not how THEY heard from Him. He is not a paper doll, He is the living God.


Today He is shaking the Pharisees up so they will step down. They must know that to receive Him is the only way to be lifted up. LIFE, not just salvation, is in KNOWING HIM face to face and being brought into His presence. There. I said it again. This is personal, and personally is the only way to receive Him.





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When I First Got Saved And Spirit Filled

By Kathy Mote



When I first got saved and Spirit filled, the Holy Spirit quickened a deeper meaning of the scriptures to my heart. I loved this and poured over the scriptures four and five hours a day thinking this was all there was to walking with God.


This was a different experience than Jesus speaking to me face to face. As He revealed His heart to me, He healed my heart. What He is saying today is hearing His voice face-to-face is also not all there is to walking with Him. He is bringing us into a far deeper place we have never dreamed of seeing.


The written texts are not the person of Jesus Christ. Everyone knows that but they don't act like they know it. In their carnal thinking they cling to the written texts as if that's the only solid ground we have, but His presence, the Living God Himself, is our solid ground and it is in His presence that we stand. Everything else is just religion. The Lord said today that as He is present in us, He has His boots on the ground.



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