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Discerning the Anointing

By Robert Blackburn



For such a time as this….


It’s become clear that those who are appointed and chosen of God for this hour, will have a great task.


They will be moved by The Spirit to speak about things, they may wish they didn’t have to address.


No one really wants to be disliked; any good minister does not wish to be turned off or ignored. But, you have been called!


Right now, we absolutely must know what is of The Spirit, and what is not. Who is anointed of The Holy Ghost, and who isn’t.


We once judged things people said by how it was backed up by The Word of God. It is still the measuring device.


Our dilemma, has often been that we may have failed to take into consideration, that person’s interpretation, of what His Word actually says.


There was never to be a private interpretation of such.


We need to visit again that term we call “the Unction of the Spirit.” What is it?


First of all, there is nothing that can compare with The Holy Ghost; nothing at all. People who don’t yet know God as many of us have, can feel that certain moving; it’s a feeling like none other.


This unction, can be defined as a “supernatural interaction” that occurs between The Holy Spirit of God and the spirit of a human being. No emotion comes close to it.


Even Jesus said that some people called themselves; He did not send them.


We have let this issue of the true anointing slip by us for too long. You see, this is where we’ll get in trouble with many; there are those who will stop listening.


There seems no doubt, that God is going to move some people out of the way; no matter what level they’re in. He will not let anyone stand in His way.


For myself, and I’m speaking only for me, my title does not mean very much. It doesn’t matter how good I am with words or how much I can stir people.


It’s all about whether someone can feel The Holy Ghost in what I am saying. Anybody can get in the flesh, at any time.


I just don’t know any other way to say that. People do not need to hear what I am saying to The Church. They need to truly hear what “The Spirit is saying to The Church!”


It’s the hour we are in; the time we’re facing right now that makes this message so crucial. Mundane as it may sound, a lukewarm Church, can be led astray.


No matter what my good intentions are, if I am not praying and studying His Word, if I’m not seeking to follow the leading of His Spirit, I am going to miss something. I will be caught off guard. I’ll follow man, more than God.


The enemy has launched an out and out attack against the Saints. Because of the spiritual condition of many of our people, we’ve allowed our spiritual power to wane.


A shaking has been prophesied. We are the ones that must be shaken the most. We hold the key to the victory over much of the evil being slung forth today.


It is The Church; no matter where you are or what you call yourselves, that can drive back the forces of darkness.


The true measure of someone who is filled with The Holy Ghost, is how much they manifest the fruit of The Spirit. I pray in tongues; I intercede in that manner also.


But some tongues are not of The Holy Ghost. There are songsters, musicians, leaders and speakers, who are not moving in the genuine anointing.


The dire concern is, they are leading others who may not have been taught the difference. Elders and saints, you can no longer sit by and let this happen.


Get on your face, and move it.




By Robert Blackburn








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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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