If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

My Daughter and I don't pray for each other . . .



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My Daughter And I Don’t Pray For Each Other

By Kathy Mote




 My daughter and I don't pray for each other, we thank Him with a grateful heart for what He is doing in our lives. This is what He taught us to do as He asked us if we trusted Him. So when one of us says we will pray for the other, what we mean is we will rejoice in His love and His will for us. This is such a sweet revelation of Him, one that honors His heart.


There is a saying that to intercede is to stand in the gap...the gap between God and someone who is not accepting, and therefore not close to, His heart. As we come to trust His generous love, we will see what He is doing in us. As we do, there is no gap between His heart and ours.





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There Is A Difference

By Kathy Mote




There is a difference between hearing the Lord's voice and being brought into our Father's presence to hear Him speak. We cannot imagine the intimacy He will bring us into as we are brought before our Father face to face. The Lord's presence being uncontested in our heart is a big part of this. As Jesus brings you into the Father's presence, He teaches you to remain before Him. You never leave. This is how you Live, in Him, so aware of Him you are completely unaware of your self.





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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision, I saw everyone come before Jesus as He stood in the highest place. I have seen this place before. It is the place He asked me the question, Do you trust Me. I said yes, then He asked me to jump.


It was so high up that my choice decided my life, but I did as He asked. There is nothing I would refuse Him. As I jumped, I fell up, and into His arms. Oh, how I remember this place. It is the place of realizing your deepest trust as you are embraced by Him.


One by one they would all come before Him and call Him their life, their everything as His heart was in them. This is how they moved from the place they were in, how they moved forward to enter in.


The Lord spoke to me in this vision as they did this, one by one by one. He called me to Him and He said this same thing to me, you are my life, my everything. You are important to me. My heart (love, will, desire and intentions) for you is your place in me. This being in you is how you are in me.


He said, Go tell them this is how it is to be. That to come before Him, to enter in to be embraced and to be of Him is to be filled with His heart in this way, that He is your life by His heart in you, that He is your everything.





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It Is God’s Presence Calling You

By Kathy Mote



It is God's presence calling you to Him that causes those around you to rebel, reject, resent, compete and to punish. It is His presence they are aware of, and it is Him they are responding to, even though they don't realize it. They are uncomfortable in God's presence, and they react badly to it.


God is calling YOU to Him, not them. He is not knocking on their heart. That is why they resent you so much. He isn't drawing them close to His heart by His presence in their life nor is He softening their heart. It is you He is calling to Him.


Seen this way, you may think this is so sweet, but until you are fully in your place and you are fully the work of His hands and made ready, it is humbling to be called out and set apart.


As you are called out of your place in your own life, you are being called into your place in His presence. This is the difference between being called and being invited. To see Him move with such powerful force in your life is to know He is LORD of your surroundings.








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To Think Your Circumstance is the Product

By Kathy Mote



To think your circumstance is the product of someone else's will is to say He isn't Lord of it.






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To Embrace His Will For You

By Kathy Mote



To embrace His will for you when you don't understand goes beyond surrender into the deepest trust. Your heart is being refined. To be brought into His will in this life is to be shown your place in His heart.


To accept His will in your life is to accept that your life is His will. This means you accept all He will do in your heart in circumstance you do not like or understand. This is giving more than your weakness to Him. This is belonging to Him to do with as He wills. It is His will to build your spirit man and to give your heart a beautiful strength.


He is Lord of every detail as He resides in the deepest place of your heart. You would be amazed at the details of His plan for you. They go generations back. Where you are concerned He leaves nothing to chance. Your life has been a journey into His presence. That is where you have been established and you will never leave.


As humbling as your life has been, you are closer to His heart than you think. You are far closer to Him than those who expect Him to bring about their will and desire. You would be surprised to know how many there are who use His name to claim His favor, but haven't given Him their heart or called Him Lord. It is you who are precious and dear to His heart because when He asked, you gave Him your heart.





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Every Moment

By Kathy Mote



Every moment the Lord spends humbling your heart prepares you for when He will lift you up.




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It Is No Longer My Heart’s Desire

By Kathy Mote



It is no longer my heart's desire to be delivered out of the things of this Earth. In honoring what He is doing in me, it is my desire that He have His way as He delivers me in them. I think there's a difference, maybe not in the outcome, but in whose desire is being honored as I trust Him.


That sounds kind of lame as I write it down, but this is the revelation I am having and it is deeply profound. He has brought me so far. I see all of the things I experienced in this life were indeed His will, just as it was also His will to deliver me in them as I learned to turn to Him.


This puts a different spin on the things that were difficult in my life. Those were the things that I didn't enjoy, but it was in those very things that He taught me to desire His heart, and that is how He delivered me, by bringing me into His presence in them.


So now because of His presence in my heart, I am no longer in difficult or unpleasant circumstance, but it wouldn't matter if I was. Everything bows to Him in His presence, which is where I am. There is no struggle in me as I am in Him.




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We Are Not Measured By What We Do

By Kathy More



We are not measured by what we do in the Earth, we are measured by what He is doing in us while we are here on Earth. We cannot measure our life by what we have done, we measure our life by His Life in us. We can see the Truth if we see Him. The Truth is, everything He did and all that He is doing in us is to fill us with Him to bring us to Him.



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