If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Shaky as a house of cards . . .

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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



 The Lord said, “The devil's hold in a person's heart is as shaky as a house of cards, determined by one's imagination. As they see the Lord who created their heart, darkness will fall to the wayside like smoke and mirrors, along with their imagination. The house of cards will come crashing down. End will come to the darkness in them. With just one look, one touch, one word to heal their heart, they will be Mine. All Mine. Every one of them will enter My Kingdom.”







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It Is God’s Presence That People React and Respond to

By Kathy Mote



It is God's presence that people react and respond to. They're not responding to you, they're responding to His presence in you. They're responding to Him and revealing where their heart is. What you will see is their reaction to Him.


They consider His presence arbitrary if He's not in them, calling them to Him. That's why they resent you, and often viciously, as they compete with you. What they are doing is defending themselves from His presence. As He surrounds you, drawing you into Him, He makes them feel uncomfortable. For many, this will cause a yearning in them.


As the time draws nearer to His return, He is calling us into His presence in a more powerful way. His presence not only humbles our heart, but those around as well, and He has great purpose in this. Soon God's presence will be felt in all the Earth.


We are not equipped to explain His presence or defend His presence to those who aren't called into it. To explain Him or defend Him or define Him isn't up to us. That's not how He will call them to Him. In the days to come, changing us is. Just set your heart on Him and watch what He does. As He moves, He will bring remarkable change to your relationships, but changing you as He brings you to Him is the point of all He does.







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The Lord Showed Me Something

By Kathy Mote




The Lord showed me something that I would like to share. To win the heart of His Beloved is the Lord's goal. Her heart is the prize He considers most highly, and He is determined to win her into His arms. He will do this by His love for her. This is what the weakness in her keeps her from seeing, just as it keeps her from seeing Him.


The deck is stacked against the Lord's Beloved, her weakness, the devil and the world she lives in are all standing against her. She has nothing going for her but the Lord's devotion to her and He is confident that He will win her. Every one of her.




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02.05 | 07:12

Kathy Mote is back on Facebook!

17.04 | 13:33

I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

Anne Marie Hamel

03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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