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The Lord Said Something . . .

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The Lord Said Something

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said something to me that I would like to share. He asked me if I was enjoying myself in a moment I realized how miserable I was, living on the Earth. Being miserable is something I would not have thought to do if I had not been shown Heaven, and seen the difference between Heaven and the place I am in.


He asked me what I wanted, a question I was not prepared to answer, even to myself. I still have no answer because I have no idea what comes next in Him. As I mulled this over, He asked if I wanted to enjoy my self, which is different than enjoying myself.


I remember doing this, enjoying being me. I was young, and beautiful and trim and fit. I enjoyed being me. I don't enjoy being me at 63, but being 63 has nothing to do with how I feel. I am waiting for Him and I am struggling with my own impatience.


Heaven is Light and bright and peaceable and pleasant because there is no flesh to contest Him there. Earth is dark and fraught with burdens to surrender and desires to lay down. Earth is the place we choose Him to Live, the place we wait until He brings us deeper into Him.


I am sharing because the revelation the Lord's question caused went off inside my head like a bomb. I trust Him, and moments like this lead to being shown what He wants in my heart.


We are being shown the deeper surrender of heart that we didn't know we needed to enter the deeper things of His presence He will reveal. This is a place in Him we haven't entered, and Life we haven't walked in yet.






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There Are Some Of The Lord’s Devoted That Are Surrendering

By Kathy Mote



There are some of the Lord's devoted that are surrendering the things of this life to Him. They are determined to do all they can to remain in His presence today. They are lightening ship in a powerful way as the Lord moves them into all He will reveal to them. They will walk in the deepest place of His heart, seeing and embracing nothing but Him. The issue of their intimate relationship with Him is a matter of survival for them, for it is His victory over all things in them.






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The Driving Force Behind All He Is Doing

By Kathy Mote



The driving force behind all He is doing is His desire to bring you fully into Him. It is His love that brings every one of us into His arms to know His heart and to be filled.


By His Spirit, He is living, moving and breathing into us to draw us into Him. His purpose in this is to bring about His will, and to create us is His will.


It is Him we are responding to when we open our heart to Him. It is Him we are aware of as we turn to Him. As He leads, we follow. As He calls us, we walk with Him. We are the work of His gentle hands as He is creating us.


This is beyond our thinking, almost too big to take in. To accept that His thoughts are above ours won't bring us closer to Him, but trusting His thoughts toward us will. It is His love for us that we yearn to know, and as He comforts our heart, we are filled. He is creating us, each one of us in our time, and His love for us is His purpose in this.





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God Fully Understands Our Concept Of Time

By Kathy Mote



God fully understands our concept of time. He invented it and gave it to us, but He didn't want us to measure Him, what He is doing in the Earth or in our life by time.


He doesn't measure time like we do, He measures time by His desire, His will, and how much of it is accomplished in the Earth. He measures how much of His desire His presence has accomplished in us.


To be at peace with God's timing is to know and accept that everything rests in Him. We are becoming finished, mature, filled and made whole, and therefore patient as we rest in Him, not striving, or worrying about what He is doing, much less when He will be finished.


God is breathing His heart into us and teaching us to respond. We so often see our own goals, timelines and deadlines in this life, but these are our thoughts, not His. He brings about His will for us and all things are in His hands.


It changes our thoughts to know His agenda is the condition of our heart. Another thought changer is to realize just how brief this life is. But the real revelation is to know that the purpose of this life is to make us into who He will spend eternity with.


All He has done in the Heavens and the Earth, from Let there be Light until now, He did to bring you to Him, but He thought of you way before then. He created the Earth to be a place to raise you as His, and as you realize this, your heart concerning every humbling moment you spent here will be truly settled in Him.

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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