If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Relationship is not something you do . . .



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Relationship Is Not Something You Do

By Kathy Mote



Relationship is not something you do, His Life is not what you practice. This is your response to the Lord as you hear Him. He is bringing you to Life as He breathes into you His essence. Remember, He is Spirit. In all of creation, only your heart was made to be filled with Him. It is your heart that is brought before Him, and it is your heart that you open to Him to hear Him. In all of creation, no one can approach Him but those filled with His heart and gathered to Him.






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When You Are Faced With Resistance In The Word

By Kathy Mote



When you are faced with resistance in the world, it is not the enemy's surrender the Lord desires, it is your heart He wants to see standing before Him in full surrender to His will. It is your confidence in Him He wants to see shining in your heart. As you trust Him, there will be no need to battle any thing or any one.


Nothing stands against Him as He moves to accomplish His will. As you learn to trust His desire, you will watch Him change your heart. It is your heart that He desires to see His will living, moving and breathing in. It is your trusting, surrendered and faith filled heart He seeks to admire. It is your heart He desires to see Himself reflected in.











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The Lord Is Revealing His Heart Today

By Kathy Mote




The Lord is revealing His heart today, giving humanity a course redirect. After all He has said and done in the Earth, people still see the Bible as a manual on how to receive what He gives. There's just one problem with that. What He gives us is Himself.


The first thing we were invited to do most of humanity have neglected to do, which is open their heart and let Him in. That is why so many are stuck in what they can understand and limited by the desires of their flesh.


Today the Lord asked me who I was talking to. Then He said I am talking to Him. When His Word (Jesus, who is speaking to us) enters our heart, what flows out of our heart is Him and our response to Him.


He showed me Abraham, standing in a field, hearing God's voice, fully intending to obey Him. No one else was around. God didn't require him to sacrifice his son, but God still gave him His, fulfilling His promise to make him the father of more than the stars above. What He referred to was the faith in Abraham's heart as he heard and obeyed God's voice.


Humanity's time of trying to bring God down to them by what they say is over and done with. What we say, we say to Him. It is time for Him to raise us up to where He is, a miracle only He can perform in us. How God fulfills His Word in us is by His presence in us. That is what satisfies His heart. That is His heart revealed.







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The Key To Being Able To Hear Him

By Kathy Mote



The key to being able to hear Him is desiring to hear Him. This is to follow after Him with all your heart.





In the Arms of His Love
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It Is God’s Presence

By Kathy Mote



It is God's presence that changes your response to Him.


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