If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Turbulence Ahead . . .



Natsar "Watchman" Report

By Debora Taylor



Greetings Natsar "Watchman" Tribe!


Can you believe we are five months into 2021?  Wow!


Through every trial, God provided.  Through every test, God strengthened. Over the last four months I gained a new perspective on what it means to stay focused on God's promises, and not on the chaos of worldly events. 


How?  I'm glad you asked!  I have learned to limit what I see and hear on the news.  I work diligently to guard against the noises assigned to distract and deter and saturate myself in prayer.  And, I remind myself daily that God is my source.


Some days are easier than others, but when I get overwhelmed, I hightail it to the secret place.  I focus on increasing my bible reading, prayer, and worship.  Daily, I work to let go and let God; to focus on what I can control (me) and allow God to share strategies on how to cope and/or pray for things I cannot control.


There is power in gratitude and casting one's cares on Yahweh. His word is unshakeable, unchanging, and He has NEVER failed, nor will He fail you if you humble yourself and allow Him to take control.


Be encouraged my friends, while there is turbulence ahead, GOD is our pilot and we will make it safely to our destination!


Coming soon!  TWI's website will include a place for to submit prayer requests and a monthly bible reading schedule. 


With Love,





Word for May 2021


The month of May is a time to fasten your seatbelt, buckle up, and hold on, there is turbulence ahead.  In a vision, I saw a group of people on an airplane.  Many were relaxed.  Some slept, others held conversations, some were reading, and others were using technology devices. Suddenly the pilot's voice breaks through for an announcement, "This is your pilot.  Fasten your seatbelts we are about to enter into a little turbulence."


"Stay alert, stay alert, stay alert," says the Spirit of the LORD.  "Now is the time to press in and brace yourself.  Hide in Me until the storms have passed.  Wait, wait, wait on Me for instructions.


Many are complacent.  Others are not taking the hour seriously.  Now is the time to fast and pray.


Stand, stand, stand in position fully armored there is turbulence ahead.


I AM shining the light on unrighteousness.  Be still and know that I have heard the cries of My People and I AM coming soon," says the Spirit of the LORD.


"Hold fast to the word.  Hold on to My promises.  My word is truth.  I AM the truth, the way and the life.  I AM He who is, was, and is to come.


Stand fast, stand firm, stand watching, and stand waiting.  I will reward those who diligently seek Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.


"Pray for one another.  Keep the faith.  Pray and walk in love and do not fear for I AM victorious in battle.  Hold on, hold on, hold on," says the Spirit of the LORD.


End time Harvest.  "The greatest end time harvest is on the horizon.  I AM preparing laborers for a global outpouring.  What the enemy meant for harm I AM turning for good.  Rest assured beloved, I have placed angels to keep charge over you.  Prepare for the outpouring," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Whose report will you believe?  "Everything not built on My Rock will shake.  I AM doing a new thing that will tickle the ears of all who hear. Evil will be exposed and justice will be served. Whose report will you believe when the day of reckoning arrives," says the Spirit of the LORD?


"I have marked those who cry out against the injustices in the land.  I know those who trust Me.  Am I a man that I should lie?   My word is unchangeable.  My voice is the sound of many waters.  I speak and the earth trembles.   I speak and the nations shake.  The galaxies feel My presence and My sheep know the sound of My voice.


Arise, arise, arise My beloved.  I AM on the precipice of restructuring nations.  The wealth of the wicked will change hands.  An account, an account, an account must be given for the children.  A millstone and a lake of fire await those who have wounded and profited from wounding My little ones. 


Candlesticks.  "In the month of May, I will begin blowing out candlesticks.  I have warned many of My leaders.  I have spoken through My servants the prophets, and they continue mock and scorn My instructions.  Therefore, I will have the last laugh.


Do not be deceived, I AM not mocked.  I have called My leaders, and they have not answered.  I have knocked, and they refuse to allowed me in; therefore, do not be surprised when you see flickering candlesticks go out," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Bribes and tainted hands.  "I AM exposing all who took and continue to take bribes and those who have tainted hands filled with corruption and greed.  The wind, the wind, the wind will chase them and they will have no place to hide.  Turn off the propaganda pouring from your TV and social media streams," says the Spirit of the LORD, "for I AM about to shake the news media in the month of May."


End time deception.  "Have I not warned you of end time deception?  The heavens are shaking.  The earth is in turmoil, and yet many refuse to repent, to humble themselves and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, pray for justice.


I AM a God of compassion, but I AM also a God of truth and justice.  I will not turn a blind eye, nor will I sing songs of sweet melody in a time of distress.  Arise to your watch for I AM calling many to prayer watches.  The earth, the earth, the earth is in turmoil," says the Spirit of the LORD.


The Call. "Who will go for us and whom shall we send?  Who will stand in the gap and intercede for America and the nations that surround her?  How long will the nations rely on their own strength?  How long will My people ignore the call to pray?  Cry out to Me and I will answer," says the Spirit of the LORD.


"Call on Me in a day of trouble.  Is My arms to short that I cannot save?  Will I ignore the prayers of My people?  No," says the Spirit of the LORD!


"Even now, if My people cry out to Me I will hear.   Is there anything too hard for Me?   Today, if you hear My voice harden not your heart.  Toss out your idols, your false gods, repent for consulting mediums and psychics and the voice of strangers, repent and cry out to Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Get in the Secret Place.  "In the secret place there is peace.  In the secret place I will download instructions.  In the secret place I will pour out My heart to you.  Come My beloved.  Spend time with Me.  I have much to share.  I need to talk to you; to instruct you on how to prepare; to give you My peace; and to strengthen you for the days ahead," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Vengeance is Mine.  "Forgive," says the Spirit of the LORD.  "Forgive those who wounded you.  Forgive those who abandoned or rejected you.  Forgive those who mistreated you.  Forgive and you will be forgiven.  Trust Me.  Trust My plan.  I AM several steps ahead of the enemy.  Vengeance belongs to Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Keep the Faith.  "The days ahead are challenging, stay the course.  These things must happen.  An exposure and uprooting must come.  Do not fear.  Let not your heart be troubled.  I have prepared a place for you.  A place where no eye has seen, nor ear has heard.  Rest in Me.  Wait on Me.  Acknowledge Me in all your ways.  I AM with you.  I hold the keys to the kingdom.  Trust Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.


Continue to pray for America.  Pray for the children. Pray for laborer for the outpouring of God's harvest.  Pray for the coastal areas (e.g., Texas, Louisiana, East and West Coasts), Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Oregon, and Boston.
Always pray for Israel.  Pray for the peace and protection of Jerusalem.  Pray for God's timing in all things. 


Continue to pray for Russia, China (dismantling of communism), France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Brazil,  Dubai, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Congo, and Norway.
Continue to pray for the harvest of souls.  Pray for your family, loved ones, city, neighborhood, state, government and nation.   Remain steadfast, occupy, and stand firm in prayer, praise, and worship!

 With love,

Released for prayerful discernment ©May 1, 2021.  All Rights Reserved.

Reprints in full or excerpt are allowed if the source link (thewritersinkhorn.com) is included and the message is not altered.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him,
for he who comes to God must believe that He is,
and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

~ Hebrews 11:6





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Love u mom ;)

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