If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

When it was said of Him . . .

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When It Was Said of Him

By Kathy Mote



When it was said of Him that all things in Him are yes, and amen, it meant that all things the Father purposed for us in Christ will be given to us in Him.




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What The Lord Doing Today

By Kathy Mote




What the Lord doing today is a shifting bringing sudden movement, as if great continents are coming together. His presence that once separated us unto Him is now bringing us together in Him. His desire to make us one is the reason for this. There will be no more separation for us in Him.


We will learn to live and move and breathe in Him as He lives and moves and breathes in us. In Him, we will move as one. All things will come together as one in Him, for in Him, all things are as one. One heart of the Father, one purpose to honor Him with one Life, one heart, one voice.




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His Purpose In Those He Sends

By Kathy Mote



His purpose in those He sends is His love for us all. We are His message and that's why He sends us. The anointing working in us is His presence in us, making us as He wills. This serves His purpose and His will for us all. We were sent in this time because His message in us is what He is doing in us all in this time. It's time, and the Message is Him, bringing us into Him.


Art by Danny Hahlbohm





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The Things That Humble Me

By Kathy Mote



The things that humble me I have referred to as my thorn. They are the bars I stand behind. Today the Lord spoke to me about what humbles my heart. He asked me if I considered those things a prison. I thought about my response very carefully, not wanting to be ungrateful for His will. But yes, that is how my heart sees them as they hold 'me' back and hold 'me' down.


He said His heart did not see them the same way mine did. He said what humbled me was an incredibly precious gift. In a vision, He showed me something that appeared to be me that shone in the Light like gems. He told me what humbles my heart is what He has given me to wear, and it is glory to stand in. He said what He has given me brings me into His presence.


This sheds a light on how silly our carnal thinking is, and how far it would take us away from Him. What we think of our 'self' is not what brings us to Him or fills us with Him. I am praising Him for His thoughts, His love and His precious gifts. That is what He clothes us in.


Art by Yongsung Kim




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said we should not take to heart a person's opinion of what He said to us when they weren't there to hear Him themself. This saves us from the defensive feelings we have whenever people don't receive what He told us to share as He reveals His heart.


He said in the last days He would come with a sword, that His Word would cause division as it pierces our heart. There is something about the sword many don't understand. It is the Spirit and power of God to bring us to Him, and it is not ours to wield. The sword, the Spirit, the Word and the Truth which is Christ Jesus are all Him and His power to reveal His heart to bring us to Him. It is our carnal thinking to separate Him as we try to understand.


He said His Spirit will bring change as He pierces our heart, revealing the Truth of His heart to us, which is Christ, whom He desires us to accept in our heart. What we are divided from is the ways and thinking of our flesh that would walk in darkness without Him in our heart, which is death. The sword is His power to quicken us and bring us to Him and the Life in Him, and we are to take it in.


Painting by Yongsung Kim





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I Have A Friend

By Kathy Mote



I have a friend who is constantly struggling with her jealousy of me. She doesn't admit this, of course, but it is painfully obvious. It humbles me and I try to check myself to not share with her things that He says to me. She doesn't hear Him like I do, but I see Him working in her to bring her heart to Him.


I told her once that I hear because of my calling, which is to say He is bringing us all to Him. His purpose is bigger than my own life and has changed my walk with Him, and there is more to this than she can see. In other words, she wasn't there to see the process and doesn't know the cost.


His purpose for us is His presence in us and it dramatically alters people's reaction to us. This is very humbling and makes us turn to Him, teaching us that He is the only place we belong.


I am sharing because He brought this to my mind and reminded me that He said this would happen. He said there will come a time when the difference between the have's and the have not's will become obvious.


He said, I have great purpose in this. The have's will make the have not's cry out for comfort in their desire to hear Me. I will break (humble) both of their hearts over this. This will separate them and bring them to Me. Each heart will be filled as they come before Me. Only in Me will you be united.




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Look At The Lord

By Kathy Mote



Look at the Lord, not what tempts you away from Him. That is how to walk with Him. You do not fight the devil to walk with the Lord, you give your heart to Him, you follow after Him and you trust Him.





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Let Me Tell You Why Eve Fell

By Kathy Mote



Let me tell you why Eve fell out of fellowship with God in the garden, why she listened to the serpent and considered what he said as he tempted her to decide by her own thinking what was good or bad, right or wrong, and interpret what God meant by what He said to her by her own thinking and opinion.


Not being filled with God's heart, she didn't follow after Him. The serpent taught her to follow her own heart, her own desires and her own thinking. In short, he taught her to be separate from God who created her.


To be filled with God's heart is to embrace His will and His desire for you, something only He can show you as you give your heart to Him. To walk with Him is to follow after Him.


To give Him your heart and to know and trust Him as Lord is the opposite of falling away from Him as Eve did. We were given the Holy Spirit to help us walk with Him every minute with every thought and every move we make.






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