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"Angels Descending From Heaven - With Royal Garments"

By Kathi Pelton




Prophetic word released on April 26, 2021:


Yesterday, I suddenly became aware of the presence of many angels. These angels were descending from Heaven with what looked like folded fabric in their arms. These fabrics were many different colors but all had gold threads woven throughout the hems and edges. They were thick and expensive looking materials that had the appearance of something designed for royalty.


The Accuser


Then, in my spirit, I saw how the accuser has been accusing many of the saints of God day and night—relentlessly. His goal was to wear them down and cause them to lose sight of their identity in Christ that had given them strength and authority to do all that they had been doing. Many had become disoriented and felt completely alone as this demonic assignment was unleashed upon them.


With every accusation it was like filth being thrown upon their white garments. Many of the saints of God were being accused with such violence and repetition that they felt cornered and traumatized from the ongoing and relentless assault.


It reminded me of the scene in Zechariah 3, where satan was accusing Joshua the high priest as he was wearing filthy garments. The Lord was present and He rebuked the accuser, calling His angels to come and change Joshua's filthy garments and clothe him with clean ones. He restored him and instructed him in truth.


Garments of Royalty


As I walked into church yesterday, I once again became aware of these angels holding the folded fabric, but this time I knew that they were royal garments. The Lord has rebuked the accuser and is removing the garments that are soiled with filthy accusations (some based on truth and some not).


God's angels have come to put royal garments of the Lord's righteousness and identity upon His people. These are garments that restore honor, dignity, calling, position and purity. The righteousness of Christ is covering every place of exposure and nakedness, every place of shame and failure, every place of accusation.


Each garment also had a turban that guarded people's minds from the false thoughts and narrative that the enemy unleashed. The mind of Christ and His thoughts—along with the peace of God that guards our hearts and minds—are being restored to many. The torment of your mind will be replaced with peace, truth and salvation.


There has been a violent and vicious attack against many to stop the Kingdom from advancing. But an overcoming spirit is coming upon His people who will rise in even greater authority and purity than before.


The accuser has also unleashed accusations against God and against truth like no other time in the world. This has been creating a narrative of confusion, hate, rage and division. The spirit of deception has been unleashed on a level that most of us have never witnessed.


Divide Truth from Deception


Yet, I believe that those who have had to overcome this great assignment of accusation sent against them will arise from this troubled place—this dark wilderness—clothed anew, purified and freed from areas of weakness and sin that were present before this great assault. They will come forth stronger and have authority over deception and accusation that will begin to set many free. They will carry a Sword of the Spirit that is able to divide truth from deception and soul from spirit. They will be able to rightly divide and will be used to set many free from the division that has come to keep them from God and His truth.


They will have a "spirit of overcoming" that is founded in the absolute knowledge of the grace and mercy of God. They will be rescued and saved from this assignment that was sent to take them captive; but they will also be prisoners of hope that never abandoned the hope of Christ in the midst of this torment.


Stand Still and Watch!


Stand still and watch the salvation of God set you free! When you've done all you know to do—STAND! Joshua the high priest merely stood while the mercy of God took over to restore him.


Your identity in Christ will be even more sure than before you faced this attack. Your heart will be even more purified and your belt of truth will have been tightened! Do not despair, but stand and see the salvation of the Lord come to rescue and save you!



By Kathi Pelton

Inscribe Ministries

Email: jkpelton@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.inscribeministries.com




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email: info@elijahlist.net

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