If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I am remembering . . .



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I Am Remembering

By Kathy Mote



I am remembering when the Pharisees all stood around with the scriptures in their hand, and looking at Jesus, they decided He wasn't the Christ. Couldn't be. He wasn't what they had imagined. So they denied Him.


They were right about one thing. He didn't fulfill God's promise in them. God's promise to bring us to Life is fulfilled in our heart as He enters in.





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I Hear The Lord Say

By Kathy Mote



I hear the Lord say, “This is where I separate the boys from the men. I come with a sword because I AM the sword. I will pierce every heart. I will shake what can be shaken, but do you know My desire in this? That every man bow his knee that all that is in him be revealed. You search the scriptures and argue what they mean. I say to you, I AM what they mean!”


As I hear these words, I see boys playing a baseball game. It is dinnertime, and they all hear their parents call them home to eat a wholesome meal. Some hear as they are called and run to receive what is laid out for them, but more stay and play than those who obey.


Something I noticed about the boys who stay to play is they are not having fun, they are intent on winning the game. An intense desire drives them to be king of the field, but to be King is not for them. The very idea is laughable.

I pray fervently for all those who are called today. It is a hard decision that they face. You cannot deny Him when you hear the Lord's voice. It's hard to deny Him when He tugs on your heart. With just one word, He could bring them to their knees, but He is doing something different today.


He is proving what is in the heart of every man because what is in their heart will prove who will come to Him. Even now, they take their stand. When they want to be right, they do not want Him. What He is doing is giving every heart the opportunity to come to Him, but make no mistake, this is no game. Life is taking place on a battlefield, and it means life or death.




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When We Open Our Heart To The Lord

By Kathy Mote



When we open our heart to the Lord it is an emotional response, not an intellectual one. To enter into relationship is a matter of the heart. To answer Him and walk with Him is to respond to Him and invite Him into our heart. It is a bond of love, not a calculated act. Giving Him our heart is not done by following rules, or by understanding them, it is done by responding to His love for us. God is love, and in love is how we answer.




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Something I Would Like To Say

By Kathy Mote



Something I would like to say is that emotions are the expression of the heart, the very place where the Lord enters us. Emotions express where we are. They are the response of our heart to what moves us. Emotions express what we embrace with passion and integrity of the heart, like the devotion we feel for our children, or our parents. Emotions are what we experience as we open our heart. Emotions come from the same place in us that love is felt.


Intellect is quite another thing. It is our ability to reason, and learn. Different than what enters the heart, intelligence is what the Lord told us not to depend on as we trust in Him, for it is not how we enter into the bonds of a love relationship with Him.



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Something I Learned Today

By Kathy Mote



Something I learned today is not to assume that I know what the Lord is doing in my life. What I assume isn't always right. So it's back to the drawing board for my heart, to surrender to Him every minute no matter what I thought. To walk with Him means following Him, not our own thoughts. To flow with Him is to trust Him and not swim against the tide. To rest will end all strife and confusion in our heart, and this will mean not struggling when we don't understand.





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When The Lord Taught Us How To Pray

By Kathy Mote




When the Lord taught us how to pray, this is what He taught us. We call it the Lord's Prayer, and it is not to be memorized or spoken by verse, but be our thoughts toward Him.


He said we are to acknowledge Him as Sovereign as we stand before Him, trusting His will in all things without doubt or contest as He rules in them by His presence. We thank Him for His provision and protection as we rely on Him, and world without end, we live in His presence, our hope in Him living inside us.






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This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



This is what the Lord said. You say what you see. My thoughts are higher than yours and by them I create. I see what I say.







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The Lord Spoke To Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord spoke to me and asked me to pray for my daughter. This surprised me, because He had previously asked me to surrender her. At the time, He asked for my trust in all that He would do in her.

So, bearing in mind that I receive His will for her with a grateful heart, I did as He asked and said, Lord thank you for having Your way in her, that in every circumstance You would make of her what You want to see in her. Thank You for all You do for her, and for Your gentle care of her as You provide for her. You know what's best and I trust Your heart more than my own heart for her. I might ask for what I see fit, but you know your will and that is to heal her.

He said, “That is a good prayer.” Then He recited back to me what we have been calling the Lord's Prayer. It would seem that knowing Him as LORD and expressing our trust in Him to bring about His will as He provides for us is the gist of it. He said we have no idea how powerful that is, because HE is powerful to bring His will to pass.





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Oh, The Trust That Lives In Your Heart

By Kathy Mote



Oh, the trust that lives in your heart when you look at your circumstance and see the Lord's hand in it. Oh, what joy and freedom it is to look for His perfect heart to be revealed in it. The trust that lives and moves in your heart knows He is at work in it. This is what it is to see Him in the midst of your circumstance with nothing to blind your eyes to Him. This is His perfect heart in you, that all you see is Him.





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