If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Now let me tell you something about the Remnant . . .

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Now Let Me Tell You Something About The Remnant

By Kathy Mote



Now let me tell you something about the Remnant. They were born on the battlefield. That battlefield was brought about by God's presence as He called them to Him. That's where they learned to surrender their heart to Him. In the heat of the battle did they come to Him.


That is how He raised them. That is why they stand out in the midst of everyone else. It is His presence that sets them apart as He calls them to Him. That is how they stand in Him.


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Let Me Tell You Something About Surrender

By Kathy Mote



Let me tell you something about surrender. It can only be done face to face and it is only done in the heart. Those who surrender their heart do so in His presence, for He is present to receive what is given to Him. Surrender is depending on Him to rescue your heart, and as Lord, that is the one thing He will not ignore.


I must admit, I never liked the word surrender. It doesn't describe what goes on in my heart. I would call this being rescued, and comforted in His embrace the minute I cried out to Him for my life. He considers this giving Him your trust that you would remain with Him. I would consider this belonging to Him. Surrender can be seen from two sides, and in truth, both sides give.


To me, it is finding how faithful He is as He gathers me into His arms to save my life. He enters my heart and speaks to me, and as He comes, He brings with Him all the Light and love and Life in my Father's heart. What He calls surrender is how I live. It is how I am brought into His presence and that is His greatest gift.








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My Remnant Are Called To My Presence

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “My Remnant are called to My presence. Look not to the left or the right! Though thousands are fallen all around you, do not look to the side. That will turn your heart aside! You are not called one of the fallen, you are called to My presence. That is where you reside. That is My will for your heart as I set you apart from those who do not enter in.”


“Though it may grieve you to be so different, this is how I save you, by setting you apart! What you are seeing in world around you is death, and you can see this because in Me you are alive.”





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As I Went About My Day

By Kathy Mote



As I went about my day, a voice came to my mind that wasn't able to enter my heart. The enemy asked if I wanted to be beautiful, to have all the burdens taken from my flesh. As if he could give me what I want. I remember him trying to tempt Jesus like this. It doesn't work on a surrendered heart.


I answered the Lord, the only one I answer to, and said, I remember what you said. My flesh is like a wrapper on a candy bar, a thing cast off when I am done with it. It lasts but a moment, and no matter the allure, I choose you over all things in this life. In You is my hope. All I desire is you.


So this is what my Father answered me as I stood before Him. He said, I will make you more beautiful than you have ever dreamed of being, though I will not give you this in your flesh. It is by My Spirit that you will be all you are to be, something that only happens in My presence as you are Mine.


You look at the flowers and wonder why you were not given beauty like that. It is My desire to humble your dear heart that you might know the desires of My heart instead of yours, and Live.








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As I Stood Before The Lord To Pray

By Kathy Mote



As I stood before the Lord to pray for my dear friend, I said, Lord you taught me to trust all that you do, not ask you to do what I think you should do. So I rejoice that you will do what is in your heart to do.


I thank you for your presence in her life, and for all you will do to make her your Bride. I trust that her battles are already won, for as you teach her heart to trust, you have knit her heart together with yours. So in my heart I trust your will for her life, that you will accomplish your will by your presence in her heart.


As I stood before my Father, I saw that His eyes were on every word. I was careful to remember that surrendering this life is trusting Him with it, all of it. He nodded His approval of my prayer. He said, Good girl. That is a good prayer. It is one that agrees with me without doubt and without fear. It is one that trusts me and does not interfere.


So how does our intercession accomplish His will? He reveals His heart to us as we stand before Him, side by side, caring that He has His way in us. All of us. It is far easier to pray for someone else's life. There are no fears tugging at our heart like there would be regarding our own life.


This is how we stand before Him as we intercede for someone we love, that by His Spirit, we surrender what is more difficult for them as we trust in Him. This is His heart beating in us, that we not only accept, but rejoice in all that He does.




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Something The Lord Showed Me

By Kathy Mote



Something the Lord showed me is that in the Spirit realm there is Light and Life, which is Him. It is there all the colors are in white, and make up the color white, which is Light, but in darkness, there is no Light, or color, at all.


This is why in Heaven all you see leaps and dances with Light. Heaven is bright and filled with Light because He is the Light in Heaven and everything there reflects Him.


I don't know who this will bless, but when He explained to me how the stars stay in their place in the nighttime sky, He said they prove His sovereignty, because all of creation obeys His Word. We alone have been given the invitation to enter His heart and to know and reflect His love by making Him our choice.


That is when He told me I will remain in my place before Him the same way the stars stay in their place in the sky. Because He said so as He called me to Him. He is powerful to save, and it is by His presence in me that I obey His will to be filled with the Light and Life that is Him. That is what being filled with His Spirit means.






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Love u mom ;)

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