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Realign Your Faith, Hope and Expectations!

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Realign Your Faith, Hope and Expectations!

By Veronika West



A Prophet’s Ramblings!


There are some things I don’t share of my intimate moments with The LORD.


But this morning, my time with The Father was incredible. There is a Peace and a manifest Power that comes when you are face to face with The Creator of The Universe! Who can match His Greatness?!


But I felt like sharing just a few things with you that may encourage you today, and my prayer is that what I share will be a blessing and empower you to keep moving forward with Joy, Hope, Peace and Expectation.


First, The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about when it was prophesied that a King was going to be born.


You can imagine all the excitement and the anticipation of the prophetic news that a new king was going to be born, and not just any King — but The Messiah — King of the Jews!


I am sure all the Prophetic Words, Visions and Dreams in the day would have declared that this new King would soon come and change the world.


The Jews were waiting and watching for the appearance of The Lion of Judah, while others may have been waiting and watching for this King to arrive with great shouts of great Victory, dressed in radiant garments of Light and Glory.


Some may have had their eyes fixed on the royal palace — maybe expectant of hearing a royal decree that a new baby King was finally born.


But … to everyone’s surprise, when the baby King finally arrived, it was in a stinky, smelly stable, surrounded by cows, donkeys and sheep.


The newborn baby King was not to be born in the luxury of a palace surrounded by maid servants, silk sheets or at the sound of loud trumpets heralding His Royal arrival! No! But this special Royal Baby — The King of Glory — would come in a way that no man would have expected nor ever imagined in their wildest dreams.


Hence why, when He came, so many did not recognize Him, nor did they receive Him.


Many would go on to despise and reject Him as The Messiah. They would seek to kill Him, stone Him and drive Him out of their towns and cities.


They would look for ways to trick and trap Him, eventually they would betray Him and have Him crucified.


Certainly there would have been many prophets in that day who would have been labeled ‘false prophets’, and even ‘deceived prophets’, because The King of Glory did not come as many had expected He would!


Ha! For when The King of Heaven stepped down into the earthly realm, we know that He came not to tick the boxes of the religious, nor to tickle the ears of the self-righteous. Absolutely not!


He came in such a way that would constantly offend the flesh, that would confront the religious and false teachers of their self-righteousness and hypocrisy.


He came to disrupt and dismantle the demonic strongholds in the minds of the Pharisees.


He came to break the backs of the stiff-necked and the rebellious, and those who had come to rely on the arm of the flesh, and those who had leaned on their own understanding, would have been faced with defeat and disillusionment.


I hear The Spirit say, “Beloved, do not try to put Me in a box and expect Me to perform like a puppet on a string!


For surely I tell you, My Ways are not your ways and My Thoughts are not your thoughts — for they are so much higher.


Resist doubt and unbelief in this hour of great testing. Hold fast to your Expectation, Faith, and Trust in My Divine Timing in all things, and watch as I work all things together for your good!”


The Holy Spirit brings before me the ‘Father’ of The Prodigal Son, and he shows me how The Father was not only full of love, compassion and forgiveness — but that he that he was a man full of Faith, Hope and Expectation..


I see the Prodigal Son’s Father going out each day, to Watch, Wait and Pray for his wayward son to return home.


Everyday when he awakes, he realigns his Faith, Hope and Expectation with the promise that God would surely bring full Restoration and Redemption to what had been lost and stolen.


I see everyday The Father standing, waiting, watching and praying without ceasing, his eyes firmly fixed on the horizon, eagerly looking for any sign that his son was on his way back home.


I see everyday that he would refuse to be discouraged and disheartened, but choosing to hold fast to the Truth, that ‘God is a good and faithful God’ and that The Hand of The LORD was surely moving strategically behind the scenes, working to bring about a Supernatural Shift and a Divine Solution in the situation.


God was surely doing what only God could do. The great Way-maker and Promise Keeper was on the case, the Power of His Grace was leveling the mountains and filling in valleys. He was working all things together for the good.


Even now I can feel and see The Father of the Prodigal Son standing on that hot and dusty road, his heart and mind expecting the manifestation of a sign, a wonder and a miracle, that only his loving Heavenly Father could orchestrate and bring to completion.


Today, as The Holy Spirit whispered these things to me, it really touched my heart deeply.


So today, I choose to resist leaning on my own understanding. I refuse to put God in a box of my own making.


I renounce all pride and arrogance that says, ”God needs to do it my way and in my timing…”


I relinquish my will and I release and fully surrender all control to Him!


Today I choose to repent for doubt, unbelief and fear, and I realign my Faith, Hope and Expectation with the promises of great Victory, Vindication, Restoration and Recompense.


The thief will be caught and be made to pay back seven times!


I will not be moved or distracted by the spirits of unbelief, doubt, double mindedness and fear any longer.


I will remain steadfast — holding fast to my Faith.


I will dig my heels in deeper and stand my ground, watching and waiting with greater expectation and anticipation for the manifestation of a supernatural miracle that is most assuredly being worked on my behalf behind the scenes of seeming chaos of demonic confusion.


For the hour of Full Redemption, Revival and Seven-fold Restoration is now just around the corner!




Blessings to you all.





By Veronika West









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02.05 | 07:12

Kathy Mote is back on Facebook!

17.04 | 13:33

I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

Anne Marie Hamel

03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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