If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Every time God moves in the earth . . .

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Every Time God Moves In The Earth

By Kathy Mote



Every time God moves in the Earth, He does the impossible and the unthinkable in man's eyes. Today He is reassuring my heart that He is having His way, and He is nowhere finished with all He will do before He comes. I am reminded of the great flood. That move of God will be nothing compared to what He will do in our time.


I keep trying to build bridges between what He reveals to me and what I have always thought today would be like. Obviously my thoughts of what the end days would look like were built on vapor and smoke and the opinion of man who had not seen the end days yet.


God is telling me not to build bridges between my thoughts and what He will do, but to burn them down and trust Him instead. We are not to assume to know His heart in all that He does based on what we thought, but to trust that He will have His way in all things.


He is calling for us to be filled with courage as we know His heart for ourself, and not count the cost of people's opinion of what He says and does in us. There is a song that was popular decades ago and He is singing it to me from His heart. As He sings, He tells me not to worry about what this world thinks, but to dance with Him no matter what it looks like to someone else. As we are in His arms, that will be our victory cry, and those who don't dance with Him are no friends of His.




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Lately My Heart Is Grieved

By Kathy Mote



Lately my heart is grieved by all the people in the world who will not come to Him. As I pondered the mystery of being called and coming as you are called, the Lord said we accept Him into our heart as He knocks on it, otherwise that is not where our heart is. Many have heard this sermon preached and walked away untouched. Hearing about Him is not being called to Him. You can hear all about Him and not receive Him.


Something that may be hard for our own heart to understand is that you can only accept Him as He knocks on your heart and as He comes to you, you come to Him. As He enters you, you enter Him. This is why we call accepting Him into our heart entering into relationship with Him.


That is the mystery of His thinking compared to our own and we have made a religion out of it. What was meant to be a deeply personal and intimate bond with Him in our heart has become something we practice as we choose what we will choose from what is written of Him. Is this how we will finish our race? If it is, we are without Him.


It is with the same heartfelt devotion that you accepted Him that you continue to walk with Him. Receiving Him and walking with Him is an entirely different experience than practicing the Bible and calling it God's will. We receive Him as He comes to our heart, and as we come to Him we are being called. That is the Truth of His heart toward us. He is just, but He is Lord of all.





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The Lord Has A Score To Settle

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has a score to settle in our hearts, something He will settle in us. Those of us who have grown accustomed to surrendering our heart and our will, now will know His purpose in it.


The immovable mountain of the Lord's will we have surrendered to in our life was given to us to teach us not to be self centered, self reliant, self conscious, self righteous, self serving or self absorbed. Because we have learned surrender as our response to His presence in us, we are no longer all about our self. We are all about Him.


As we learned to surrender our self in this life, the only desire we are left with is to be with Him. As I said that to Him He said, I only want to be with YOU. That is when I realized that His purpose in all of my surrender was to keep me with Him.


It was His love for me that He didn't want me to be impressed with myself and filled with desires for myself. He wants me to be filled with the desire for Him. So He emptied me of self through my obedience to Him.


Heaven isn't the place of opposites, Earth is because flesh is. Heaven is filled with the Light and glory of Him and there is nothing there to argue or contest His will. Now, just as it is in Heaven, my heart is filled with Him. The point of surrender is to be filled.





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The Only Time We Grow Weary In Well Doing

By Kathy Mote



The only time we grow weary in well doing is when we have unreasonable expectations of what the Lord's will is. Not knowing what He is doing, we expect Him to fulfill what our desire for our time is.


I find myself looking for a greater response when I speak of Him. I hope for more people to be drawn to Him. When I don't see this, I get tired, feeling that I'm not doing enough. I grew weary and said, I'm tired, Lord. He smiled at me and said, I'm not. With one look at His smiling face, all the weariness vanished from my heart.


He said there are few who are called to His heart. Few are called to what He is doing now, but those He has called to Him to hear His voice fervently desire to know His heart. That's because He brought them close enough. You have to be called in order to come. It is His presence that humbles our heart.


To understand what is happening today, you have to know the bigger picture of His timing and His will for all mankind. He once called what He is doing today His end game, a move so powerful that His glory will fill the Earth. To my carnal mind, this means more, not less.


So this is what He said to me today, that my obedience is enough to keep me in my place. I don't have to know everything that is about to take place. I don't need to see all of creation from His throne of grace. I don't have to know what day it is. I only have to obey Him. Knowing the future doesn't strengthen your faith. Only His presence in your heart can do that.




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If You Ever Doubted What You Are Here For

By Kathy Mote



If you ever doubted what you are here for, know that you are His exceedingly great reward. To bring you to Him is what all this is was created for.


I wondered what image could get the message in His heart across. I found there was none, so I used the picture of the Lion and His love.







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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote


The Lord said, “Our trust is His sweetest reward.”




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I Hear The Lion’s Powerful Roar

By Kathy Mote



I hear the Lion's powerful roar. I hear my Father's voice. He is saying, I will declare Myself to every heart. I will declare Myself!


Being brought into His presence is not a matter of choice. It is His response to our response to the yearning for Him He placed in our heart. We are hearing His heartbeat in our heart. He is calling us to Him.


In all our lofty, intelligent thought on what the Bible means we have missed the point. All that was written of Him was to make us desire to know Him as Lord, and to give Him our heart to know His heart.






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Love u mom ;)

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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