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"9 Types of Spiritual Warfare You May Be Experiencing Right Now"

By Nate Johnston




Below is a list of 9 types of spiritual warfare you may be facing right now, along with solutions to ensure your victory!


1. Warfare Against Your Rest & Refreshment


This is where the enemy wars against you being able to enter the secret place, bombarding you with busyness, striving, pressure to get things done and sudden, overwhelming distractions. The healing and heart-clearing is so important right now, and for some God is doing a complete makeover – cutting hidden ties and removing wounds and trauma you didn't even know you were carrying.


2. Warfare Against Clarity to Receive Revelation, Direction & Blueprints


This is where the enemy sends chatter and words against you, where the atmosphere feels foggy and confusion tries to set in; and while God is always speaking it feels like the pieces don't connect or seem unclear. For many this is manifested in the battle of the mind that is coming against them right now and the temptation to fall back into old mindsets, fears and panic...but mainly this is coming through people's words of mockery and judgment.


The war against your ability to RECEIVE is because the delivery is vital right now.


3. Warfare Against Your Voice


In a time when the pure and clear prophetic has never been needed more, there has been an obvious assignment to shut down voices rising up. Often disguised as wisdom, safe-guarding and protecting purity (which are all necessary), this impostor spirit wants to shut down the prophetic by causing division and fault-finding/a critical spirit, and instead of broadcasting hope is broadcasting opinions and agendas. This causes true voices of hope to shut down and hide.


4. Warfare Against What God Is Birthing Through You


This is where the enemy directly hits you...in the very area where God is really adding favor, anointing, conviction and vision. He wants to sabotage it by making you second guess yourself, bringing in controlling people and measures to taint it, or causing delays and setbacks/closed doors in the places that God has promised.


5. Warfare Against What God Is Building in You


This warfare may look very much the same as what God is building in you, but in actuality, it is the opposition that comes as a direct result of the noticeable increase you have stepped into, and the office/appointment you have before you.  


The enemy sees the new mantle, your sudden fire and rising authority, and has been warring against the appointment with weariness and disappointment. This is where you need wisdom and discernment to know that you aren't taking on yokes, wrong armor or other people's stuff, but only what God anoints and mantles you with.


6. Warfare Against Your Home


This is where your home suddenly feels like it's under fire and there is a fight for peace. The very principalities of the hour – DIVISION and DISTRACTION – are trying to bombard homes with strife, arguing and a restlessness and scatteredness that seems so hard to break through. This is the warfare against marriages that causes rifts, squabbles, wedges, bitterness and poisonous divides.


This is where families need to come together and pray and worship as one. The word I heard was "canopy," and as families come together He is going to clear the air and bring protection over and around them.


7. Warfare to Keep You Feeling Defeated


I saw a vision of the enemy under my feet, then heard the Lord say, "The enemy is trying to usurp you!" You see, the enemy is the one that is under our feet; he is the defeated one, but he has been trying to get the upper hand by tricking many into feeling powerless, hopeless and utterly defeated with the many situations that they have been surrounded with. This is where the enemy has tried to make you feel beat and done. This is where many find it hard to get up and be motivated every day because it feels like the enemy has overthrown them and they won't be able to recover, but it's a lie!


This is where you need to shake off the heaviness, fear and foreboding that you have failed. This is where you need to flip the story by faith, hold on to your promises and release a shout of victory!


8. Warfare Against Your Vision & Ability to Dream


The war against vision has been especially targeted at the visionaries and pioneers right now, to get them to pull back from the front lines and retreat. The enemy wants you to feel like you are road blocked on every side until you suddenly feel like you have no way forward and are unable to SEE any future or option.


Just like the war on clarity, this attack is sent to STUN and NUMB you from being able to receive what God is doing and saying so that you cannot foresee His plans, and therefore cannot dream with Him. The attack has been to divert your eyes off of where God is moving and onto the storm you see around you; but God is taking you up higher, above the temporal, and fixing your eyes on the horizon again.


9. The Warfare of Confusion & "Emotional Hacking"


This is primarily for the feelers out there. The Lord told me that the feelers especially needed to stay full in this season because the enemy is trying to bring an assignment of confusion and torment to the minds of the susceptible. This is where the enemy is trying to "hack" you emotionally, by stirring you up as a way of distraction and to derail you from your path. This is where he is sending an extreme heaviness and fog your way to trap you into a narrative, away from the one God has for you.


Be vigilant and aware. Stay full and watch what you are feeding on in this season!


Why Am I Dealing With Warfare Right Now?


• You have never been closer to the promise.


• God is taking you from GLORY TO GLORY.


• Your story is changing. Your track history is changing.


• God is LIFTING you out of a whole way of living you got way too used to, administering His healing balm, restoration and justice from many years ago. It's the line in the sand so you can move into this season FULLY.  


• New vision and blueprints are coming to you! You are in a new, unknown era and God is giving you clear GPS directions, coordinates and mission details for you to steward and walk out.


• Your once hidden, squashed, silenced and timid voice is suddenly ROARING from within you and making its way to the surface. You have no agenda, no territory to selfishly protect and no motives or self-promotion. The earth needs the pure sound of your voice to cut through the noise!


• God is BUILDING you, ESTABLISHING you, ANOINTING you afresh and moving through you in a way you have not seen Him do before!


• You have been commissioned by God in the wilderness and now you are coming out of that season with a weighty governmental mantle and call to the nations to see them come to Jesus!


So How Do I Respond?


• Take higher ground. PURSUE the secret place. FIGHT for it. It says in Hebrews 4:11, "Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest..." This can be difficult in the midst of pressure but it's the only place you can get free/clear.


• Armor up. Take communion regularly.


• Rebuke the wind and waves. This is your offensive stance. Get out the Word and bind up what is coming at you. Clear the atmosphere. Tell the opposition to STOP in Jesus' name.


• SHAKE IT OFF AND MOVE ON! In Acts 18:6 it says, "But when they opposed Paul and became abusive, he shook out his clothes in protest and said to them, 'Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent of it. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.'" Don't let it stop you, hold you back or slow you down.


• Keep your vision before you regardless of what you see. Write down the vision, prophesy it, steward your promises and guard them with your life.


• Look at what GOD is doing! We must keep our eyes on Jesus more than the storm or any pandemic. What is God doing and saying over you right now?




By Nate Johnston

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