If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There is something about the Father's Heart . . .

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There Is Something About The Father’s Heart

By Kathy Mote



There is something about the Father's heart that He doesn't advertise. You don't know this until you experience it for yourself. He will hold you and love you and He will raise you Himself. He will bring you into His arms. But then He will correct your heart.


Do you remember bathing your child? You held them close and embraced them after they were all cleaned up. In my daughter's life, it was a daily act of love. As a mom, I saw to it she wasn't dirty when she went to bed.


Our Father will do this with us. He will correct what is in our nature, and that is what is in our heart. Not the things we say or do, those things come afterward. It's the seed of the things that will tear us out of His arms that He knows about, and it is those He will remove from us.


So in this season of deep, heart cleansing tears to know His heart, know that He is busy at work preparing your heart. He is removing the seed of unrighteousness that will separate you from Him, and like bathing a child that He cares for, He will make sure you remain with Him.


It is not only our heart that He deals with, it is His own heart that He will satisfy. Light does not embrace darkness, and unrighteousness does not dwell with Him, so He is making our hearts right with Him. Because we are His children, we will be as He is. That is His work in us. He will empty us of all false desire, then fill us with His as we rest in His arms. Knowing His heart is not something we do on our own.


We will reflect His heart as He makes sure of His heart in us. So as strange as this may sound to your thinking, your broken heart is being drawn closer to Him. But His heart in yours calls for a clean heart and one that is filled. This is so you will never be taken from Him. He will see to it.





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You Can Always Hear The Lord’s Voice

By Kathy Mote



You can always hear the Lord's voice. The quieter you are before Him, the more humble your heart. You lay down your life until your heart breaks. You give Him your heart just to know His. You trust what He's doing when you cannot hear. You trust Him completely, knowing what becomes of you is up to Him, and what He will make of you rests in His hands.


He's changing your heart, taking you deeper than you have ever come to Him. The part of your heart that knows Him the best knows you were always right there in His hands. He's brought you this far. He won't leave you without Him. That's why you can trust in Him, He loves you more than your heart can tell.



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Knowing Scripture Is Not The Same As The Truth

By Kathy Mote



Knowing scripture is not the same as the Truth living and breathing inside you. When Jesus enters your heart He brings you to Life because He lives and breathes inside you. This is how He fulfills His promise, which is what we read about in the scripture.


Quoting it doesn't bring it to pass, and believing it is not how to receive what it promises. It promises Him, so we believe Him and receive Him. He is the Truth and the difference between knowing about Him and knowing Him is personal interaction with Him.


I know what it is to Live with Him because He made me aware of Him. We live together. He speaks to me and I hear Him. When He moves in my heart, I am brought into the Life in Him. That is His will for me as He reveals it. As He says I am ok, I am ok. When He says I will have enough, I do have enough and that is how He provides for me. As He comforts me, fear leaves my heart and runs away from Him.


As He declares a thing, that is what He has decided for me and that is when I see it in my understanding and in the physical. I don't bring what He says to me to pass, I trust Him to, and there's a difference.


I once got into my truck to find it had a dead battery, leaving me stranded. The Lord said my truck would start, and as I turned the key once again I found that it had obeyed Him. I did not accomplish this, He did. I simply thanked Him. That dead battery ran all winter long before He told me to get a new one.


When I got into my truck a week later to run errands, my heart tried to relive that moment in order to trust Him, but running from your fears is not the same as trusting Him. He asked me what I was doing. I felt foolish. He said, I told you before your truck will run. Do not worry about it. I've got you.


There are different levels of understanding, and by His presence revealing His love for us, we are moving into another one of them. Our trust in Him is blossoming, and that is how we will walk with Him.




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The World Around You Can Be So Distracting

By Kathy Mote



The world around you can be so distracting. After just one glance, you find your mind has wandered off. Before you know it, there went your heart, following whatever you look at. I used to think the mind followed the heart, but now I see they are together in where you are. Where one goes the other goes and they take their lead from the eyes!


So when you feel about as anointed as a bowl of pork rinds, it's time to turn to the Lord with full intent of the heart. It's time to turn your eyes, your thoughts and your heart to the Lord, letting everything you are and all that is in you agree that He is your heart's desire.


It's time to step up, time to fly, time to go where you are called to be, to a place your flesh would not know without following His heart. It's time to respond to Him, and return His love like He is the love of your life. It's time to live in your place in His heart and be how He called you to be.


With your eyes, your heart and your thoughts on Him, you will return His powerful love to Him. This is how you will walk above the cares of this life to know His presence in all things. His presence is the powerful provision He desires to clothe you in.





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Do You Realize

By Kathy Mote




Do you realize that 'to sin' means to leave Him.

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