If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I Am Who I Am . . .


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I Am Who I Am

By Kathy Mote



I am who I am and my heart is written by the Lord. His delight in me is discovered each day as I trust in Him. What He has written on my heart I owe to no one but Him. What He spoke to me is what He purposed for my life. As He accomplishes His will, He establishes my heart. No man takes me from my place in His heart. They owe me no apology and what I owe them is to stand in Him. This is how His heart is honored among men as we look to only Him.


So what would you say to one who derailed your life. You must be mistaken, no man has that right. Only God can keep you and save your life, and as you realize this, you know no man has harmed you all the days of your life. This is how He keeps you from strife.


So this is how the Lord healed my heart. He gathered me and how I see my life into His arms. I live in His presence where I am safe from harm. I cannot contain the joy of being His child, and knowing this, nothing can keep me from Him. A thousand books could not contain all He saved me from in this life. All I know is that His love lives deep in my heart.



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I Have Been Wronged Terribly By Someone

By Kathy Mote


I have been wronged terribly by someone, and I do not think much of them. It has been almost four years, and I still have to suppress the urge to dislike the man who cheated me, maligned me, and treated me badly. In his gossip, he wrongly judged me. This makes me drop my gaze in front of everyone who knows him. He put me in the position to be destitute after working for him for 18 years.


The Lord spoke to me on that very day as I turned my heart to Him. He said this is My will for you. I don't want you to worry about anything.


True to His promise and His heart for me, the Lord provided for me and not one moment have I gone without what I need. I have been blessed as I rest in His hands, and this is the first time in my life that I know what it is not to work 17 hour days and go to bed exhausted.


But here they are again, those angsty feelings of loathing for someone the Lord used to accomplish His will for me. It grieves me that I feel this way. I accept my situation from the Lord, but I can't find it in my heart to feel charitable toward this man.


The Lord asked me a question today, which opened a whole new avenue of thinking. That is why I am writing this post, to share what He said to me. He said, “Is this situation any different than your divorce, which you wanted and needed desperately? After decades of suffering, you saw it as your deliverance. In both instances, it was I who provided for you. Both times it was time for you to be out of there, so I got you out of there. So I humbled your heart in the process. Is your heart not Mine to bless?”


This man the Lord used to humble my heart took absolutely nothing away from me. As a matter of fact, I am blessed beyond measure. Dollars and dignity are not the only way to measure the Lord's will for us as He makes a way for us. Sometimes we have to be reminded that where we end up is far more important than how we got there. Never mind the tools He used. They are merely a part of our history.


So this is my takeaway. The Lord gave me a sweet and humble heart and I am grateful for all He provides for me. I stand before my Father in Heaven, trusting Him to make a right heart in me. What someone else says or does is between them and Him and it is nothing to me, but He is everything to me. I thought that if I shared this today, it might encourage someone else to see things His way, to receive from Him and not be tempted away from Him. May He raise all our perspectives to see only Him.




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I Wonder

By Kathy Mote



I wonder if Isaiah became frustrated with God for taking too long to do what He said He would do. Isaiah was given the promise of the coming of Christ and God's Kingdom, but He didn't see it come to pass in his life.


As I wait on Him to fulfill His Word, my heart is being refined before His throne. What God intends to do, He says He will do, and then it is His business how and when He brings His Word, (which is His will) to pass.


Today God's heart is being revealed. His intention is to fill us with the full, first hand knowledge of Him before He takes us home and when He does this, we will be changed. The glory of what He is about to reveal cannot be seen until it is done, but in the end, Jesus' heart will be satisfied that He brought us home.


So until His heart is revealed to your own heart, it is not something you can 'hear'. What God said to me took three years to place inside my heart. The revelation of Him is like a bomb that is about to go off. This is His presence fulfilling His Word and His will and I did not study for this.


So I do not say what I am told to say to convince anyone else. I say it to obey Him as I honor and receive His Word in the Earth. He said it is time. You have to be called to Him to answer Him, and He has to speak to you before you can hear His voice. He will call whom He chooses and those He chooses will choose Him. May He wake up and shake up every heart.


But that is as many as will be caught up in Him, transformed to be with Him as He is, which is Spirit, and those who witness this will fall to their knees, awakened and shaken as they enter their time to be refined. He has a plan and that is it.


We are at the end of the time of waiting in our flesh. We will stop hearing each message from God as something to relate to our current physical circumstance. The point of all that God has done to create His Bride in our hearts is about to be fulfilled as Jesus' heart is satisfied in us.




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Our Knowledge of Him

By Kathy Mote



Our knowledge of Him is what He has revealed to our heart as He made us aware of Him. We are headed into a deeper revelation of Him. He will fill our heart until we are caught up into Him. His second coming is the full revelation of Him.

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Love u mom ;)

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