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The Rose Garden Revisited

By Veronika West



A powerful Prophetic Sign: A Super ‘Flower’ Blood Moon: A Time of Great Shifts and Changes: From Barrenness to Blooming!


So yesterday on Facebook I shared that I had a powerful Dream that I would be sharing soon.


The timing of this dream I believe is highly significant, and having received it in the early hours of the same day as the ‘Super Flower Blood Moon,’ it really confirmed to me what I was shown in the dream.


But before I go ahead and share this recent dream, “The T•R•U•M•P Chariot; The Wheels of Justice and Judgment are moving… and Going BACK TO THE FUTURE”, I felt led to tell you about what The LORD quickened to me last night.


Now as I stood outside in my wee garden looking up at the night sky hoping to catch just a glimpse of the Super Flower Blood Moon, I felt a sudden and tangible spiritual shifting taking place in The Realm of The Spirit, and suddenly I was caught up in The Spirit and the dream of The Rose Garden was brought before me.


It was as if I was standing again in the dream in the midst of The Rose Garden, and my eyes were immediately drawn back to the two Weeping Willow Trees that stood in The Garden, and to The White Archway of Triumph.


Now as I looked and looked again, suddenly a powerful sweet fragrance of Roses filled the atmosphere, and my eyes were drawn back to the Rose Bushes within The Garden.


As I looked at the Rose Bushes which had been harshly cut down, suddenly I saw that the Bushes were now covered in hundreds of beautiful new Rose Buds!


Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For out of a Time of Barrenness, a Time of Sudden Blooming will come!”


Note: The date of the Rose Dream is again very interesting. I received the dream on the (26th)…and the Super Flower Blood Moon also took place on the same date (26th),…and almost exactly one year later:


See extract below and HKP link to: “Dream of President Trump in The Rose Garden“


Prophetically, I believe we have now entered into a powerfully significant time of‘ great and sudden shifts and changes. The birthing of A New Kingdom Era is upon us!


Dream of President Trump in The Rose Garden

June 27, 2020.


A poignant dream concerning President Trump; “I AM going to meet him in The Rose Garden!”


So, last night I had a strange but powerful dream that I want to share. It was a short dream, but I felt it was highly significant in its timing!


“A Love So Pure and So Divine”

In this dream I found myself walking beside Jesus. Now I could not see His Face, but I could tangibly feel His deep Love and Passion for me as I walked beside Him.


He was going somewhere and I was following Him, and as we walked together in the dream, I kept feeling wave after wave of His Love washing over me, like the never ending waves of the sea that crash upon the seashores.


The longer I seemed to walk beside Him, the greater the intensity of his love I experienced. It was a love that was not of this world, it was a love that was so pure and so divine — a love that so fully and so completely captivated my heart, my mind and soul.


It was a love that I have never felt nor experienced before..!


“I AM Going to Meet Him in The Rose Garden”

And as we continued to walk together in the dream, suddenly I said to Jesus, “Jesus, where are you going?”


Jesus immediately answered me saying, “I AM going to meet him in The Rose Garden”.


As He said those Words to me, I knew by revelation that He was going to see President Trump, and no sooner had Jesus spoken those words to me, a beautiful tall, white archway and a Gate appeared before us and I as looked at the Archway, suddenly I heard these words, “The Archway of Triumph!”


Then I watched as Jesus walked under the tall Archway and He entered through The Gate and walked into what looked like a Rose Garden.


Now, strangely in the dream, I did not follow Jesus into The Rose Garden, as I felt in that moment within the dream that this was a sacred and intimate meeting — between Jesus and President Trump — and while I knew I was not permitted to enter through The Gate and into The Rose Garden, I knew that I was there in the dream to watch and listen to all that was about to take place!


“Fear Not! For Weeping May Endure for a Night, but Joy Comes in the Morning!”

Now as I stayed watching and listening from The Gates of The Rose Garden, suddenly my eyes were drawn to the many rose bushes in The Garden and I noticed that there were no flowers on the stems.


From where I was standing, I could see that all the rose bushes had in fact been cut to the ground and that it looked like The Garden was experiencing what looked like a harsh winter season!


Now, somewhat perplexed by all I was seeing from The Garden Gate in the dream, suddenly I heard a familiar tune/ sound and the words of an old song went through my mind, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine, there’s got to be a little rain sometime…..”



As I heard those words (which I immediately recognized as a song I heard as a child), I saw Jesus walking towards two trees in the garden — and as I looked at the two trees, I saw that they were two “weeping willow’ trees.


As I looked at the weeping willows, suddenly I saw President Trump appear from behind one of the trees and I watched as he ran straight up to Jesus and he stood in front of Jesus.


Then I heard Jesus say these words to President Trump, “Fear not! For weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!


I AM The Rose of Sharon… and The Lily of The Valleys. Watch! For the time of blooming has come!”


To read the complete original post, please click here: “Dream of President Trump in The Rose Garden“




Blessings to you all.



By Veronika West








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