If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Well, Here's an eye-opener . . .




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Well Here’s An Eye-Opener

By Kathy Mote



Well here's an eye-opener and make no mistake. The Word of God promised that He would enter your heart like a sword to change you and bring you to Life, not give you the right to tell the rest of the world how to get in line with what you think that means. He will separate your spirit man from your carnal man, and humbling your heart before Him is the first indication that you receive.




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When You Tell Someone

By Kathy Mote



When you tell someone that Jesus will live and move and breathe in their heart, you are saying He will save their life and change their heart. If this person is steeped in religion, especially of the modern day church kind, do not expect a positive response. They have misunderstood the point of all that is written and they are ignorant of Him, His Life and His heart toward mankind.

They do the religion thing by the book in His name and in remembrance of Him and this is all there is to them. They don't realize that being filled with His heart in His presence is the promise He intends to fulfill.


So the gist is the practice of religion of this kind is done in remembrance of the promise to come, but what shaking and breaking has to take place before they let go of it and receive the promise for themselves? Certainly not argument and strife. But as you speak the Truth, that is their response.


So here are the facts as I know them, and this is what the Lord said. He will remove from those called to Him all remnant of religion, bringing them fully into the remnant called to Him.


He will bring them up and fill them up and open their eyes to Him. That is the only way He can change their heart. The only way to know Him face to face is to see Him face to face and to hear His voice. That close and personal interaction with Him is how we are called to walk. Being brought into His presence is His presence in us. This will end all of the carnal "in His name" talk as they turn their response to Him. For them, things are about to get real and His heart rejoices at the thought.



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By Kathy Mote



Peace is being content as you wait for Him. It is that calm assurance without debate as you wait for a revelation from Him. It is realizing your heart is settled even before you know how to go on in Him, and that is when you know He is at work in you even as you wait for Him.


In my life, my calling is not hard to navigate as I keep my eyes on Him. It's people's responses to me that are hard to navigate, especially the personal ones. Your heart is always humbled when you stand before the Lord even as you deal with them. After you deal with them it's worse. It's like having your heart rearranged.


But here is a lesson I recently learned dealing with a dear friend of mine. What is in her heart is the Lord's doing, not mine. I don't have the power to convince her and I cannot change her heart or her mind. You can speak the Truth as you are sent, but He is the Truth that enters their heart. You cannot create His image in them, only He can and you are entering into strife by not trusting Him if you try.


He showed me this as I humbled my heart after a relationship changing conversation that nearly had me in full collapse. He changed the course all my thoughts would take as He showed me what He is doing in us. In a word, He put me in my place.


This is the deepest peace I have ever known, and it is equipping me to face the days ahead. It is my fresh wind. As He showed me how He is doing what He is doing in us He changed my heart and mind, giving me a clear view of my lane and how to stay in it. This is the clarity of heart that will keep me in my place as I leave their response to Him. After all, they are His child.





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My Faith, My Hope and My Obedience

By Kathy Mote



My faith, my hope and my obedience are based on what He says to me. Can you imagine standing before His throne on Judgment day and saying, Hey, wait a minute, what I read is not what I thought you meant! If I wouldn't do it then, I won't do it now. I listen to Him now the same way I will listen to Him then.


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When Jesus Said

By Kathy Mote



When Jesus said, “This do in remembrance of Me,” He meant 'until I come again'. What we don't realize is we will be filled with the fullness of Him when He comes again. That is HOW He will gather us to Him and why every eye will see Him.


Right now, we are filled with His Spirit. What will it be like to be filled with the fullness of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is to receive our Father's heart, presence and judgment. This will only happen after we leave here with Him. When Jesus comes to gather us, we will be filled with Him, not just His Spirit, as He takes us to the Father. The Spirit is a token of this promise.


This is a revelation that will change how we see waiting for Him and cause us to open our heart to interact with Him. This reveals the Truth about the 'practice' of what we know of Him compared to being brought into His presence to hear Him. In His presence, we are changed and this is far more powerful. In His presence, we don't practice rites and rituals 'in remembrance of Him', we listen to Him and respond to Him.


This is where we are in His timeline for all of creation, and He hasn't finished fulfilling His promise to raise and gather us, filled with all the fullness of Him yet. But every generation who lived on the Earth in their time before us waits as we wait, trusting in Him to fulfill His promise to make them one with Him. That is what He said.





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Let Me Tell You What It Is To Be A Prophet

By Kathy Mote


Let me tell you what it is to be a prophet. You are His sent one. You obey Him with every word you utter. You live every word you utter. You stand before Him, not who you are sent to, and He delivers His Word into each heart, not you. You do not strive, contend, argue or expect an answer. People's response is to Him, not you. That is not your honor. His Word declares His will and that is what He filled you with, and your purpose is to herald His heart and His intentions. One who is not sent is false or self-proclaimed and their words He does not honor. It is the message that measures the prophet.





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I Will Tell You How To Walk

By Kathy Mote



I will tell you how to walk in limitless deliverance and incredible comfort. Surrender your heart to Him and obey Him.


Instead of quoting scripture over your situation as if you were chanting a charm, surrender your heart to Him and trust Him.


Instead of reading what He said thousands of years ago, turn your heart to Him and hear Him tell you His will and desire for YOUR life as He is Lord of YOUR heart and YOUR situation. That is your salvation.


He is the Living God who rose from the dead after paying the price for your life and He did this because He desires to give you Life as you walk with Him. The rest is merely religion.


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By Kathy Mote



Religion is what you say and what you do based on what you believe. But when you hear Him and respond to Him you are walking with Him. That is your relationship with Him.





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What The Lord Intended To Give You

By Kathy Mote



What the Lord intended to give you, He can only give you by being in you. But for centuries, we have been trying to walk in what we think that means. Today He will undo this thinking, and by His presence in us, He will cast down this practice.


Your very life depends on being in His presence. Being alive to Him is being made alive by Him, and He will breathe Life into you as He enters. You live in His presence as you respond to Him.


Life is the difference between what we have been doing in remembrance of His promise and what HE will do by His presence in us as He fulfills that promise. This is the difference between you declaring Him and Him declaring you, and that is His promise.




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To Trust In The Lord

By Kathy Mote



To trust in the Lord to feel safe and at home is what your heart was built for. Our home is where His heart is and He is continually calling us to turn to Him.

But those who trust in their own thinking are stuck in their own thinking, afraid to surrender their heart to Him. As they do this, they cling to the comfort of their own opinion, and, living by their own thoughts, they are far from Him.


The thought of being wrong is terrifying to them. You will see them argue over the technicality of what the scriptures mean as they defend their thinking, practice and religion. They are shutting their heart away from Him. Only His presence in their heart can convince them of Him, and that is how they will follow Him.


This is the frontier that the Lord is going to overcome to win us and He will do it quickly. You would be surprised to know how many are stuck where they are as they follow and live by their own thinking. The carnal mind wars against the heart to decide who's in charge of what direction that person is flowing, either toward God's love or away from Him. We have to be filled with Him to hear Him and flow in Him.


So, the childlike faith in the Lord's ability to save your life as He enters your heart is no childish thing at all. It takes courage to trust Him with your heartstrings, for your heart is where your life is. It is His desire to show you His love, to live in you and to guide you, for that is how He saves you. Knowing His love in your heart is Life itself. He ends your endless wandering as He brings your heart home to Him, putting an end to empty, useless practice.


It is knowing His love that makes trusting Him so easy, for love is where trust comes from. This is why we open our heart to trust Him, to walk with Him, to follow Him and to hear Him. That is how we are called to Him, and that is how we answer Him. At this point in your life, you may find this childish, but this is the Truth of walking with Him, and it is how your warring will end.






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