If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Casting down vain imaginations . . .

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Casting Down Vain Imaginations

By Kathy Mote



Casting down vain imaginations, and every high thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, we surrender them to be obedient to Christ;


...and every proud thought that is raised up against the knowledge and presence of God, we do not allow to run through our mind as we listen to Christ.


Laying down every defense that is raised up in our mind to oppose the presence of God, we capture every thought to make it obedient to Christ.


I would like to share what the Lord showed me about the passage above, and how we have come to make a practice of what we assume to be spiritual warfare for our thoughts.


Many see this scripture to mean they are to bind the devil and cast down thoughts that bring them discomfort of any kind. Their thinking is that anything that reveals they are not already delivered and healed comes against their profession of Christ. But as they do this, they aren't giving their thoughts to Christ to heal. The Lord showed me that as they take command like this, they effectively become lord of themself and that is not how to walk with Him or honor Him. That is not how healing comes, it is by being in His presence that healing comes.


We are to listen to Him and as thoughts that bring us discomfort, or memories of hurt come to our mind, we are to surrender them to Him. As we remain in His presence He will bring healing and replace them with the knowledge of Him. HE is the one bringing the memory to the fore because He is showing you that is what He intends to heal!


What the Lord showed me is that by taking charge of their own minds, they disallow Him, and as they order the devil around they are not trusting Him or what He is doing in their heart. As they continue to do this, they are not in His presence and without Him being present, healing will never come to them.


I learned this very recently as the Lord brought back a tidal wave of memories from the archives of my life. I sat awash in what had changed the shape of my heart and cried out to Him, asking for His perfect will concerning them and the hurt they caused. (Without being healed of them, I couldn't go on.)


He answered me in that moment as He began to show me His will and His presence in them. Both then and now He had His way and I am freer than I ever imagined to be. He has lifted me up and out of my old thinking, setting my thoughts in order by being present in them.


He healed my heart by giving me the knowledge of His love for me, and now I see only Him. He showed me who I am to Him and as I remain in His presence, my heart belongs to Him and He is present in it. No more anger, hurt and resentment, and my memories are no longer painful to my heart. The deeper He delved into my heart and my thoughts, the more He made Himself at home in them.


So I would encourage you to consider letting HIM be Lord of your thoughts instead of fighting the devil for them. Casting down vain imaginations actually means casting down the prideful idea that YOU are in charge of saving yourself! Laying aside all that comes against the knowledge of Christ means listening to Him. As Jesus is Lord of your heart and your thoughts, the devil is nowhere around.






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Some of God’s Most Beloved

By Kathy Mote



Some of God's most Beloved are uncomfortable in their circumstance because He isn't finished doing what He intends to do in their heart while they are in their circumstance.


You don't just walk into a difficult and painful situation and say, Oh this is God's will, you surrender your heart to Him in your situation to accept His desire for your life. He will humble your heart as you desire to enter His. That's how He heals and delivers you, by bringing you into Him.


The reason some are not able to hear His voice is He simply has not brought them to the place they can surrender their will to know His. He doesn't argue about who is Lord.





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God Has Shown Himself Powerfully

By Kathy Mote



God has shown Himself powerfully present in my life. It is by His presence that all of His desires for me come to pass. This does not happen as I believe what I choose to believe, but as I accept what He says to me. What I believe is Him.


When He says I'm all right, I am all right. When He says my truck will start, my truck obeys Him by running all winter long, even with a dead battery. He said my mirror would stay on the wall even after the studs fell out, and that mirror stayed on the wall. He said He would hold it up Himself and I was not to worry about it.


These are silly things, really, and not the more powerful things He has done, like the promises He makes and then fulfills in ways that heal my heart.

So He has shown Himself to be powerful in my life, not by my faith in what I pray, but by His presence as Lord of my heart. As I hear Him, I abide. I obey and desire Him. That's what, 'not by power nor by might but by His Spirit is His will accomplished' means.


We don't accomplish His will by believing what we think His will is, He accomplishes His will in us by His presence and we give our heart to Him to see it. Actually, that's what His will is.







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Love u mom ;)

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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