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"The Rise of Real Fathers!"

By Daniel Pontious




In the last few generations, especially in the United States, there has been one major lack which has contributed to many of the issues that we've experienced, not only in the Church, but also in our society as a whole—there has been a lack of real FATHERS. This does not necessarily mean that men haven't been around to father the kids born into this world, but it is more like there has been a severe lack of "identity" being passed from one generation to the next.


Most of the issues that we are experiencing right now in our world come from a severe lack of parental identity being passed from generation to generation. In the Old Testament, you will notice that right before a father would pass away, he would gather his sons together and begin to impart destiny, vision and identity into his sons (Genesis 49). Isaac, Jacob and many others laid their hands upon their sons and declared over them their futures, pouring into them not only the good things, but declaring to them their challenges as well.


Real Fathers


Real fathers will challenge your life! They will stretch you (not destroy you) and challenge you to the next level. They will bring impartation, vision, identity and inheritance into your life so that as you venture forth from where they have left off, you can go with the wisdom and revelation that they have imparted to you.


A Word for those who've been orphaned: God is raising up an entire generation of former "orphans" right now and transforming them into the fathers and mothers of not just a movement, but of a cultural paradigm shift that's going to alter the course of an entire people!


The fathers and mothers coming up and arising are receiving this impartation from their Daddy in Heaven! He has given them His heart, His mind and His abilities to raise up and send out an entire generation of world changers who, as they go forth, will not be a reflection of themselves, their earthly parents or their peers...instead, they will be a reflection of their Father in Heaven!


Real fathers will...


• Heal your heart, not destroy it.

• Correct you in love.

• Impart vision when necessary.

• Heal your wounds but not coddle you.

• Impart identity!

• Align you with the heart of God!

• Give you an inheritance, not expect one from you!

• Rebuke the devourer off of your life!

• Turn on the light when you're walking around in the dark!

• Challenge you to go farther and higher than they ever have or will!



By Daniel Pontious

Every Believers Destiny

Email: Daniel.pontious@yahoo.com




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