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Something The Lord Told Me

By Kathy Mote



Something the Lord told me was we could read the Bible all day long but until He accomplishes in us what He promised in it, we won't fully understand. We weren't meant to receive Him like that.


We will only fully understand what He has done after He is done, and we will understand by His presence in our heart.


This is like a butterfly knowing that it's no longer a caterpillar because it's a butterfly. He said we can only describe what He's done after He's done, and telling someone else does not accomplish that same thing in them.


We are talking about the Life that is in Him, and only by His presence in us are we changed. That's the reason God keeps His Word a mystery. What He offered us is not received in our head, it is a relationship with Him and it is of the heart. It is not in our mind that we receive Him or walk with Him or hear His voice. In our heart is where He gives us Life as He enters in.








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I Would Like To Share Why

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share why some hear His voice and some do not. The Lord asked me to share what He taught me about this.


He showed me a seed that had been planted in the soil of the Earth. He said it was growing, and opening up and coming to Him, but all I could see was the soil it was in. If we were to dig that seed up it would stop the growth, and interrupt all that the Lord was doing in it to make it come to Him.


So I will use myself and incident in my own life to connect the seed and how it grows to our own heart and how He works in us. The point of all He does in our life is that we might learn to trust Him and be filled with His heart, not to be given what we want.


One day my bladder dropped. Oh, man, I thought this is it...I'm going to die. My ears started to ring and I started to pass out, and in the midst of a thick white fog, I saw in a vision a hand reach for me and I heard the Lord's voice. He said, Look at Me. His hand lifted my fallen bladder, turned it a quarter turn and placed it back where it belonged as the fog cleared. As I saw this, I was fine.


The next morning, as I got up and ready for work, I became so excited by what the Lord had done. I rushed down the hall to tell my daughter about it, and all the way down the hall I was saying, Lord, can you make me lose weight, too? Can I be rid of the lump in my neck? Would you heal my dry skin, and my poor posture and my toe that isn't straight? Like a kid at Christmas who was told the sky's the limit, I asked for all the things that I wanted for my flesh.


I heard Him laughing with delight at my unknowing heart. He said, No, those things were given to you to humble your heart. I want you to trust Me and accept My will for your life. Then He pointed toward what He did in my bladder to save my life the night before and He said, “This is why I don't do things like this very often. It disrupts the surrender and trust I desire to build in your heart.”


So our Daddy loves us very much. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He owns the hills as well. But that doesn't mean He will allow us to be spoiled as we live for what we want. There's no relationship in that. Our lives have been given to us that we might give Him our heart to be as He desires, and His absolute priority is the condition our heart is in as we come to Him.


So where He will answer your heart as you cry out to Him, and comfort is not something He will ever withhold from those who trust in Him, hearing His voice changes your heart. It is something you must be prepared to humbly accept. As He is the desire of our heart, His desire is seen in us and it is His desire to teach us His ways and His thoughts.


He said there are many who are being brought to Him who have not yet heard His voice as they desire, and their heart is hurt as they think He will not speak to them the way He seems to speak to others. He will speak to His children as He brings them into His arms, and they will come to Him made whole as they respond to Him on His terms. That is His work in your heart, and why things in your life are as they are. He isn't finished yet.



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There’s Something Else I Want To Share

By Kathy Mote



There's something else I want to share with you about the people that have broken our heart. He meant for them to. His presence in our lives caused them to react like that. Their response was to Him because that is humanity's reaction to Him.


So as powerful as He has shown Himself to be in my life, I began to think that they weren't real, just a dream in my heart. How could they possibly be that vile. Their response was not a natural one.


So, I started thinking that they were just not real because I saw Him moving powerfully to bring this about, all to call me to Him to ask me to surrender it. He didn't answer me until this morning when He said, “They are real, or the covenant wouldn't be valid.”


He showed me how He entered into covenant with Abraham by giving that man His own dream, and then entering into agreement with him to bring it to pass in the whole of creation like only He can.


He taught me that Abraham took into his own heart God's dream of having children by faith in Him. What he was agreeing with was God's desire to have children in the earth who would come to Him because they believed in Him. They would be children who desired Him as much as He desires them. He did this by entering into agreement with Abraham, offering a Son for a son, something God fulfilled Himself through Abraham's trust and consent.


We are literally giving Him the world from His place in our heart, not because we forgive them, but because we acknowledge they belong to Him. We accept and agree with His heart regarding His will, which He will continue to bring about Himself.


What He has done by His presence in our lives is to bring us into covenant with Him to see Him fulfill His desire to turn humanity's heart to Him. This life is not about our life, but about His Life being revealed. That is what He is doing in this generation and in this time.





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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “You have lost every notion and delusion of grandeur as you acknowledged your undoing was by My hand. By telling you the Truth, I saved you from falling into Lucifer's hands. You will stand in My presence and I will stand in yours as my glory is revealed. All this is according to My plan.”


“You will no longer have a carnal or Earthbound perspective on anything you see. Instead you will see Me, My Kingdom, My power, My glory and My will that every heart know Who I AM. Your life was not to give you an Earthly life but to bring you to Life in My presence.”


Art by Jewell Jeffrey McChesney





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