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June, a month of Supernatural Paradigm Shifts . . .


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June — A Month of Supernatural Paradigm Shifts

By Veronika West



His JUstice shall UNdo to make way for the NEw,…. For His Kingdom Plans and Purposes shall be fully EXecuted in the Nations of the earth…..


As I shared earlier, as I woke this morning The Holy Spirit spoke to me about how we have now entered into a Time and a Season when we will begin to see His Justice cause the thief, not only to ‘put back’ what he stole, but to ‘pay back’ with seven-fold increase.


Now as I listened to The LORD speak, I then heard Him say, ”Watch! As the month of June marks a key Time and Season where I shall begin to bring Divine Justice and Judgment that will undo what the enemy did!


For now a New and Supernatural Paradigm Shift is taking place, as My Kingdom Plans and Purposes are being fully executed in the nations of the earth!”


As I pondered this Word in my heart, The Holy Spirit quickened to me a powerful Dream I shared with you all in October 2020.


Please check this link for the full HKP Word:  America: The Curse Will Be Reversed


Related Extract:


” A powerful dream concerning The United States of America.


“The curse will be reversed, and out of the belly of the beast will come seven-fold Recompense and Restoration,” says The Spirit of The LORD.


As promised, I would like to share a powerful dream I received on Sunday night, for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession!


Please bare with me, as I endeavor to share exactly what I saw and what I heard, and with the understanding I received as the dream unfolded.


This dream is probably up there with some of the most powerful and yet strangest of dreams I have received to-date!


Let’s begin. I went to bed Sunday night feeling a great sense of burden for the nations, especially for The United States of America.


With the unfolding news on President Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19, I felt such a battle raging in the heavens over the President and his destiny, and certainly for the destiny of the nation.


So as I lay down to sleep, there was a great sense of swirling and whirling in the realm of The Spirit, but as I closed my eyes and began to pray in The Spirit, a deep peace came upon me!


The Thief Has Been Caught and Must Pay Back Seven Times


I must have only been asleep a few hours when I was taken into a powerful dream encounter, where I saw a very large tree standing far in the distance.


As I looked at the tree, I immediately noticed that there was something hanging in the tree, but I could not see with any clarity what it was.


As I started to make my way towards the tree, suddenly I heard these Words, “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times!”


As those words echoed in the realm of The Spirit, the atmosphere in the dream became heavy and I felt the weight of God’s Glory surround me. The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD became tangible and I began to pray loudly in tongues.


Please see the Full Dream version here:  America: The Curse Will Be Reversed




Blessings to you all.



By Veronika West









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Love u mom ;)

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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