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The Lord Said . . .


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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote


The Lord said something to me that I would like to share. Well, no, actually I wouldn't because it will reveal what I continually have to surrender to Him.

In my natural thinking, I keep hoping for greater and greater response to the messages I am told to share. He always reminds me not to do that. For many reasons, this attitude is inappropriate as I stand before Him.


He said, You must remain hidden.


Hidden in the folds of His garment, hidden as in remaining before Him and not running ahead of Him. Hidden as in not looking into how many hearts HE will change as He brings HIS message into them. Hidden as in, just obey with a humble heart so pride doesn't take root in your heart. Hidden as in mind your own business and let Me mind Mine.


To be hidden is to be protected from taking personally what only belongs to God.


Hidden means to be in your place with a right heart, and that means peace, for it is a simple life filled with the simple obedience one would find in the heart of a child who is not at odds with Him. Hidden means protected in more ways than you could count as He brings His will about.


So this is what He is doing in all of His creation at this very important time. He is changing the way we see Him by revealing His heart to our heart. He is readying us for His return. He is awakening many as He opens their spiritual eyes. He is about to show up big, and soon. But raising us to be in Him is something only HE can do as He speaks to our heart, which is the whole point of what He is doing.






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The Bible Tells Us

By Kathy Mote



The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word of God, that we are to walk with Jesus, who is the living God. He was always God's will for us, and we are to walk with Him.


Jesus condemned the Pharisees for judging God by their knowledge of the scriptures, something the carnal mind is not capable of. Even as He stood before them, they did not see the Truth in Him. The scriptures are a record of God's dealings with man and they tell us to trust in Him to give us Life.


Yet, it is the carnal mind that makes a religion out of everything it is told. The carnal mind says, I will say, I will do, I will believe, I will declare and so it will be for myself. But this is not seeing Him, hearing Him and responding to Him with trust. The carnal mind does not see God.


The scriptures promise that Jesus will bring us to our Father, filled with all that is in His heart. God does not want us to live by the knowledge of the scriptures, which we do without Him. He sent Jesus, His living Word, and told us to trust Him and hear His voice to know His heart.


He is powerful to fulfill His promise in us by His presence in our heart. He gives us eternal Life by being Lord of our heart. How can the heart changing, Life giving presence of the living God possibly be measured by carnal understanding of the texts that promise He would come into us. He is the Light in our heart, His love brings us into Him and in Him is eternal Life.


The scriptures don't give you Life, they point you to Him. As beautiful as they are, they are not Him, they are the promise of Him. He is who you're going to spend eternity with, yet so many still do not hear Him. Time to kick religion to the curb.





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Knowing Jesus Is Lord

By Kathy Mote



Knowing Jesus is Lord is the same as accepting that He is God. He created you to bring you to Life, and He desires to fill you to continue to create you in His image. As you follow His voice you walk in the life He gives.


But you don't know Him until you have met Him. You only have your own thoughts until you hear His. Being embraced by Him you come into the Life that His presence gives. We're alive in Him or we are dead without Him.


Accepting Jesus into your heart is welcoming His presence into your life. If you are depending on Him to fulfill what is written of Him, this is how He does it, by bringing you into a Life giving relationship with Him. He fulfills more than you could hope for by bringing you to Him. You are what He hoped for. That's the point of all this.





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The Anointing is God’s Presence

By Kathy Mote



The anointing is God's presence accomplishing His will. It is the Lord bringing you to Him in a way that deeply humbles your heart. His presence and calling on your life is something that the people around you don't take kindly to. They find that it disrupts who they think they are to you.


This is how the anointing of God causes great disturbances in the people around you and it is an explanation for what you have seen all your life.


His presence is powerful as He calls you, and it causes trauma to those who don't humble their heart before Him. They don't know to because He isn't calling them, He is calling you. Even those who know Him struggle with resentment. Their rebellious response humbles your heart and now we're seeimng Him accomplish His will both in you and through you to bring change to the world around you as He calls you to Him.


There's a great battle in every heart to proclaim who is Lord of that heart. It is the struggle for life and it is caused by pride in those who don't see the Lord. In the depths of every human heart is the will to survive, to thrive, to overcome, to be who they are. The farther away from God they are, the more obnoxious they are and the more difficult they are to be around.


In each heart is an intense desire to protect themself and to preserve their life. It is core, like the desire to take your next breath. We are wired that way because that is the deepest place of our heart. That is the depth of our surrender to let Him in. The only force that is powerful enough to break our defenses down is the love of God, and you can only receive by opening your heart to Him as you respond to Him.


You know Him by surrendering your heart to Him in this way, and trusting Him with your life. All that is in your heart is embraced by Him as you enter Him and Live in Him. You live in His arms, inhaling all He breathes into you. You live by what He says to you because you Live as He says. That is the miracle of His powerful Lordship in your heart.


So the anointing and presence of God to bring all things to Him causes the battle in every heart to come to the fore. This humbles the one who is called, bringing them to their knees before Him to give Him their heart. This is how He accomplishes His will by His presence as He brings all things to Him in the last days.


When you can see that it was His presence calling you to Him that accomplished His will in your life, you will also see this is how He has lifted your heart to Him, high above the things of this life. Thank you for reading this.



Art by Amanda Cass




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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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