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"The Flood Is Coming! You Cannot Contain It!"

By Cindy Stewart



"The Flood Is Coming"


I dreamt there was a group of us standing by large, blue pipes. Then suddenly, the pipes burst open and water began gushing out, flooding the streets.


The Lord said, "You cannot contain what I am releasing."


Interestingly, I woke up several times during the night, and when I would doze back to sleep, I would have the dream again.


The next morning one of our leaders, Matt Vines, texted: "Last night, while we were cleaning up the kitchen, I heard the Lord say, 'The flood is coming.' It happened 3 times."


The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is here. We have been experiencing it for many months in our Apostolic Center in Florida.


As in the dream, when we gather, the presence of the Spirit pours out to touch us – not only the ones in the building, but the ones who are watching online.


A Key to the Outpouring Is to Follow His Lead!


Following the Holy Spirit's lead requires a willingness to take risks by stepping out wherever He is leading us. As we engage our spirit with Him, He heightens our senses to step into the outflow.


Recently at our gathering, the Holy Spirit began to show me in a vision that everyone needed to start dancing. (Dancing is not my norm.) So, I went to the front and said, "The Holy Spirit wants us to dance...not just a few of us, but everyone who is here, who is watching online – EVERYONE!"


The worship team began to play, and the whole church began to dance. Everyone was dancing! The freedom of dance brought many testimonies of the Lord.


Testimonies of the Lord's Touch


Here is a sampling of the testimonies of the Lord's touch that night:


• "Cindy Stewart, well, you got it going tonight. I felt it from my TV. I began pacing and praying and shoutin' in the spirit 'old-time Gospel-style' right by myself! No kidding – I had a blast in the Holy Ghost. Thankful, Thankful! I prayed prayers and releases that logically I had not thought of!"


• "First, I was tired, but I felt sooooo strong GOD's love; and He said to me there is no border at all for Him, and then I was dancing and hoped that the neighbors showed up. I'M STILL In HIS PRESENCE – love it so much." (from Europe)


• "I was watching the replay and danced, ran and praised. I realized after you stopped that I wasn't severely out of breath. It didn't feel like my pressure went up, which it has been doing if I walk and talk at the same time! Whoo whoo!"


• "I danced around my living room and felt a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. I slept like a baby last night."


We have also seen a release of individual and corporate deliverance occur from the prophetic revelation. Gene Cate, one of our pastors, said, "The miracle service was a whole new level of outpouring tonight. Strong move of deliverance and prophetic revelation."


Here are more testimonies from those who received freedom during ministry:


• "So last night the young couple who prayed for me said things to me that only God would know. I didn't mention anything to them; they know nothing about me or my circumstances. I haven't slept good, dreaming horrible dreams, and I knew that I was being tormented. I slept all night undisturbed. No dreams – didn't wake up."


• "An alter call was given for those who felt they were being harassed by the enemy. Pastor Cindy saw a swirl around me. The enemy was trying to hold me back and distract me from my assignment. She prayed to break off doubt and release a fresh anointing. I felt God on me strong. This was powerful and gave me clarity to fight doubt and step into what God has for me!"


God has also repeatedly released financial blessings. This person received 3 in a row.


1. "I checked my account at around 10 AM, and I had a few hundred dollars that had deposited into my account that came a few weeks early! Praise Jesus for the finances being released early!"


2. "I found out that I will be receiving $1,000 for working in a childcare center who stayed open during the COVID shutdown. The kicker is they originally said I did not qualify – only Jesus!"


3. "I received notice of a $500 reward just for completing the training and earning the certification that I didn't need for my job."


God is pouring out on His people. It is time to get into the outpouring of God by connecting with others who are following the lead of the Holy Spirit. As the Lord said, "You cannot contain what I am releasing."


Declaring What the Lord Is Releasing


It is time to agree with what the Lord is releasing by declaring the Word over your life.


• I declare the Word of God has the power to deliver and protect me.


• I declare I am strong and I work in partnership with the Holy Spirit.


• I declare I will find what I need when I wait on the Lord.


• I declare that the Lord has given me freedom from the enemy.


• I declare I will prosper in all that I do.



By Cindy Stewart

Email: cindy@cindy-stewart.com

Website: www.cindy-stewart.com




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Albany, OR 97321


email: info@elijahlist.net

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