If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I had a Friend . . .



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I Had A Friend

By Kathy Mote



I had a friend a long, long time ago who would get up every morning and quote what scripture she wanted to see happen to her. As I sat sipping coffee at her kitchen table, she did what she called her ritual. Being a new Christian, I found it odd, but I said nothing about it.


She said the scripture three times, and then smiled at me and said, wouldn't that be nice? To be blessed coming and going, you know the one. I declined to chant with her. She raised her eyebrows at me and asked why on earth not? My response was, I only know Jesus, and what He gives me, I shall be content with.


She pointed to me and laughed at me and called me simple, but I knew she meant stupid. She said she loved me anyway, even though I was too simple to be a traveler. Now, it doesn't prove anything at all that she quickly moved into transcendental new age religion. I guess God didn't answer her. But as I left her house that day, I ran back to His arms. Simple or not, He is where my home is.


Would it surprise you to know that the new age thinking is not new at all, but a grown up version of many old pagan religions. But the point I want to make is, what is in the core of a seed is what that seed will produce, and that is true of our heart's desire to have our own way.


So here I am these many yars later, seated on the palm of the Lord's hand, and there I am safely and securely hidden. I don't chant, or 'travel', I don't desire any more than He will give me and here is the reason. HE is what my heart desires, and all things unto Life are in Him. Wait, that sounded in genuine, like the 'all things' are why I desire Him. He told me He loves me. His love for me burns in my heart and consumes me, continually turning my heart to Him. That is why I desire Him. My friend was right. I'm not one for traveling.





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I Am Devastated

By Kathy Mote



I am devastated to realize how many do not know that Jesus is the Word of God. By assuming that Word meant 'words' and not will, decree and decision, everything they read in the Bible was taken out of context. Thus they have mistaken God's heart and turned Him into a religion, which is something they say and do and practice.


Jesus is the Son of God who is God and was with God from the beginning. This means that from the beginning, it was God's will for us to accept Him, be filled by Him and to live by every word He speaks to us. He is the Life God poured out for us and He intended to from the beginning.


But those who read the Bible out of context do not understand and do not accept Him and trust Him. They are not made alive by Him being in them. Every notion the flesh comes up with without Him is corrupted. I do not refer to those in the world, I am talking about those who picked up the Bible and began speaking it to accomplish the promise of Christ in it. They speak against Him.


So what it boils down to is this. From the beginning, what God wanted was to gather you into His arms, fill you with all that is in His heart, and make you like He is. You can't get any of that by reading the Bible. It comes only by His presence.


To prove this, after reading it, so many didn't know that the point of it was to make them desire Him, turn to Him and trust Him. The testimony of Him was meant to show them that they need Him and cannot begin to approach God without Him. The Lord said to open your heart to Him to find Him. There is no hope and no Life without Him.







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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “Don't argue with the enemy. The devil doesn't care how the argument goes, just so there is one.”






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We Don’t Bring God’s Promises

By Kathy Mote



We don't bring God's promises to pass by saying and believing scripture. We were told to accept Christ into our heart, and He will bring God's will to pass in us. He will fill us with all the fullness of God and bring us to our Father. We cannot imagine the Life He will give us, but it is in Him, and surrender is how we enter. We cannot do this without Him.




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There Is A Teaching Prevalent

By Kathy Mote



There is a teaching prevalent in the church today that is the product of carnal thinking. They misinterpreted the scriptures because they didn't hear His voice and they didn't humble their heart to receive Him. They have painted a rosy picture of what life ought to be if you just believe, but what they are describing has nothing to do with receiving Him or walking with Him.


Their teaching is that God is here to give you the desires of your heart whatever they may be if you have enough faith in what you pray, but this puts you in the driver's seat of receiving what you think His word means. The Life in Him is something you cannot know until He fills you with the desires of HIS heart, for that is what His Word means. No one would raise their children like that. It would make them tyrants, and ruin them. They look ruined to me, for they take from Him without giving their heart to Him.


What He intended for you was to breathe into you the desires of His heart. That is how He brings you to Life in Him. You give Him your heart to know His heart, and His love for you is what He raises you in. Making you one with Him is how He heals you.


He will rearrange your human life to give you the Spiritual Life in Him. He will bring you out of your carnal thinking. At this stage of your relationship with Him, you are learning He is LORD, not you, so surrender is key. This is when you learn that Life IS Him.


He will cover you, protect you, provide for you and bring His perfect will into you, which is for you to be in Him. You are the work of His hands, you are His child, and He is creating His heart in you. This is not something you learn and it cannot be 'practiced' by quoting scriptures. The Word IS Him. What you become by His presence is one who will be forever in Him.


Surrendering your heart is the way you receive Him. That is not making demands of Him and telling Him what His Word means, it is the act of giving up all the things you assumed before you knew Him. Many are finding themselves in deep waters without Him because in their heart, they have not honored Him.





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I’d Like To Share With You Something

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share with you something I learned about abiding in God's will, or maybe I should say enduring it. We may not always enjoy what teaches us to trust in Him. We may not enjoy learning to be patient as He brings about His perfect strength in our heart.


I have recently learned that His desire for us is far better for us than we know to desire for our self. He is kind, gentle, and wise beyond our imagining, and we should remember that when we don't understand.


We have the tendency to measure the value of our situation by whether we enjoy it or not. But this is valuing our opinion over His as we use our feelings to disqualify His will in our heart. What we think and feel in this moment is nothing compared to the strength He is building in us, but surrender will cure a fractious and unhappy heart.


So, grumbling and complaining is a sign that we don't fully understand, which is a polite way of saying we lack the wisdom and the strength to abide. But abide we must or we will be stuck where we are, learning to appreciate His perfect will in a heart He has made faithful to Him. He said we would lack no good thing as He raises us up, and I am learning to remember that.






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I Continually Share

By Kathy Mote



I continually share what the Lord reveals to my heart, because this is what He sent me to say. But I cannot help it, when people unfriend me and walk away, it breaks my heart. I have surrendered this to Him so many times, thinking it was my flaw. He spoke to me this morning, and what He said, I would like to share.


He said, What you are feeling is not your heart, it is Mine, and that is what I want you to give to Me. As your heart is broken, that is My heart for them. I want you to trust Me to gather them, for that is My desire.


We who are intent on obeying Him are humbled because we are aware of Him in our heart. But what we may not realize is what we are feeling for them IS His heart.


As we stand amidst those who do not hear Him, His heart in us yearns to be known in their heart. As we feel His desire for them, we trust He will gather them to Him. As we feel what is in His heart, that is what we stand believing He will do. His heart living, moving and breathing in ours makes us a living, breathing part of Him.



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So beautiful.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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