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"What Makes an Effective Watchman?"

By Rick Joyner



Both Shepherd and Watchman


As we continue studying the duties and methods of being watchmen, we will begin to see how these are related to growing in the nature of Christ, especially His nature as our Shepherd. The shepherd and watchman ministries are so closely related that you cannot be one without the other.


One of the most basic duties of a shepherd is to watch over the flock and protect them. Because the Lord is our Shepherd, He watches over us. He does this to a large degree through His Body, the Church. All of the ministries given to His Body are an extension of Him. He uses those He has called as shepherds to shepherd His people, just as He uses those He has called as teachers to teach His people, etc. Of course, the Lord employs angels and His own divine nature that is omniscient and all powerful to do this as well. A primary way He does this is through those whom He has called who become His Body that He works through.


What Makes an Effective Watchman?


The best watchmen are going to be those who love the people they are watching over, which is the basis of a shepherd's ministry. The more we love the Lord, the more we will love His people, and the more devoted we will be to their protection and care. If we are growing in love for His people, we will also be growing in our devotion to help watch over them. Likewise, if we love our neighbors, we will be devoted to their protection and become the watchmen over our communities we are called to be.  


As we are faithful in smaller things, the Lord will often promote us to having authority over bigger things. Those who are faithful in being watchmen with the Church and their community may be given the duty to help watch over their cities, their states, and even their nation. So, we want to become as skilled and effective at whatever level of responsibility we have now. The basics that make one an effective watchman with their family, church, and community are the same basics we use on any level.


Beginning with the basic military principle that you cannot defeat an enemy you cannot see, before we can be effective watchmen we need to discern the potential threats. These threats can be different for men and women, or for those who live in cities and those who live in rural areas, etc. So, to begin with we need to know our sphere of responsibility, and the likely and potential threats there.


In developing our knowledge and skills to be effective watchmen, we are basically obeying the exhortation to not be ignorant of the devil's schemes. This is important for every Christian, but it is not the main thing we are called to do, and it should not become the main thing for any Christian. We must grow in our knowledge of the Lord and His ways far more than growing in the knowledge of the devil and his ways. There is also a biblical principle that we will become what we are beholding (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).


It is by an overemphasis on looking for what is wrong, or evil, that some who may have begun as good watchmen became "fault-finders." They have done perhaps more damage to God's people than the heresies they claimed to be protecting us from. They become stumbling blocks that we are told the deep darkness is reserved for because they started taking on the nature of the accuser they claimed to be protecting us from.


For this reason, we must consider adopting the military model where basically everyone shares the duty of being watchmen, and for very few it will be their main job. However, as we were all trained to be watchmen, it became a part of our nature to be vigilant at all times for threats and dangers.  


Keeping the "Main Thing" the Main Thing


For most of my life I have spent less than 10% of my time seeking to understand the enemy and the increasing darkness over our times. I have spent much more time seeking to know the Lord, His ways, His coming Kingdom, and learning how to help teach, train, and edify His people. However, as the darkness has begun to dramatically increase, my studies of it have increased, but are still only a fraction of what I devote to knowing the Light.


As the times get more difficult I may increase my devotion to threat analysis more, but never expect it to take more of my attention than seeking the Lord. Remember, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing," and the main thing is knowing the Lord and following Him.


For others the percentages may be different, which times and circumstances can change, but we must all be Christ-centered first, not devil or threat-centered. Yet, if we do not obey the exhortation to not be ignorant of the devil's schemes, we will be increasingly vulnerable.




By Rick Joyner

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