If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord Took Me . . .


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The Lord Took Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord took me to a place that I could not perceive, and in it, I could not see or hear where I was. I was afraid. There He spoke to me about my heart and what He is doing in it. I cried that I only wanted to hear Him in my heart.


To be honest, it does not bother me when He shows me what is in my heart. I am deeply grateful that He changes my heart. The point of all He shows me is to bring me closer to His heart, and that brings me into His presence and into His arms.


He said, There are things the human heart was meant to perceive. There are some things that human eyes were not meant to see. There are things about Me that are not revealed. Then He explained what He meant, and in that moment, He changed the direction my heart would take.


He said, Your desire is for Me to speak to you. I am doing much more than speaking to you. I AM making you, creating you, maturing and changing you. You desire to see likes on Facebook when you share what I speak to you, indicating they accept what I say, but truly, that is not why I speak to you, and it is not why I speak to them.


You do not bring people to Me, I do, and despite their thoughts and perspective on how I do this in their heart, it is I who minister to them. It is I who fill them, and if they could see Me, they would know that. If they could see where they truly are, they would fall down in worship, never to raise their head from the floor, but that is not what I want. I want them to come willingly into My arms, filled with My heart. That is what I am doing as they come to Me to hear My voice.





Being In Love With Him

By Kathy Mote



Being 'In love' with Him IS being in His presence.



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The Lord Recently Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord recently told me to be thankful for my weaknesses that humble my heart. He told me they were my blessing. In the weeks since He said that, I have come to understand what He meant.


My weaknesses serve me. They bring me before Him. They continually remind me to trust in Him, and as I surrender them to Him, I learn how very faithful and powerful He is. It is in this exchange of child like trust that I learn He is Lord of all as He lifts me up. I look not to the left or the right to see others who trust in themself. At a glance, I see they do not trust in Him. In them, I do not hear His voice.


My need of Him always keeps me with Him, but my weaknesses serve an even greater purpose. They humble me. They humble my heart. This has saved me from rising up in pride and error of thought more times than I can count, for it has kept my mind on the more pressing matter of surrendering my heart to survive, which is to abide in Him. He is my peace.




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The Lord Has Me In The Place Of The Unknown

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has me in the place of the unknown. He showed me where my heart is. I didn't know how short I fall. I tried to apologize, feeling that I couldn't hear Him as I was. I pleaded to be in His presence. He said I am always there in His arms. He told me that I do not create His image in myself.


In that moment, I knew of His great mercy beyond my ability to recount. Every flaw in my character was brought out, then He told me He would heal my broken heart. Only He knows what we are meant to be, and only He can bring us fully into Him. Only He can fully finish us.


So if you are feeling a bit off or that you are adrift and waiting for Him, and you are surrendering where you are and how you are, praise Him, for He is good. That is His work in you to bring you to Him. He is sharpening your awareness of Him.





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The Lord Said In The Coming Time

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said in the coming time, only the ardent will remain in Him. Only the ardent will survive. Only the ardent will not fail. Only the ardent will not fall.

Everything else will fail. Everything else will fall. Every thought man has of himself will fall in the coming storm except that of the Lord.

I looked up the word ardent, and this is what I found.




enthusiastic or passionate.



















burning; glowing.


"the ardent flames"


1 : characterized by warmth of feeling

2 : fiery, hot an ardent sun.

3 : shining, glowing ardent eyes.





This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote


This is what the Lord said. I will not restore you to your family, but I will raise you up before the whole world.




The Reason Our Wisdom Is Foolishness

By Kathy Mote



The reason our wisdom is foolishness to Him is we are His created, and we don't even know Him.




This Is What I Hear

By Kathy Mote



This is what I hear the Lord say to all the mothers whose hearts are broken in travail. Momma, you cannot give your son what he needs to be a man. He must find that in his heart himself.





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The Lord Said We Cannot Imagine

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said we cannot imagine what is to come. We only know what we have seen in the carnal, physical realm. But what we will become is not of the physical realm. He is Spirit. What we will be, we will only be by Him.


We are speaking of the God who created the Heavens and the Earth. We are His creation, and He is not finished filling us with the fullness of all He desired. What we can imagine falls so very short. Oh, what glory is about to fall, and it will fall into us as He raises us up.


Have you noticed the whole world is in an uproar? Have you noticed that upheaval is overtaking the Earth. It reminds me of the birthing pains of travail, and as signs and wonders that define the times we are in goes, it's impressive and terrifying all at once.


Most of the world is rebelling against being ruled. It seems that is true of the Earth itself. I'll tell you what I see. I see the whole world groaning in travail to see what we are about to become.






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To Fulfill God’s Word

By Kathy Mote



To fulfill God's Word, which means to satisfy Jesus' heart as He obeys the Father, God will change you, not the world around you, as He brings you into His arms.






The Promise of Life

By Kathy Mote



The promise of Life is something only He can fulfill.







Those Who Struggle

By Kathy Mote



Those who struggle with the concept of the Living God are those who only know Him by the written account of His promise to us. If they had known Him in their heart, they wouldn’t argue that Jesus is the Word of God. The Bible isn't the Word, it says HE is.


It is NOT God's will for you to live by the Bible, and the Bible says that as well. It is God's will for you to be made alive by Him being in you and you being in Him. Stop quoting scripture over yourself and your life and give Him your heart.


God's Word (Word means will, judgment and decree) was made flesh and dwelt among us. HE gives us Life and He does this by living in us. We are to accept Him in our heart and Live by every word He says! Quoting scriptures over yourself does not bring God's presence into your heart and it is not how He brings His will to pass. God's will is Jesus Christ living in your heart.


I said I might as well not say this again because the dead do not hear and those who are alive in Christ already know this and don't need to hear it again. And so it is that I speak to those who cannot hear.  The Lord said, When I speak to them, they will hear. I will wake them up when I bring them to Life.






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Have You Ever Loved

By Kathy Mote



Have you ever loved someone who was precious to you so deeply that you would rush to take their pain? Would expressing that deep and consuming love compel and even drive you to protect them and keep them safe?


And would that love that burns in your heart for them fill you with compassion for what condition they are in? Would you give your life to make sure they will become all you dreamed for them? Would that love flow through your heart to make a life for them? That is how God loves us.


So why all the suffering in this life? Why all the disappointment, hurt and pain? Why do we remain in such a dark place as this until our life is spent? Hang on, this is our perspective, not His. There is more coming that we do not see.


We measure this life by how we feel when we cannot see anything but where our heart is. In the moment, what's important to us is how we feel. But as we are awakened to Him, we see Him instead, and in His presence, we begin to see all that is in His heart to give. He will open our eyes and reveal His perspective to us as we trust in Him. That is how we mature in Him.


We are called to live forever in Him and then forever again. Our life is not just the years we walk the Earth. This is where we learn who He is. This is where we give Him our heart. This is where we are being birthed and raised by Him. We are being created, filled and raised to return to His heart and spend eternity with him.


We will rise above the things of this life as we surrender our life to Him. It will thrill our heart to see how kind and gentle, sweet and generous He is as He reveals His presence in us. The deeper He lives and moves and breathes in us, the deeper our sweetest trust. The Life He gives as He raises us is what our perspective will be as we rise above the things of this life.



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