If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Very Breath of Life . . .

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The Very Breath of Life

By Kathy Mote



The very breath of Life that God is breathing into you is by Christ's presence in you. You accept Him into your heart to receive. It comes no other way. So the thinking and the practice of declaring scripture over yourself to receive the Life God gives you is the opposite of what He said. You do not accomplish His promise of Life in you, He does by His presence in you as He brings you into Him. For you to try is anti Christ, and as you do this, you are against Him.




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We Think That Everything He Is Doing

By Kathy Mote


We think that everything He is doing in us is contingent upon our acceptance, and it is, but what we accept is Him. He moves in no one against their will.


We have been confusing acceptance with understanding and understanding with consent.


We think that to receive the Life He is breathing into us, we must first understand. He doesn't need for us to understand. He knows what He is doing. All we need to do is trust.



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We Have Our Human Perspective

By Kathy Mote



We have our human perspective of how we see things, but what about His? What is the point of all we see according to Him? Very few of us are able to see that all He says to us is changing our heart as He pours His thoughts and His heart into us.

Most people don't know to think beyond the right now moments of our human life, but that is not the reason for what He is doing in us. Boy, is that hard to fathom, and He showed me the reason for this.


We don't know what His Love is because we measure what we know of love by how we feel. So we miss the point of all He is doing as we try to fit what we can see into a very small frame. We do not see His purpose in all He is doing in us because we are looking at this life. But it is an expression of His love that He is creating us to raise us and bring us to Him.


So this is what He showed me as He spoke to me literally all night. He is creating us and we will soon see that His hand is in everything we are feeling and all that we will be! He is teaching us to surrender our hearts to Him every step of the way. The deeper our heart is surrendered, the more of our heart He lives in.


He showed me this is how trust works. We lean into His presence as He makes us aware of Him in our heart. We trust His presence as He heals and comforts our heart. We trust what He is doing as He makes a place in our heart for Him to live and move and breathe in us. He is breathing Life into us.


But this is what He said Life is, it is Him becoming one with us. This only happens as He brings us into His presence, and He is Spirit. He is, quite literally, creating us to be Spirit beings like He is, and that is how we will remain.


So if you are among those who are feeling undone, rejoice and trust the work of His hands. He is not creating your flesh or your carnal, physical life, He is opening your heart that He might come in and live. He is changing your perspective so that He is what you will see as you walk with Him.



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He Shows Me

By Kathy Mote



He shows me where I am weak. Where I am weak is where I am not trusting, confident He will have His way, and so that is what I surrender. That is how He gives me strength.


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I’d Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share what the Lord is teaching me about hearing Him. Today I learned that hearing is different than listening. To hear Him is to take to heart what He says to you, but to do that, you have to be humble enough to let His word BE FOR YOU in order for it to heal you. You can't do that if you think what He is saying to you is for you to share with someone else to 'help' them.


So as He speaks to you, and in your heart you hear Him (because with a humble heart you are listening), you to take to heart what He says to you as He corrects you. To think that everything He says to you is for you to help someone else is just plain arrogant, and it keeps you out of His presence. Your heart has to be calling Him Lord for you to hear Him.


So it humbles your heart to hear Him, but it also brings you deep peace. As He enters your heart, He humbles your heart, and you take it to heart and that's what it means to hear Him. This only happens in His presence.


I'd like to share how He taught me this. It is a prime example of our mistaken thinking that keeps us from hearing Him.


He reminded me of a lady who wrote an article over 10 years ago. In this article she expressed frustration that no one was listening to her. She had told what the Lord would do in us, and it astounded me to realize that is exactly what He is doing today.

She was so frustrated with the lack of response from her readers, she shut down her publications and gave up her ministry. She became bitter and angry. The Lord reminded me of this article, and said, I always say what I will do and I do what I say. No one else can. What she had failed to understand is that HE would do in us what He said and our response would be to HIM.


Then He waited for that to sink in. Oh, my gosh. That is what I struggle with. My healing, my strength, my courage to obey Him, my confidence in Him, and what He was teaching me would have sailed right over my head if He hadn't waited for me to 'listen'.


In that moment He taught me to hear Him. (He had already taught my heart to listen. To listen, you care deeply in your heart as you set aside all other thought and pay attention with the intent to hear Him.) Now I know how to hear Him, and I will continually humble my own heart, knowing that His intention is to correct me to keep me with Him.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “I will do the impossible in you.”




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We Are To Love One Another

By Kathy Mote



We are to love one another, but this is what that means. We honor His heart for each other, having His heart in ours, we honor Him. It is His heart we honor for each other, otherwise loving each other cannot be done. (Our love is not complete).


His love is unconditional and this is what that means. It is contingent only upon His desire to love. That is His decision, and it is already made. That is how we come to Him and that is how He receives us, in Christ Jesus, His heart poured out to bring us to Him.


But we've been going about this all wrong as we try to feel love we don't feel. We cannot act in love we do not possess. We cannot love an abuser, or one who has come to steal. We can obey Him by becoming as He is. The only way we can obey Him is by His presence in us as we give our heart to Him.




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The Lord Is Pouring Out Honey From Heaven

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is pouring out honey from Heaven into those whose hearts are open to Him. In a vision, I see them stop, and stand where they are as they lift their faces to Him. Into their belly He pours living oil, the sweet sum of His desire. It will flow through them as it brings them to Him. They are the Remnant He desired.



They do not take, they give. They do not order His Kingdom about. They do not defile all of His creation using His name. They do not declare His will over all the Earth, He declares His will in them, and He will lift them above all the Earth.



So these are the humble who stand in His presence, and oh, they are beautiful because of His heart in them. They will abide in peace beyond all comprehension as He brings Creation to it's knees before Him, because that is where they already are.





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I Know Who I Am

By Kathy Mote



I know who I am because I know Whose I am. I know where my heart belongs. His love for me is how I know to be who I am, for all that I am belongs to Him.


I can't begin to tell you what knowing He is creating me has given me. He said, I am still creating you, and as He said this, I saw all of His creation being filled and made complete. He said nearly all of our questions would be answered by knowing this. Not one ounce of pressure rests upon my own heart just by knowing I am in His hands, becoming as He wills.


As He told me that He created the Heavens and the Earth as a place to raise me and bring me up, He filled my heart with the joy of His heart's desire. So this is my response to Him who loved me more than my heart can tell. All the trust and surrender, the obedience and the respect I can give are simply His heart residing in my heart.






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