If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I had so much fun . . .

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I Had So Much Fun

By Kathy Mote




I had so much fun making this! I heard the Lord say these words, but I struggled to understand them. I thought, no, it's the Holy Spirit, no, it's His presence, no, it's His love for us, so I turned to Him, desiring to obey Him, trusting Him to teach me. He said, See? Like I said...






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We Are All In Varying Degrees Of Awareness

By Kathy Mote



We are all in varying degrees of awareness of the Lord. He called it being awakened to Him. We are aware of Him as He speaks to us, and in our heart, we are moved by His presence to respond to Him.


The only way to know anyone is to interact with them. The deeper the heart interaction, the more intimately you know them. The more love that is expressed, received and shared, the deeper the bond between you. That is our relationship with Him. It is in intimacy of the heart that we truly know Him.


Last night, in the middle of the night, my heart was grieved, and I felt the need to check the comments on my page here. Sure enough, I had an unsavory visitor. He left a litany of religious remarks, all rebuking me for not quoting scripture. He called me false and said I should repent, and to make his case against me, he said that God is in the scripture. (What he meant was God is the scripture.)


In a vision, I saw myself as I pushed him away, but when my hand reached him, it went through him. He was made of paper. I do not know this man, I have never met him. If I did, I wouldn't want to share time with him to get to know him. When he spoke what was in his heart, I guarded my heart from him. It was the Lord he spoke against as he rebuked one of His children and I do not answer to him.


This man's thinking is man's ideas, thoughts and religion, and it is the opposite of the living God, how he interacts with us and what He is doing in us. He is giving Life to us as He fills us and that is personal. He is interacting with us to heal us, and when He returns, it will be to gather us and take us Home to our Father's heart.


You may read the Bible, and know all it says, but that is not opening your heart to Him, receiving Him into your heart to hear Him and know Him.


What a shock this will be to those who don't yet know the difference. You are filled with the Holy Spirit, but in His still, small voice, He is there to lead you to the Lord that you may open your heart, hear His voice and know Him as you interact with Him. That is the only way to give your heart to Him.


Now, if you are still reading and have not left this page offended, there's one more point I'd like to make. Jesus is the Word of God and the only way to know God's Word is to hear Him and listen to Him. HE will gather the Father's Beloved into His arms, having filled us with every delight in His heart, and that is the point of all He is doing. May He burn that into every heart that knows scripture but not Him.





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Trust in the Lord

By Kathy Mote


Trust in the Lord and leave the world to Him.





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Can You Imagine

By Kathy Mote



Can you imagine the joy of knowing He is refining your heart. Can you imagine a life spent in His presence. In a world spinning wildly crazy, you would remain in His arms. Can you imagine such a tranquil peace where your heart only rests.


In an instant, He could turn the whole world around. The Earth spins on His fingertip. The stars in the sky obey Him. But the world is filled with turmoil that distracts the heart. It has fallen into chaos as it shakes. It has become like the oven of the Refiner's fire.


His purpose in this is to refine His Beloved's heart. He has ransomed the world to fill you with living oil. Your heart will flow like liquid gold. Would you be sure of His love if you realized that is His intent. Would you run to His arms and abandon all else.


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Right, Left

By Kathy Mote



Right, Left, it's all a distraction. His love is what saves my heart.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “My Beloved is tender of heart.”


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The Lord Showed Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me why people shy away from Him. He knows their heart and that is the first thing they are aware of as He speaks to them.


They are afraid or ashamed because they feel vulnerable, so they run from Him. What they desire is to have control of themself to protect who they are. If only they knew His deep and endless love for them. His love for us makes us who we are. We are beyond precious to Him.


Good works and our opinion of our self do not impress Him, nor do our mistakes trouble Him. He is not judging our performance in this life, He is creating us. He is drawing each of us into His presence as He reveals His heart to us. We are children to Him.


But His thoughts of you and His love for you are only revealed to your heart when you open your heart to Him. As you open your heart He will enter in. That is the only way to know anyone, especially Him.


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The Lord And I Are Fiercely In Love

By Kathy Mote



The Lord and I are fiercely in love. He speaks to me constantly, and when I speak, I speak of nothing else.


I had a friend once who rolled her eyes at this, and it humbled my heart. She said the Lord sent her to me to teach me how to have fun. As she spoke, He took the place of the chair I was seated in. Like a small child, I sat on His lap with His arm crossed diagonally across my heart. Not one of her words entered my heart.


He whispered to me, I did not send her to say this. Later that day He told me she was not a fit companion for me as she was. That was the day He removed her from my life, taking her place as my best friend. There has never been a moment that I long for anything else but Him. He is the fierce love of my life as He speaks to my heart. This is His desire for you as you give Him your heart.



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Very Recently

By Kathy Mote



Very recently the Lord woke me up, saying, “Come on, kid, I want to show you something.” In a vision I saw Him take a few steps, and I began to follow after Him, but He turned around, looked down at my feet and the distance between us and asked me, “Why are you dragging your feet?”


He came back to me and hunkered down in front of me and in that moment, I saw that in His presence, I was the equivalent of a six-year-old child. He took both of my hands in His hands and said, “Don't be afraid. I want you to trust everything I do in your life. I want you to trust My will for you with a joyful heart.”


So in that moment He showed me that because of the hardships I have endured I assume the next thing He accomplished in my life would also be difficult to endure. I know what it is to have a broken heart and I know what it is to face disappointment in this life.


What He said to me is what I would like to share. He said, “That was the season you were trained and shaped and formed and emptied. That season put legs under you so that you can walk. This is the season you will be built up and filled. This is a different season in your life.”


Then he asked me to trust Him. He said, “I am not leading you to your death, I am leading you to Life.”


My honest response was to accept all He will do in me, if for no other reason than He is Lord. Just as it is His heart to save me, my heart is to follow Him. He said, “As you trust Me, you will never fear anything again.”






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It Seems That The Lord

By Kathy Mote




It seems that the Lord is always guarding my heart. He corrects me to keep it just like He likes. This makes me even more aware of Him, and of how I live in His presence all the time. Since He never leaves me, I never want to leave Him. But as He corrects me, I see it is by His grace that I hear Him at all.


There is something He taught me that I am to share. He showed me how our heart responds to Him. Yesterday, in a moment when He was correcting the posture of my own heart, He showed me someone who's heart heard Him and opened to Him.

Their heart first felt the weight of His presence, but as He spoke to them, His Spirit, breath and light filled their heart. Their heart swelled within their bosom, became lighter and softened as it rose up to receive what He said. It was as if their heart had taken a deep, cleansing breath.


As their heart rose up in them being filled and lightened, they rose up, brought closer to Him. Thus He set them on their feet, and they could stand because of Him.

I saw the change in them. It was as if they were all of a sudden made awake. Their eyes fastened on Him, and as He moved, they followed after Him, yearning for more of Him.


That is when He told me, This is a good response. This is not what you see with your natural eye, it is what I see, and it is what I want. You might think I am going to say don't be discouraged by anyone’s lack of response. I'm going to say much more than that because this is how He healed my own discouraged heart.


We respond to Him exactly as He desires, and He moves powerfully to prepare our heart. By the time we hear His voice, it is not only what we need, it is what we want! We respond deeply to His presence as He calls each of us to know His heart.

Knowing this gives us a view of how powerfully He is moving to bring us all to Him, and to make us as He desires.


This is how He cured me of reacting to people's reaction to what I share. When He looks at me, He sees only trust in my heart as I leave people's reaction and response to Him. He said, that's how we obey Him, and that brings delight to His heart.




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So beautiful.

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