If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord Showed Me . . .




The Lord Showed Me

By Kathy Mote


The Lord showed me the sum and definition of politics. He told me, Go tell them what that is.


Politics is man governing man.


But what we see today is just a show to distract us from what's really going on, and to keep us from seeing just exactly who is doing the governing. The Lord said all the enemy has done will soon be exposed.


As we wait for justice, as we surrender our heart, our life and the world we live in to the Lord and as our hope is in Him, shouldn't we look intently to the Lord?




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The Flaw in the Thinking

By Kathy Mote



The flaw in the thinking of those who accuse and condemn you for not quoting scripture is that scripture doesn't say to quote scripture. The scriptures say we are to speak as we hear the Lord speak to us.


The Bible doesn't say to live by the Bible. It says to live by every word that God speaks to your heart. Providing you can hear Him, this is how you are to live. But to judge anything by your knowledge of the Bible proves you didn't understand or accept what you read.


The scriptures are a witness of Christ Jesus and should lead you to humbly accept Him. But man, in his own thinking, does not see his own need of Him. Men's pride would have them judge and rule and without Christ in their heart, that is what they do.


For a long time, the devil has used our weakness against us. He has used this false standard to intimidate those who are filled. I will no longer be intimidated and man's opinion will not pierce my heart. It has no basis in scripture and is not the Lord's word or His will. He governs my heart, for my heart belongs to Him.


We are not to be governed by man's carnal nature or measured and ruled by man's opinion and thoughts. That comes against the freedom we have been given by Christ our Lord. HE rules our heart, not the men of our time.


To allow ourselves to answer to man's carnal, brutish nature is to deny Christ in our heart and allow our self to be ruled by carnal thought. The religious leaders of Jesus' day called Jesus Himself false and here's the reason they did. In a man's heart, the point of religion is to rule God.




One Who Would Judge

By Kathy Mote



One who would judge another man's life is of their father, and has no love in them.





All False Accusations

By Kathy Mote



All false accusations are unjust. They are not the Truth.




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For Years

By Kathy Mote



For years, whenever I lamented the loss of family in my life, the Lord would tell me, I AM your family. When I cried that there was no one to love me in my life, He would say, I love you. Thus, He always gave great comfort to me.


He reminded me of this today, and He said it again, but He quickened my heart to what He was meaning. He showed me He meant to do more than comfort my heart. He was giving me an explanation. I wasn't loved in my life because He loved me. I lost family because He was my family.


He is a hedge around His children. His purpose humbles His children. His presence teaches His children, empties and then fills His children. His love for them is their identity, and it brings them to Him.


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He Knows Your Heart

By Kathy Mote




He knows your heart and He knows your thoughts and He's teaching you to respond to Him.





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What You Desire

By Kathy Mote



What you desire, you think of, so what you hear in your mind is your heart.

You are able to hear Him without conflict clouding your thoughts as you make Him the desire of your heart. (The desire of your heart is what fills your thoughts.)


To walk with Him, you come to Him, continually desiring Him in your heart. This is not just prayer time you set aside. It is a sweetly devoted relationship where you respond to Him as He speaks to your heart. His presence in your heart fills your thoughts.


This is how He keeps you in His arms as He teaches you to walk. As He reveals His thoughts, you hear Him in yours. This is a relationship where you live in His presence and He speaks to your heart. Your relationship with Him is not religion and it is not something you do alone, it is a love affair of the heart.





The Lord is Teaching Your Heart

By Kathy Mote




The Lord is teaching your heart to desire Him above all that He gives you.








To Be Able To Hear Him

By Kathy Mote



To be able to hear Him is to surrender so deeply that His heart is all you desire.




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The Lord Has Been Speaking

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been speaking to me today about the importance of remaining in His presence. He said the only way to remain undisturbed by all that is going on is to remain in His arms.


The Lord said, All that you see in the world right now is a distraction to take your eyes off of what I am doing in your heart. The world, for now, is one big circus and side show. What you see is not the truth, and it is not all that is going on.


Left and Right, it's all a show. That is not where our hope is, not where our deliverance is, and not how it will come about. Justice is coming. Turnaround is coming, and we will be shocked by how. The Lord will move in a mighty way and He will surprise us all.


So not only is all that we are seeing in the news a sham, the Lord is about to turn it all around. The only way to avoid being distracted by all the upheavel is to remain in His arms and keep our eyes on Him. The Lord is teaching us to make the peace in His presence our heart priority.


This is how He will protect the hearts of those He holds dear, by holding them close to His heart. As He refines the hearts of those far from Him, He will protect those who remain in His arms. The Lord is bringing justice to every heart, and to the surrendered, His justice is their peace.


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The Very Act

By Kathy Mote



The very act of acknowledging a distraction is falling for it.




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There Is A Good Reason

By Kathy Mote



There is a good reason why the Lord has been revisiting the basic gospel we call the salvation message on my page, and I'd like to share.


Mankind has made a religion out of the scriptures not understanding what they said. The point of the scriptures is not to teach us how to live, they are a witness of Christ, and the reason they were given to us is to point us to Him.

So the Lord says it again and again because we haven't done the first thing that He said, which is to accept Him into our heart, and to hear Him, that by Him we might Live.


To be made alive in Him is to Live in Him. He is Spirit. We do not do this in our flesh. We do not accomplish our Father's will to bring us to Him, filled with every desire of His heart. Christ does, and He does this by filling us with His presence as we open our heart to Him.


He said, If any man open to Me, I will enter his heart and sup with him. That's an old saying. We don't use it any more. To sup means to live together as one, making a home together, night and day, sharing one life. Awake or asleep, living in His presence.




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The Lord Is Calling

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is calling His Beloved to Him. The rest of the world is watching a side show.



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So beautiful.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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