If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord . . .


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The Lord

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has great compassion on us, even in our suffering.




The Lord Never

By Kathy Mote


The Lord never takes anything away that He doesn't give back more.






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I’d Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share what it means to me to be settled. It may surprise some people what I have to say about this, because to me, being settled means I don't negotiate the Lord's decision for me with anyone else. It's not up for discussion, and it is not anyone else's business. I only answer to Him. So when I say I am settled, what I mean is what I am saying and doing has already been settled in my heart by Him.


This shows in my walk with Him, for as He settles my heart, that is what I live by. I broke no argument or discussion. What He said is absolute where I stand. This is true in my life and on my page.


To some this may seem unfriendly. But how is one expected to act when people come against what the Lord told them to say and do. Once I felt I wasn't being friendly, and the Lord said, You are here to obey. That is more than friendly enough.


He said, How friendly is it to choose their feelings over Mine. They won't always like what you say. How friendly are you to withhold what I have said. How friendly are you to Me when you speak for them instead of to them. In this time, it is My heart being poured out.


So this is what being settled on the Lord means to me, and the Lord told me to share. May it help encourage others who stand and obey Him in the midst of rebellion and ignorance of Him. We are called to such a time as this by Him. Our obedience to Him is without malice, but it is executed with extreme prejudice.




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Something Happened

By Kathy Mote



Something happened a little while ago. Just a moment that meant so much to me. It's really no big deal. But the Lord has asked me to share it, because it will reveal just how deeply He cares for us. Even before we know of Him.


As I sat eating my breakfast, I began to realize I had made too much. I knew I was getting full, but I didn't want to waste the little bit that was left. Just a few bites, I can do this...


The Lord said, “That's enough. You're done, babe. That's not so much to waste.” So, I put my fork down, and in that moment I realized how full I really felt. As I looked longingly at that one bite of sausage patty left on my plate, I asked, can I finish this?


He answered me, and He had me in tears with what He said. He took me back to my childhood, and in that moment, I saw me sitting in my Grandmother's kitchen at a very young age. In a moment I have never forgotten, I had a little sausage patty on my plate. Going to her house was more than a treat. It was the only safe place I could be.


I felt His love and His presence in her house. He would speak to me and comfort me when I was there. He taught me many things just by being near. But as I saw that little sausage patty this morning, He said, “Go ahead. I know they are your favorite, dear.”


So, in tears I ate my last bite of sausage, and as I did, the feeling of being too full fled away. Oh, He loves us so much. More than our heart could ever hold. He never takes His eyes away. He knows every moment of our life. He is the One who gives us those little things that mean so much to our heart.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said the carnally minded think you are silly because you do not confirm what they already know of themselves.




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I Would Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share what the Lord showed me about being in His presence. This is where He brings you to know Him, and you are totally aware of Him. You keep your eyes on Him, you focus on Him, and your desire is all for Him as He speaks to you.


In a vision I was standing in front of Him. He pointed to five little girls dressed in Sunday best about five feet away. They were speaking of Him, but not to Him and He was not speaking to them.


Then farther away from Him were people who were arguing doctrine amongst themselves. They were debating the meaning of scripture. They weren't speaking to Him. They weren't even speaking of Him.


Farther away still were people who were caught up in a black cloud of hatred and violence. They never thought of Him, for they were far from Him.


Then He looked at me and put His hand on my chest as He put His other hand on His chest. He said, Look, we are together as you stand before Me. You see Me and you hear Me and we are of one accord. In His presence I don't consider anything but Him.


It was only recently that I began to notice the world and how cockeyed and perverse a sideshow it is. He told me, don't look at it. It's all a show. None of it is the Truth, and what you see is not what's truly happening.


But you who are in the deep are not subject to the beasts of the deep, those powers and principalities that keep everyone's eyes focused on them. For by their bellows do they distract them.


Those who are taken into the Lord's presence are not part of the world, and they will not be pierced by its arrows.



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I Seem To Be At This All The Time

By Kathy Mote



I seem to be at this all the time. All day and into the night I hear Him and that is what I say. What He speaks to me burns in my belly, and I obey Him.



I said, Lord, I am tired. He said, You are not tired, you are obedient. I filled you with My Word, and as you obey Me, that is what you speak of. As My Word obeys Me, you obey Him. You are not tired, you speak of the Life you are filled with. What burns in your belly is your obedience.




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The Lord Said To Open Your Heart

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said to open your heart to Him is a Spiritual response to Him. It proves you are awakened by Him.








The Definition of Scripture

By Kathy Mote



The definition of scripture 'out of context' is out of His presence. Be careful how you use the scriptures. They were meant to lead you to Him. They are a witness of Him and they will be fulfilled by Him. You will never fulfill them by knowing them, He fulfills them by you knowing Him.




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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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Miss Shelly unable to respond, she has been very ill, please understand.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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