If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

We are Warriors . . .


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We Are Warriors

By Kathy Mote



We are warriors of His heart. We keep His peace at all cost. His presence guards our heart.






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You Never Really Know

Kathy Mote



You never really know why someone is offended by where you are, but it's usually because they cannot be where you are.




This Life

Kathy Mote



This life is for surrendering.




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Did You Ever Consider

By Kathy Mote



Did you ever consider those trials that test your patience to be a hug from the Lord? Today He showed me that He does.


I'm not talking about the trials that bring you to Him broken, I'm talking about the trials that bring you into His arms for help.


Lord, please help me find the right street, Lord, unclog the kitchen sink. Lord, help me have enough. Lord, thank You for the wisdom to deal with a child who is broken, that I help and not be broken myself.


These are trials that He considers a hug, for they bring you to Him for His help. With all due respect for the pain you may be suffering, I offer you this. Many of your trials are a hug.


I will give you one example and I will use myself. My washing machine frequently clogs up with goo that washes back onto my clothes. The water where I live is bad, so the clothes you put in the washer are cleaner than the clothes you pull out.


I cried out to Him in frustration, and after 3 days of laundry failure, the Lord showed me how to surrender my heart to Him. That night, He showed me what to do. As I obeyed Him, I was delighted with the results. No more gooey laundry.


Then in a vision, He revealed His reason and purpose for my trial. I saw Him kneel in in front of me, and as usual, I looked like a small child. He wrapped His arms around me and as I began to pull away, He held me tight.


I thought how odd it was that I would pull away before He did. It was in that moment He showed me my trials last longer than I would like, but in them I am brought to Him to learn to live in a trusting and surrendered heart.








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The devil Is Not Grateful

By Kathy Mote



The devil is not grateful to God for creating him. He wants to live apart from God, separate from God. Even though Life is a gift from God and it is received and lived in Him.


This is the devil's thinking and it appeals to the carnal mind because carnal thinking is out of God's presence and unable to hear Him. It is our heart that hears Him.


The devil is one messed up pup. And he is our adversary. To show us the error of being fallen out of God's presence is what he is here for.




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I’d Like To Share Something

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share something about myself and how the Lord deals with my own heart. I almost panic when I don't hear His voice. I rush to surrender my heart, I intently listen with all my heart, I weep like a child lost in the wilderness, needing the comfort of His nearness to go on. What He sends me to do, I don't want to mess up.


But this is what His presence has done to my heart. It's His love for me that makes me love Him. It's His presence that makes me desire more of Him. It's hearing His voice that makes me want to hear His voice. He teaches me to wait and to listen even before He speaks. Calling Him Lord is a posture of the heart.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was in travail to hear His voice and know His heart. That is not always a pleasant feeling in my own heart. His presence burns me to the ground. With or without Him, I am a mess.


He spoke to me in one of my moments of near panic, and said, Kid, you still don't understand. This is MY Word and it is released as I will. Everything is as I will. What I am doing in you is not something you're going to miss.


Once, long ago, He showed me a woman sitting on the couch eating cheese puffs and watching reruns of Gunsmoke. He said, This is what knowing I am in control does to the human heart. They let go. He said, I want you to care. I want your heart to be given to me as if it were Life or death, because to enter and live in My heart is exactly that.


The lukewarm do not hear Him. The cold turn away. The dry wither and die. To care deeply was my take away that day but today is the day I needed it. No matter what we are called to do, we will always be equipped. No matter what we have to learn to obey, He always protects our heart.





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The devil Once Accused God

By Kathy Mote



The devil once accused God of being a kid with an ant farm. This proves where the devil's heart is. He desires his OWN life and opinion, making himself the most important thing in his own mind. He rejects the One Whom all LIFE comes from, and he continually disrespects Him.


But God has given us a Life. All Life is in HIM, and to receive Him is to honor Him in our heart and know Him as Lord. A gift as precious as Life is received in the same manner it is given. In the case of God's gift, the manner that Life is given to us is Love.


So, the devil doesn't only accuse you, he is actually accusing God and he is trying to get you to agree. As you stand in your Father's presence, you are accepting every expression of His love. That is how you are brought to Life as you are embraced and filled by Him.


The devil has nothing to say to you about that. Look not to the right or to the left. That's not where the Truth is.





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Everywhere You Look

By Kathy Mote



Everywhere you look, you can hear someone's reaction to what they are seeing in the world right now. Right now, that's not the smartest thing to do. That's not how to hear the Truth. Right now, that's how to hear a lie.




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Will It Cheer Anyone Up

By Kathy Mote



Will it cheer anyone up to realize this life is what we have been given to surrender, that we may learn to trust Him and enter Him?





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What God Is Doing

By Kathy Mote




What God is doing right now in all of His creation is only what He is doing right NOW. There is more, much more, and the point of all He is doing is to refine the hearts of His Beloved until they flow as rivers of pure, living oil.


I have seen the rivers of pure living oil flowing in the streets of Heaven. We will BE the river of oil. What I saw was as sweet as honey, refined as the purest gold until it flowed like living oil.


In our carnal mind, we can only imagine what it is to flow instead of walk. We have not imagined being that pure. We have only known what it is to surrender our heart as we are in this life. But this is what the Lord has shown me, and this is what we shall be. Our hearts will flow as honey, and we will be as rivers of pure living oil. That is why it is said that in Heaven, there are streets of gold.



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We Become Faint Of Heart

By Kathy Mote



We become faint of heart when our heart is not living in deep and trusting surrender to Him. Many do not realize this. But surrender and trust are the one, two, knock-out punch for fear. That is how all warfare in your heart ends because your heart is settled in His presence.


But they are the first thing to go in the face of trials that challenge our trust. In disbelief, our heart cries out, Is this to be my portion? Is this Your will? But in disbelief, you are not calling Him Lord and therefore not speaking to Him, not in the position to hear Him, or to receive strength, comfort or deliverance. In essence, your heart is challenged and you are challenging Him.


This is not a technicality. He CAN hear you, but in that moment, your heart needs to surrender to Him as Lord, and in doing so, your heart learns to trust. To answer as Lord, He must be called Lord, and He will prove your heart by being LORD of your heart.


So this is what I have learned, and I will humbly share, in hope that it will encourage your heart. In EVERY moment I spend here, I will ONLY look at Him. Looking at the enemy will strike fear in any heart. You don't know your enemy to overcome and go free. This may be true in a carnal fight, but in the things of His heart, you have to know and trust in Him. You can only do this in the Lord's presence. You don't 'fight' fear, you simply walk in His presence instead.


So, keeping my eyes on Him is one step of this two-step dance into His arms. The second is to surrender my heart. I do not come demanding or declaring, and I do not beg in fear. I come before Him with a surrendered heart, and I call Him Lord as I trust in Him.


I trust Him to bring about His perfect will, which He says we have not imagined the glory of. I trust in His mercy as He keeps me with Him. He said the point of every moment is to teach us to trust.


Really. This implies His hand is on everything we see and hear, that all things bow to His will...they found that hard to believe when Judas turned Him in. They were devastated as He hung on the cross.


The reason for their fear and disbelief was they simply did not know His will as it was being poured out. They didn't understand because no one knew the point. To know the point, you have to know His heart. To know His heart you have to trust Him and surrender yours. You are called to trust, and as His Beloved, it's as simple as that. Even now.



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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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