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"New Mantles Await the Jacob Generation!"

By Marc Brisebois




The Full Equipping of God's Children Approaches


I saw mantles waiting for the Jacob generation. They will pursue God into a realm where unassigned anointing’s await. Their zeal will uncover one of the great aspects of the mystery of godliness. As a consequence, anointing’s and gifting’s, presently unknown, unappreciated and unused, will be claimed by those willing to pay the price of entry. They are now available for the "called and chosen."


Exhilarating Atmosphere


While recently in prayer with my team, I experienced a tremendous clarity around mantles and those who would possess them. It was a significant moment filled with a heavenly atmosphere, thick with revelation. Particularly notable was the quantity of available anointing’s. There were more than there were people to fill them.


An abundance of mantles were displayed for the taking, yet there was still a sense that they would be costly...not because God was reluctant to give them, but because of the demand they placed on their hosts. They are desirable but not easily carried. Like the ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the price of carrying them is selfless humility.


God has devised an unusual screening process to determine who will apprehend them. It comes by way of a journey. The journey itself screens out ambition, pride and unbelief. Those who pass through will have been prepared. More about this later... For the moment, an important principle needs to be highlighted. It has to do with the question as to why these mantles are so elusive and rare. It has to do with how unique gifts must operate from unique places.


Think of it this way. The same way wings are made for flight, anointing’s are made for high spiritual altitudes. Some are higher than others. Likewise, not all wings are identical. As an example, the eagle has a unique capacity to soar to extreme heights. Compared to others that fly closer to the earth, the eagle is uniquely crafted for realms largely out of reach for most. Similarly, some distinct anointing’s are designed for extreme altitudes. The eyes of the Lord are always looking for those willing to develop a capacity for ascension.




Ascension, as a theme, has always been closely associated with devotion. God is always urging us higher. Coincidentally, mountains and high places are featured prominently as we are invited to 'go up' to meet the Lord. It is more than a prophetic picture or analogy; it is part of a call to ascend. The significance of this ties into the mantles God is making available.


Those who discover this realize that worship is far more than singing songs. It involves an ascent into increasingly dense layers of God's presence. Discovering diverse elevations is a key. The challenge is in our willingness to venture. It is a skill we are all developing, whether or not we are aware of it. Predictably, we do not all enter at the same pace. Some need nurturing and gentle encouragement. Like hiking with children rather than seasoned athletes, progress is determined by the capacity of the group. This is a big part of why not all worship services are alike.


The result is that profound moments will occur more quickly and frequently when seasoned spiritual leaders give themselves to seek God. It is about a deliberate and purposeful ascension. Where desire for God is high and unbelief is low, something special can unfold. Collective momentum creates updrafts taking us to unusual heights. This is the destiny of the people of God.


How does this relate to the available mantles? Hold on! We are getting to that as the mantles are tied to ascension. Regardless, unless we develop our reach and desire for high places of worship, we cannot hope to be clothed in what God has provided.


Generation of Jacob


Yet the promise of the generation of Jacob gives us an assurance. They will ascend like no other.


"This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face." (Psalm 24:6)


The promise points to a cross-section of people that will pursue God with all the vigor necessary to find Him. In so doing, they will intentionally enter dimensions of the presence of God never fully explored before them. As they do God will equip them in such a fashion so as to erase the notion that revival is random. The Spirit of God will grant them an understanding of the keys to the Kingdom like no other generation before them! This will unlock anointing’s and gifts of the spirit on a quantum level.


In particular, cause and effect will become clear. In this era God's people become what they were always meant to be – the gate of Heaven. In addition, suffocating religious sentimentality will vanish. Particularly the subtle accusation toward God for delays in our provision, or revival itself, will crumble. The Jacob generation will walk in a full understanding of the Father's heart and refuse the intimidation which questions their right to walk in inheritance.


To this end we are being drawn into new realms of glory and will soar like eagles. It is God's deepest hope that we would enter a rarefied atmosphere reserved for us – in fact, promised when Jesus said that it is the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom (Luke 12:32).


Ascension is a critical training ground, but there is still more!


Staying High


The generation of Jacob will not only ascend, they will remain in high places. While much can be said about this dimension of living, the basic premise is that the natural man cannot easily thrive in high places. Just as in the natural world, the highest spiritual heights are caustic to our flesh. The austere surroundings of the mountain demand rare faith and repel those hampered with unbelief. Forces beyond our comprehension push us toward our natural environment. Significant acclimatization is required to even briefly touch the highest places, resulting in our tendency to return to what is more congenial and comfortable.


It may be that this is the reason for the abandoned and unused mantles. As the proverb says, "What goes up must come down." Without the propulsion of faith, our tendency is to descend to a more habitable altitude. Without the benefit of faith, significant faith in this context, we are naturally drawn toward earthly things. Maturity finds a place of rest without the resolve demanded by our natural senses.


The inference is clear. Gifts of the spirit are made to operate in and through those who remain seated in heavenly places...in higher places. As is written, God's mercy has "raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (see Ephesians 2:4-6). Our destiny is to sit in heavenly places. Attempts to wield the authority of His Kingdom from lower altitudes will always be met with limitations.  


Heavenly Places


What were the mantles? The mantles I saw were high on the mountain...in heavenly places. This speaks of gifts and anointing’s of global consequence that are presently available. Many are about to step into this dimension. Yet, the invitation itself is no guarantee. What remains deeply ingrained in my heart to this moment is the paradox of availability versus accessibility. This just might be what the apostle Paul hinted at when speaking of the supply of God in Ephesians.


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ." (Ephesians 1:3)


Where? In heavenly places! Provision has been made but anchored to a spiritual location. That location is available but not conveniently accessed.


I suppose we could compare this to the space station above our atmosphere. It hangs in space inaccessible to the earth's population but effectively available. At this very moment, hovering above us, it sits quite vacant. It is a picture of God's mountain treasury, which is both elusive but unpopulated.


What we need is the spirit of revelation to see the things God has provided. Which is exactly what Paul prayed in Ephesians. He has blessed us with "every spiritual blessing," but they are only available in "heavenly places."


Time to Venture


A day of opportunity is near when many will discover the secret places in the mountain of God – hidden places. Priceless treasures are stored, veiled from the eyes of the foolish, but waiting to be found by those who seek with all their hearts. It is time to venture!


We are coming nearer and nearer to the days where the sons of God will be manifest; the moment described when God will have volunteers who will pay the price to walk in faith. They will apprehend the Father's heart and He will gladly clothe them with lost, abandoned and rare mantles. To him who has ears to hear, let him hear.



By Marc Brisebois

Executive Director of Watchman on the Wall

Email: watchman@me.com

Website: www.watchman.ca




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