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The deliverer is Arising over your house!

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"The Deliverer Is Arising Over Your House!"

By Kathie Walters



A few weeks ago as I was going to sleep, I heard a loud voice—so loud that after that I couldn't sleep for a while. I knew the voice well. It is was angel who is often around. I call him "The Informer" because he informs me of various events and things that God is doing and going to do.


He said, "The Deliverer will visit your family."


Our wonderful Jesus has a glorious salvation. It includes our eternal security and healing, as Jesus paid for it on the Cross. He took our infirmities and sicknesses. He is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit for power to demonstrate the good news to the earth.


Nothing Is Automatic


Jesus is also the DELIVERER. He provided everything, and made everything available through His death and resurrection. But, nothing is automatic...salvation is available, but you have to receive the gift; you have to receive the Savior. Healing is available, but you have to receive the healing; it's not automatic. It is the same with the baptism of the Holy Spirit—it is available, but you have to ask and receive.


The gifts of the Spirit also are available to every Christian, as well as miracles. If you don't believe in healing and miracles and the gifts of the Spirit, then you won't receive them, because we receive by faith and desiring those things. Everything is for you...Jesus has all, but nothing is automatic.


I was saved for 10 years before I was filled with the Holy Spirit. No one had ever told me that it was available today. It was truly a life-changing time. I also then discovered that Jesus was the Deliverer. I got delivered from some generational, negative spirits, and a few which I picked up myself from Egypt, Ireland, Africa, the Mafia, etc. I was so changed after that, and I began to receive all kinds of spiritual experiences of things I had only read about in the Bible.


I remember someone telling me about a visit they had to Heaven, and I thought they were completely bonkers (this was before I was Spirit-filled), but now I began to experience all those things myself.


We Are Turning a Corner


It's a wonderful life, this Spirit-led life, when the things you have read about actually happen. We are all turning a corner aren't we? God is getting us ready for this move of the Spirit. His "Niagara" move—that's what He showed me, Niagara Falls.


I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to in the last month who have said, "I know I am supposed to move but I don't know where to go," or, "I know God wants me to do something, but I am not sure what it is." Don't worry, you will know soon. Meanwhile, keep rejoicing and believing.


Yielding to the Deliverer


If you put your antenna up you will notice that God is moving on your family, one at a time sometimes. He is not only setting you free, but your family too. He is the Deliverer—He is rising over you and your house as the Great Deliverer. Just yield. You don't have to struggle and try. He wants you to have what you need for this next episode in your life. He puts His desires in your heart...so take a look at what is in your heart.


Sometimes things come into our lives that are not bad, but they will get in the way in the future. Part of deliverance is letting God remove some stuff and replace it. Sometimes it's breaking bondages that have been in our lives, even from the family. I was delivered from some bad influences that came from India. My family was in the British Army in India, and I think they probably visited a few temples, not realizing that idols can affect your life in a negative way, and your family as well. I was delivered from some Freemasonry spirits and was immediately healed of some physical ailments.


It's like when you move from your house; you leave some things and take some things, and probably get some new things. It's the same with you. God may need to change some of your mindsets so that you can embrace new things. It's funny when you suddenly find out that something you have believed forever is just not true.


Receive by Faith


Did you know you can believe for a word to be released to you? All the Holy Spirit gifts are received by faith. Sometimes people say to me, "I never prophesy," and I tell them, "Well, that's the reason why. You don't believe you prophesy, so you don't, because we prophesy by faith." I tell people, "Change your mindsets and your words." The Bible says that all can prophesy (see 1 Cor. 14:31), so start believing that you do prophesy, and you will.


Meanwhile, God is changing things and people around you. I know we sometimes want God to "hurry up a bit," but His time has a purpose. If you're waiting, there is a purpose; the Deliverer is working, and moving...let Him finish the job. You wouldn't like it if someone was painting your house and the painter picked up and left before it was finished.


Enjoying the rain also equals enjoying the sun. Some things you can't change, but God can, and He is and He will, if you rest and believe. He is moving on your behalf. God makes plans for you even while you are sleeping.



By Kathie Walters

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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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Miss Shelly unable to respond, she has been very ill, please understand.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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