If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

So I have a question . . .

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So I Have A Question

By Kathy Mote



So I have a question that only He can answer in your heart if you truly want to know. Those prayers we pray that are not His will...who answers them? Do we expect Him to?


When the Lord taught us to pray, He taught us how to trust, honor, accept and look for God's will. He said to honor our Father, to thank Him for His care and provision, and to want His will to come.


We trust Him to bring about His will on Earth as it is in His presence, where no one contests Him or opposes His will. Those in His presence don't argue with Him, in His presence you know He is God and He is good.


So before you tell Him your desires for yourself or your opinion of what someone else's reward should be, know He already knows His heart, and that is what you will be seeing. Before you pray the scriptures, know that He is the One who will fulfill them in you.


This is how to face every shock to your heart and know His heart on every hurtful, confusing thing. In His presence is how to live filled with His comfort and provision, for this is what He does in those who trust in Him.





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When The Lord Moves In Our Heart

By Kathy Mote


When the Lord moves in our heart and asks for our surrender, He is not asking for our consent. He is asking us to enter willingly into what He has for us.





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The Lord Asked Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord asked me, “Do you know why you have been made to endure your thorn?” I thought back on all He had told me. I answered Him, saying, Because it is Your will, and to teach me humility. You called it my Prophet's robe. You said it would protect my heart from running off. You told me to be grateful.


He smiled at me and said, It was to prepare you for what is to come. You are no hot house flower. My love for you lives in your heart and so you will endure before Me. I taught you not to love this world as I taught you to lay your life down, and nothing in this life can take you down because of it.


Most don't know their life here only lasts a moment, and they cling to it only to lose their love for Him. He once told me that wanting your way in this life is like rearranging the benches in a bus station. This life isn't all that He gives us, it is just our time to enter all He has for us.





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Have You Ever Been Given A Kiss By The Lord

By Kathy Mote



Have you ever been given a kiss by the Lord? The Lord has given me several kisses in the last five years, and each had significant meaning.


He kissed my forehead as He revealed He was always with me, healing me of my difficult childhood. He kissed the top of my head when He taught me to call Him Daddy. He kissed my cheek as I entered a time of reconstruction and instruction. He said the qualities He had given me made me as I was for a purpose. This is how He healed how I see myself.


Each time He has kissed me, it signified a revelation of Him, and that is what I then grew into, became and walked in. Each kiss heralded a new healing deep in my heart, and represented a facet of His presence in me. Each kiss was like warm honey poured into my heart, and the effect it had on me deeply changed me.


Last night He said I want to give you your 'big girl' kiss. I didn't know what He meant, but this kiss was a sweet and tender kiss on my lips. He cupped my chin and tipped my face to Him, and this morning I understand what that kiss gave me.


He gave me a gift of maturity in my thinking to match the humility He has worked in me. I see His hand in all that is happening in the world, I know His purpose, but it does not pierce my heart or affect me.


I know why I needed to share, even though for some, this might shock their thinking. He is everything to us, and His love for us as He reveals it is our healing. But His love for us also equips us to face the times we are living in. I share because I want to encourage all who keep their eyes on Him. He will never leave you without all you need, and as you accept His love for you, it will be your strength, identity, courage, wisdom and healing.



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The Only Way To Survive

By Kathy Mote



The only way to survive the times we are in is to not participate in them. It is not selfish to trust the Lord for your life, or to keep your eyes on Him in the moment you are in. In fact, that's how we walk with Him.


These are the days the enemy's lies are being blown out of proportion. To look at the news is to believe anything. He said not to look to the right or the left, but at Him. To be in Him is to look at Him, and trust Him.


It is not safe nor is it wise to become embroiled in the terror of people's rebellion as they voice their opinions. In fact, to our own heart, it is fatal. If we look at and regurgitate what is going on in the world instead of trusting Him, we are not the Light, we have become part of the problem.





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Desiring To Be In Charge

By Kathy Mote



Desiring to be in charge instead of trusting God, man has made a big mistake looking no farther than what he can see in his own lifetime. You have to look beyond your own brief time here to see God's hand, and to know His heart, you have to trust Him. How long ago did He create this planet?


Here's to those who thought they needed to control the weather. We are now reaping the whirlwind (or should I say deluge) of their lack of wisdom. God said He would debunk every thought man had without Him. May we all learn to trust Him.





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We Are Experiencing Unprecedented Weather

By Kathy Mote



We are experiencing unprecedented weather because those who thought to control the weather have been pumping chemicals into the clouds in an effort to stop what they thought was global warming. Now we are seeing unprecedented storms and rainfall because the clouds are doing what clouds were designed to do and they are dumping back onto us the condensation from all that was pumped into them. We weren't meant to mess with God's design.






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Some Of Us

By Kathy Mote



Some of us are just trying to get through our day. Some of us are getting through our day by learning to keep our eyes on Him. Some of us are aware that what He is doing in us as He teaches us this is changing our heart to make us as He is. That is how He keeps us with Him. His correction is His embrace, and our surrender is how we enter.


He is not correcting our actions, He is aligning our heart. One by one He is addressing and refining the nature we were born with. He is visiting every heart string that would express rebellion to His heart, removing everything that would make us different from Him.


Rebellion isn't only a purposeful act, it is not accepting His heart because we don't know Him. So He fills us to remove our natural inclination to 'be' without Him. This is why the trials we face are so humbling. Our own thoughts don't do anything for us.


Those who do not know Him do not stand in His presence. You only stand before Him by being filled with Him. He doesn't allow rebellion in His presence, meaning He won't let you destroy yourself without correcting you as you are called to Him.


He is Life, and His very nature is to love. He does not look upon His children as they are and say, Oh, that's ok. Do as you like. Be without Me, just so you are happy. To be without Him is death and darkness. He is God, and He doesn't negotiate His will, which is to give Life. He will not change who He is to be with you, He will change you to be with Him.




The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “The world is reacting to Me.”





I Keep Asking Him

By Kathy Mote



I keep asking Him if I should talk about current events. He said, You are.


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