If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

You come to the place in your walk . . .

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You Come To The Place In Your Walk

By Kathy Mote



You come to the place in your walk with Him that He is all you desire. This is the place in your journey where you have surrendered your life. Every desire you once had pales next to what He gives to your heart. What you need to be happy is the peace of hearing His voice.


He has become all to you. He has overcome all that wounded your heart. As He healed you, He became the delight in your life. But something you will notice in all that He has done. He protected you completely as He gathered you into His arms.





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He Has Been Doing A Great Work In You

By Kathy Mote


He has been doing a great work in you, giving you a seamless heart to walk this Earth in seamless strength. Between trusting Him, surrendering your life and being confident in Him, you won't need anyone but Him ever again. For your surrendered hurt and disappointment, you will now have protection, direction and strength.


 In every way you were once vulnerable, you will now be surrounded by His hand. You will walk in peace you never dreamed of, all because you walk with Him. This is why the devil resents you so much. He knew long ago the Lord would give you beauty like this.








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We Are God’s Creation

By Kathy Mote


We are God's creation, and He created us to give us Life. He sent Jesus to bring us to Him, made as He is and filled with love for Him.


All that He is doing, He is doing IN us. He is fulfilling God's promise to give us Life, filling our heart with it. We are learning to trust Him as He reveals His heart to us. He is healing our heart by revealing He created us, expressing His deepest love for us.


He isn't going to leave us as we are. We are changed by knowing His heart. He isn't taking us to Heaven as we are. As we are, we wouldn't fit in. What He is doing to give us Life, He is doing in our heart. He is changing us to be as He is, and as He lives in us, we Live in Him.




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So, I Have A Bone To Pick

By Kathy Mote



So, I have a bone to pick with the body of Christ, at least those who come to my page and say, "All glory goes to God, or Glory to God, or the Glory belongs to God." What you mean to say is credit.


The definition of Glory is His manifest presence proving He is God. Scripture spoke of this when Moses asked God to see His glory. That Moses would ask this of Him tells me one thing, he heard God but did not see Him.


This is how God answered him. He tucked him into the cleft of the rock on a mountaintop and then He passed by Him. When God had passed Moses, the ground shook and the mountain moved, causing the trees to bang together (and the trees shall clap their hands...) then as Moses turned to see Him, what he saw was the trail of glory left by God's presence.


He saw fire and ice, rain, sleet and hail, thunder and lightning strikes and a blinding Light that scared him. That is the literal presence of God, proving He is God and Moses called it God's glory.


What God is creating in us is the image of His desire. That means we will be as He desires, the image of the Light of His presence in us. We are the workmanship of His hands, and we will not stand before Him denying His heart this. We will praise Him as we are filled with His delight, never once even thinking to take the credit. How could we? This is Him fulfilling Christ's heart in us. It is His will to fill us, and He is the One doing it!


So when you come to my page, please be advised and remember. Do not caution me to give God the Glory. It is His already and I know it. My heart is so filled with love for Him, I am the workmanship of His hands, and I would rather lose my life than offend Him.


But He will have His way in us all, and as for myself, I will not deny Him. I will not say I am not as He is making me. That is false humility. I am as He is making me, I will be as He intends for me to be, and that is His work in me. All who are called to Him can say this. It is His presence that causes our hearts to cry out, Holy, Holy, Holy, moving in us to give our heart to Him to be near Him.






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If You Think You Hear Him

By Kathy Mote



If you think you hear Him, and you're sure you understand your Bible, then you know that He is creating you, and preparing you to stand before your Father. He is the only way.


His greatest achievement in you is to humble you deeply enough to hear Him, that you might Live to receive Him, to hear Him and to know Him as you are known by Him. You have already received Him? Then you hear Him as your heart is corrected. He reveals His thoughts to correct you, and this is important.


The Lord is revealing His heart to us, and by it He is bringing us into deeper intimate interaction. His point is to bring us into communion, for we are called to live in His presence. We will live and breathe in Him, and He will move in us.

You must be in Him to be a part of His body, and being in Him, you will hear Him, but He must be your only desire if you are to follow Him. He will not move through you until He moves in you. What He is doing is specific to His desire. Only those surrendered to Him are a part of it. He is the Christ, the living God. Not a religion.


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Jesus Said

By Kathy Mote



Jesus said if we understood what we read in the Bible, which is the testament of Him, we would turn to Him, gladly seeking Him, desiring Him instead of making a religion of what we have read of Him, thinking we could bring to pass all that is promised in Him. Life is the mystery that is hidden in Him, and to receive the promise of Life that is in Him, we receive Him. This is what we would know if we heard Him.






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When You Read Your Bible

By Kathy Mote



When you read your Bible, each time it refers to 'the Word,' know it means Jesus, and turn to Him.








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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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Miss Shelly unable to respond, she has been very ill, please understand.

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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