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America, set as a signet Ring . . .

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America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation

By Veronika West



See also (below) : America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation (Part 2)



America, set as a Signet Ring Nation, the sign that God is now Rebuilding, Restoring and Reforming The Nations of the Earth!


(See below. This is the First Vision of two Visions. The Second will soon follow!)


I heard The Spirit say, “America, I set you as a Signet Ring Nation, the sign that I AM now Rebuilding, Restoring and Reforming the Nations of the Earth!”


Can I first say,.. I believe both of the following Visions speak into the New Year ahead. God is now Rebuilding, Restoring and Reforming the Nations.


Both Visions speak to us seeing, that in the midst of God’s Judgment coming upon the works of wickedness, there is a great Harvest of Souls coming to The Nations.


I hear the Words, ”The Hour of Harvest is here!”


Both visions speak to God’s Redemptive Power to Save, Heal and Deliver Nations — Nations that align with True Repentance and return to their first love.


This is the Master Key — the weight that will shift The Scales in The Courts of Heaven in this New Era.


I believe we will see a great manifestation, as The Hand of God’s Justice moves to radically Intervene and bring Rescue and Redemption, Restoring what has been lost, stolen and destroyed by the hands of the devourer.


These Words speak to the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God going forth across Nations as a mighty Whirlwind to scatter and to gather — to scatter the works of Satan and to gather in a great Harvest of Souls!


So let’s begin. I received the first Vision on the 7th August 2021 where the Nation of America was shown to me as a man drowning in deep and fast rising floodwaters.


I saw his hands flaying, waving frantically, trying to keep his head above the water. He was gasping for every breath; his cries for help filled the airwaves. He was looking for someone to rescue him from the waters that were getting deeper and deeper.


I watched as the drowning man was becoming more and more desperate, time was running out, when suddenly, I saw what looked like a multi-coloured Life Ring being thrown down to the drowning man.


Then I heard these Words, ”America, It’s time! It’s time to wage War with My Covenant and win!”


As I heard those Words, I saw the hand of the drowning man reach out and take hold of the multi-coloured Life Ring, and as his hand touched the Life Ring, I saw the Life Ring fall upon the finger of the drowning man, and it became a Gold Signet Ring upon his finger.


Again I heard these Words, ”America, It’s time! It’s time to wage War with My Covenant and win!”


Suddenly I saw that the drowning man was no longer struggling to stay afloat in the deep flood waters, but his feet were now standing on dry, solid ground, and as I watched this taking place, I heard The Spirit say these words over the Nation, “America, see, for I have set you as A Signet Ring, the sign that I AM now Rebuilding, Restoring and Reforming the Nations of the earth.


Watch as My Hand of Justice and Righteousness now moves to bring this Nation full circle.”


( Stop and see the Word shared on HKP on 9 June 2021: “God’s Justice Moves Within the Sands of Time“ )


“Watch as I take you back to the future, by bringing you back to the foundations on which you were built.


America, I say to you, “Fear not!” Take hold of My Covenant Promises in this hour. Take hold of the manifest power of My Seven Spirits.


Yes! I say stop trying to hold onto man, leaning on the arm of the flesh, but take hold of My Hand, take hold of My Life Ring and be set as a Gold Signet Ring upon my finger!


America, long enough you have faltered between two opinions. Whom will you serve? Will you serve Baal or will you serve the Living God?


America, your strength is waning, your power is failing in the turbulent waters of chaos and confusion, fear and torment.


See! For your right wing has been wounded, so take hold of My Covenant and fly again?


I say, it’s time to fly again!


America, your heart is torn, for you cannot serve two masters. Return! Return America, and I shall rescue and save you. I shall raise you up greater, stronger and mightier than before.


I shall pour out My Glory upon your streets. Healing, Restoration and Reformation shall come to this land.


So take hold of Me and Live! Return to The Altar of Awakening this day. Return quickly to your First Love and be liberated from the shackles and chains that have weighed you down and dragged you under!


America, nothing is too difficult for Me. Nothing is to hard for me to handle. What shall stand in the way of the manifest power of My Seven Spirits?


America, this day I have remembered and I have reminded you of My Covenant with you. See! For My great Redeeming Power shall come to rescue you from drowning and from going under.


Look up! Look up and see My Eyes are upon you, and My Hand is now reaching out to draw you up and draw you out of the rising flood waters that seek to overwhelm and overtake you!


America, do you hear the sound? The sound of wedding bells? The sound of celebration? The sound of liberty bells ringing out across this land?


The sound of wedding bells that herald My Covenant Blessings over this Nation?


Listen! For The Sound of Freedom shall be heard as the chains and shackles that have kept you bound are shattered and broken to pieces.


America, a prodigal Nation will now return to her senses, no longer will you eat with the pigs or dine on the delicacies of darkness, but your blind eyes will be opened, your deaf ears will be unblocked, and your voice that has been silenced will roar again.


A Nation lost shall be found. A Nation that went her own way will return to her First Love and be fully Revived, Restored and Reformed!


America, I AM calling you in this hour to arise in your true Kingdom Identity and Authority! I say to you, America, you are My Ring.


You are My Authority. You carry My Presence among the Nations. I have sealed you, and set apart. You bear My Mark. You are My Image Bearer. I have given you all Power and Authority over everything you touch!


So I say to you again, America, it’s time to wage War with this Covenant and win, for even as Jacob wrestled with God, so you have now entered into a time of Divine Contention and intense Warfare for the blessing of God over this Nation.


I say to you America, will you be like Jacob and refuse to surrender or retreat during this time and season of great wrestling for the blessing, or will you loose your Faith, Hope and Love?


Will you choose now to dig your heels in deeper and refuse to let Me go, until I call you by a new name and bless you?


For even though Jacob wrestled with God and his hip was broken, look! Fear not! For out of the brokenness came the blessing of a new name, a new identity and a greater destiny.”




Therefore America, be brave and of good courage. Take your stand and do not surrender in the midst of the raging storm, for in the midst of great distress, a greater desperation for my presence is now being birthed, and out of a greater desperation will come an even greater move of Divine Intervention, Supernatural Deliverance and the fulfillment of Kingdom Destiny in this Nation!


Ha! For this great shaking is by design. For by My Righteous Right Hand I have brought this Nation to a place of Holy Desperation that will awaken the deadness in the hearts of My People.


See, for in the midst of the storm of great distress those who were once blind will now see the brightness of the rising of My Glory and all Nations will be drawn to its rising.


A people who have only known Me by the hearing of their ears will now have eyes to see Me!


Watch! For a Nation that has cried out in desperation will stand and see The Salvation of The LORD.


A Nation once drowning in the deep rising flood waters will now be set as a Signet Ring. A victorious Nation will now wage war dressed in the Armour of My Covenant — a Nation ruling and reigning in all Power and Authority over the works of wickedness in high places.


I tell you, watch! For a great Nation that has wrestled with God will be called by a new name and win, but will walk with a limp!”


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America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation (Part 2)

By Veronika West




Second Vision… now follows….

God is calling a battle-worn Nation to nail their colours to the mast. A battle-cry of “No Surrender! No Retreat!” Trump will be driven like a sharp peg into a firm place!


So on the 28th of August 2021, 21 days after the Vision on the drowning man (7th August 2021) The LORD showed me something amazing concerning President Donald J. Trump and the Nation.


While in my time praying, I was asking The Holy Spirit to give me a specific prayer strategy for The Nation of America in this hour.


I would usually pray this way, but that morning it felt a lot more poignant somehow that I was not to pray in a generalized way, but to seek Him for a “Now” prayer-strategy.


Well, not even a minute into prayer, when I was shown President Trump in a powerful Vision, I saw him as a sharply pointed silver nail in The Right Hand of God, and he was being firmly driven/ hammered into the wooden remnants of the mast on a battle-worn Ship that was sailing on the high seas.


The ship looked to be almost surrounded, hemmed in on every side by opposing ships. I could see the flags of different nations fluttering high on the masts of the other ships, but the battle-worn Ship that I was shown, was The Nation of America.


In the vision I saw that the main mast of the Ship that would have held and carried the main sails, had been targeted by enemy ships and the mast had been badly hit. Hence, the Ship looked in great trouble and in sure danger of being sunk, as its main sails were no longer flying and bringing movement, power and acceleration to the ship.


Looking at the masts of the other ships, I saw that the flag/ colours of that Nation had been raised to the top of the main mast and that the raised flag was an indication that the Ship was still in the battle.


But as I looked and looked again at the Ship that was shown to me as The Nation of America, I saw that their flag/colours were no longer flying, which would indicate the Ship had surrendered to its enemies.


This immediately troubled me, and as I began to cry out to The LORD, suddenly I saw The Right Hand of God come down and with a silver nail in His Hand, I watched as He Nailed the flag/colours of the Nation to the broken wooden remnants of that battle-worn Ship which was The Nation of America.


Then I heard The Father say, ”America, watch and listen, for now I AM calling this battle-worn Nation to nail their colours to the mast, and I say to My Righteous Remnant, to My Mighty Warriors, do not be afraid, but stand firm and you shall see The Salvation of The LORD, which I will accomplish for you this day.


For the enemies you see today, you will never see again! So I say to you again, “Fear not!” For even though a fierce battle is raging for the Destiny and Birthright of this Nation, I AM now putting within you a battle-cry of “No Surrender! No retreat!”


Watch! As My Righteous Right Hand now moves in the coming days to drive a nail of triumph through the head of your enemy”


( Please also seer HKP Word “An Urgent Word for The U.S.A. — For Trump will be driven like a Tent Peg through the enemy’s head!“ )


After I heard those Words, The Spirit of Revelation quickened to me, Isaiah 22:23 concerning Trump,


”I will drive him like a peg into a firm place; he will become a seat of honor for the house of his father”…


As I read those Words, suddenly I was shown a powerful prophetic timeline into the year 2022-23… ( I can’t share fully on that yet!)


God says sorry to Trump!


After reading through that Word again, I saw again the nail — which was Trump being driven again into the remnants of that battle-worn ship — and I heard something incredible. I heard God say sorry to President Trump!


This is what I heard, ”To My Anointed Trump, I say to you sorry, sorry that the pounding of My Hammer of Justice and Truth as has had to come down hard upon your head and upon the heads of My Righteous Remnant in this Nation.


But know this, for even in the midst of the pounding of My Hammer of Justice and Righteousness, I have hardened you to difficulty and I have sharpened your forehead like flint!


Now watch, as I shall take you up in My Righteous Right Hand and in the strength and power of My strong Arm I shall drive you like nail!


Yes! Like a sharp Tent Peg through the head of My enemies!”


Then I was shown for a third time, the nail being driven into the wooden Remnants of that battle-worn Ship and I heard these Words, “Watch, for I have nailed Triumph and Victory to My Righteous Remnant and they shall overcome, by My Spirit!”


After hearing those Words, with so much still swirling in The Spirit, I gave it a day or so to meditate and pray further, and the phrase “nail your colours to the mast” just would not leave me.


In fact I was woken a few times in the night with those words echoing loudly in my spirit.


The next day, I felt led to go on a word or phrase search and the background of phrases etc.. Well, I was blown away! Not only did what I read absolutely blow me away, but the prophetic parallels were astonishing and confirmed everything I saw in the Vision.


Look at the history… So check this out. What’s the origin of the phrase ‘nail your colours to the mast’?


In 17th Century, nautical battles colours (flags) were struck (lowered) as a mark of submission. It was also the custom in naval warfare to direct one’s cannon fire at the opponent’s ship’s mast, thus disabling it.


If all of a ship’s masts were broken, the Captain usually had no alternative, but to surrender. If the captain decided to fight on, this was marked by hoisting the colours on the remnants of the ship’s rigging. That is, by ‘nailing his colours to the mast’.


The English fleet was led by the Venerable, the flagship of Admiral Adam Duncan.

The battle didn’t initially go well for the English. The mainmast of Duncan’s vessel was struck and the Admiral’s blue squadronal standard was brought down.


This could have been interpreted by the rest of the fleet as meaning that Duncan had surrendered.


Step forward, horny-handed son of the sea and subsequent national hero, Jack Crawford. Crawford climbed what was left of the mast with the standard and nailed it back where it was visible to the rest of the fleet.

This act proved crucial in the battle and Duncan’s forces were eventually victorious.

Some historians believe that the victory at Camperdown proved to be the end of the dominance of the Dutch at sea and the beginning of the period in which ‘Britannia ruled the waves’.

Crawford returned home to Sunderland to a hero’s welcome.

The stalwart reputation of English seamen soon became part of the national consciousness.

An address to The House of Commons by the playwright Richard Sheridan was reported in the Edinburgh Advertiser in January 1801: “I have no hesitation in saying that the maritime law is the charter of our existence, the banner under which we all should rally; it is the flag which, imitating the example of our gallant seamen, we should nail to the mast of the nation, and go down with the vessel rather than strike it!”


The first use of the precise expression ‘nail your colours to the mast’ that I have found is from the English newspaper, The Hereford Journal, August 1807.

This reported a naval engagement between British and American ships in which the us Captain surrendered without a fight, much to the disgust of his military superiors: “You [Commodore James Barron] ought to have nailed your colours to the mast, and have fought whilst a timber remained on your ship.”


Significance of the (number 1546) – the number of days between the time of when the first Word was given on Trump and the Tent Peg and this Word on nailing the colours to the mast, 4 June 2017 to 28 August 2021 = 1546 days:… ”to lighten to the load of the ship to stop it from sinking”…


As I read the background to that phrase, I felt the anointing so strong upon me, and immediately The Holy Spirit quickened to me the date of the first word I received about Trump and the Tent Peg — 4th of June 2017 — and the date I received the Word about the battle-worn Ship and nailing the colours to the mast — 28th August 2021 — and I worked out the number of days to be,…’1546 days’


Now as I looked up that number in the Strong’s Greek concordance, it was powerfully significant, pointing yet again to what I was being shown in the Vision.


Strong’s number: G1546

Greek base word: ἐκβολή

Usage: + to lighten the ship

Definition: ejection, I.E., (specially) a throwing overboard of the cargo.

Detailed definition: A casting out. The throwing overboard of goods and lading whereby sailors lighten a ship in a storm to keep her from sinking.


This resonated powerfully.


What is God calling The Nation of America to throw over board? That which had weighed it down in the midst of the storm.

What is God calling the nation to relinquish and let go of?

What cargo must go that will lighten the load and prevent the ship from sinking?

Only recently I shared a powerful word on The Courtroom of Heaven and the only weight that will shift The Scales… ”True Repentance”…


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