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"America! America! How Great Are the Days Ahead!" 

By Barry Wunsch



Prophetic word received on September 11, 2021 at 4:30 AM:

America, This Is Your Hour!


The Lord says: "America! America! How great are the days ahead! Can you not yet see it? Can you not yet discern? Have not the veils been removed for you to see? I am revealing to you what has been hidden in plain sight!


"America, America, the home of the brave! The eyes of the nations are upon you! This is your hour! This is your time! America, things are coming to a boiling point!

"Some shall harden, some shall soften, but rest assured, all will be tested!


"Do not, do not, walk in the flesh in this hour, for it will only play into the enemy's hand. It will bring no good fruit! As you rest in Me and are led by My Spirit, watch Me pull out the lynch pins that the enemy has put in place. They are being extracted.


"I am pulling lynch pins – state by state I shall pull them! Ungodly alliances shall be separated... networks and communications cut. They will start to sing like birds, exposing one another. Confessions are coming. Evidence is coming. Things are about to be overturned and turned inside out! And as they are, you will see enemy structures coming down.


"I am stirring up every man, woman and child across this nation, calling them unto Me. Watch Me as I bring family restoration! Watch Me as I bring revival to the young. Schools and universities shall become hubs of revival. They will run with holy fire and a call for righteousness and justice! They will hear and spread the truth and it shall set them free!


"House Churches shall be birthed out of factories and offices! There will be Bible studies and prayer meetings in the lunchroom and boardroom! I am raising up a new breed of pastoral care in this nation! It will come in fast!


"Mend your nets! Tend to your nets! America the Beautiful, let the winds of My Spirit catch you, fill you, and move you today! Today! Today! Right here! Right now! Receive it!”


A Meeting of Leaders


A few weeks ago, I had a dream where I was traveling with a Canadian delegation of leaders. There was a Canadian national political leader with his chief of staff and other staff members; a few members of parliament, a few apostles, prophets and members of the Canadian Ecclesia. We were being escorted by high-level security and intelligence agencies. We were moved quickly and strategically. Everything was very well prepared and planned; everything was being done very covertly, with some things underground and in stealth-mode to be sure. 


With check points and security all around, we were being very well taken care of. You could feel the hearts of these men and women who would lay down their lives for each other.


It then became very clear that we were being escorted in to meet with President DJT (Donald J. Trump) and American delegates. As we entered the final destination, we walked into a great and ornate room. It felt like the White House, but it was not in Washington DC. It was in Florida.


There we were met by President DJT, political leaders, generals and members of the American Ecclesia who had been waiting for us. The unity and solidarity that filled the atmosphere in that room was breathtaking. Our hearts, souls and spirits were hemmed together as we shook hands and introduced one another. I have never felt anything like it...a camaraderie, and brothers-in-arms for such a time as this. It was outstanding.


I knew in that moment, like a snapshot on an old camera, that this was a very important moment in history – not only for the USA and Canada, but for Israel and the global harvest that is to come.


President DJT and Florida


This dream I just had, I believe, actually ties in with the word below, which I gave in August.


Prophetic word released on August 18, 2021:


"Florida, you are a key to this nation, and I am about to turn this key for the world to see." (I saw the state from the air, and it was solid gold.)

"What I am starting in Florida shall not only ignite your nation but the nations of the world. Leaders, domestic and foreign, shall come and gather and be touched by My glory, never to be the same again. It will be the true gathering place for the 'United Nations' – united in Me!" (I saw the flags of the nations set up there.)


Now to clarify a little further here, I saw what looked like a private airport. It seemed to be on a golf course, and on the property of President DJT in Florida. It felt like the real White House. You felt the authority in the air. The governmental mantle clearly rested there. It was very well-secured, with agents all around. Nothing came in or went out that was not carefully secured and kept private.

I could see planes landing and taxied to private hangers with limos ready to go. There were international leaders coming for meetings and gatherings. Godly strategies and alliances were coming together. This is where we, as a Canadian delegation, arrived for our meetings.


A Word for Steve Shultz and Elijah Streams


Prophetic word received on September 7, 2021:


I was taken into a vision where I saw Steve Shultz and a small team setting up a new facility. Steve and crew were dressed in military fatigue-type attire, and Steve was wearing a very special vest (mantle) for this assignment, as it was the first of its kind for him; but he knew what he was called to do.


This facility was a command center of sorts, and had "high-technology" cables and gold fibers that ran underground to strategic buildings and centers around the world. 


I was given a satellite view and could see them touching every nation on the earth. Lines were going out from this "command center studio" to global cities... Egypt, Europe, South Africa – only to name a few.


This command center was in the Southeast, and I sensed it wasn't far from DJT/Florida. This was sort of portable – like a military unit. It was tied into underground bunkers with massive servers in them, and when you opened a case, you could see that they were pure gold. The equipment on the on ground was rugged, heavy duty, strong and could take a beating without damage.


The team started small but was well oiled, well trained, like a special ops tactical team, running it all. (This is going to be good.) There was a peace and confidence in the air as they set up and went about their work, preparing to throw the switch!

Prophetic word received on September 11, 2021 at 3:00 AM:


The Day That Changed the World


The Lord said, "Barry, this day in history will never be forgotten. It was a day that changed the world forever. Never again will there be a day like it. The enemy has a strategy that still is based in fear, death and destruction. It has been ramped up on scales beyond imagination. It is the ultimate game of deceit. That has never changed.


"The world is about to enter into days where they will see My glory poured out over the earth. I am about to expose the wretched, evil and demonic people, systems, networks, plots and plans for all the world to see. Nations will rise and fall before your eyes. There will be bloodshed. There will be city streets covered with blood. Fear will overtake many. Good men will be forced to stand up in defense.


Evil Leaders Running in Fear


"Paris will burn. I saw the city at night with the Eiffel Tower in the skyline. The sky was glowing as fires raged throughout the city and nation. Things had gone too far, and the scales finally tipped. I saw millions on the street overtake the police and military; they were overcome, and then turned against the evil rulers with the people. I saw them take over government buildings and facilities. Evil leaders were running in fear, in exile; some taking their own lives – falling on their own swords.”


Key Leaders Are Coming Out of Prague


City after city fell across Europe. Then I heard the name Prague, and the Lord said, "There are key leaders coming out of Prague that I have put in place for the days that are unfolding ahead. They will have the tenacity and the fortitude to stand and to lead My people into victory. They are not in it for the glory; they are in it for the sake of justice and righteousness. The battle is going to be fierce. But rest assured, as they pursue Me, I will be with them and I will give them victory."



By Barry Wunsch

The Canadian Hammer

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