If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There has always been Tyrants . . .

There Have Always Been Tyrants

By Kathy Mote



There have always been tyrants who rose up to run the world, and they served to shape humanity in their time and generation. Each time a tyrant would rise to rule the world, humanity would rise to meet them. The Lord said this generation is different, for we will rise to meet the enemy from our place in Him.



Those Who Obey His Authority

By Kathy Mote


Those who obey His authority do so in His presence and He goes before them.




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I’ll Never Forget The Day

By Kathy Mote


I'll never forget the day the Lord told me to say that the sword of the Spirit was the Holy Spirit and He was the only one to wield it. People walked away from me in angry crowds, never again deigning to speak to me. That was the day I lost many friends as I obeyed Him. But that wasn't the first revelation He has given me to release that offended them.


The Holy Spirit is the same Spirit that moved in the deep causing it to take shape and form to obey Him when He said Let there by Light, and let the firmament be separate from the land beneath it. That is His Spirit and only Jesus can wield it.


We make two mistakes, well really just one. First, we don't simply accept Jesus into our heart and then listen to Him, desiring Him with all our heart. We accept Him into our heart and then make a religion out of our understanding of the Bible. Thus, we have no clear understanding of the Truth, for that is what HE is.


The written text that testifies of Him is not the sword, and we do not wield the power of God by quoting the scriptures. The Holy Spirit doesn't obey us, it obeys Him. There would be anarchy if it did, which is what the anti Christ desires to see.


So this is what the Lord is saying to me again today and I will obey Him. The Bible and the Holy Spirit both testify of Him. He alone is Lord and He brings God's promise of Life into us as we receive Him, for He is still creating. It would be wise of us to listen to Him, not follow our carnal thinking. There are those who would usurp His authority and those who will obey it. Today He is making the distinction. Those who obey will become as He desires.




This Is What Our Father Said

By Kathy Mote


This is what our Father said. They have taken the scriptures and interpreted them in their carnal mind, out of Christ's presence where He alone is Lord of them. They have made a religion out of them. Thus, they have denied Him. Only He is able to fulfill them.






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There Is A Belief

By Kathy Mote


There is a belief that is common among the brethren today that, if it were true, would deny that Jesus is Lord. But people do it all the time. They think that if they don't believe and receive a thing, it won't come to pass. 


That same belief says that unless they accept something specifically, it can't come to them. Their thinking is that everything is their responsibility and is up to them. This comes from not trusting Him, and is the result of leaning on their own understanding instead of surrendering their heart and their life to Him. 


The Lord has been bringing this up in my heart. Many in the church have got to wake up, or they will miss Him entirely along with all that He gives. If what they thought was true, then how did we receive the Life God filled us with, not knowing a thing about it until we were filled? All we know is to invite Him in. That same faith and trust is how we are supposed to walk with Him. We have no idea of the glory He will reveal. We cannot 'receive' the things of His heart until He reveals them in us.


The Lord said the thinking that He is powerless without their consent is being debunked as He brings them to Him. Right now, many are in the kiln as their thinking is failing them. They will have to face and respond to the living God to move from where they are. 


Their problem is their carnal thinking, for in it, they assume He is carnal as well. He's not. If we are in complete control of all that we receive, we only receive what we already know. That is not faith. Because of this thinking, they excuse themselves from His presence, and that is why so many are unable to walk with Him. They walk in their own thinking instead.









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I Once Knew A Girl Long Ago

By Kathy Mote


I once knew a girl long ago who came to me and asked me to pray with her to break the bonds off of her fiancé's heart. I listened intently as she told me the story behind her request. He was bound to marry a woman his family had arranged for him to marry, and the contract between the two families had been set. 


But he didn't want to marry her, he had taken up with a woman off the street. My heart became troubled as I realized the woman he had taken up with was a prostitute. So now there are three women in this little sordid tale.


Becoming a bit turned around, I asked what this man was to the woman who asked me to agree with her in prayer. As it turns out, she had seen him in town and fallen in love with the idea of him loving her. He wasn't her fiancé', he didn't even know her.


I told her she needed to surrender her heart to the Lord and she didn't need me for that. She became upset with me and argued that this love affair that had yet to take place was the Lord's will, citing the words of one of her friends who heard the Lord on her behalf. 


I asked her if she could see how far out of His presence this whole thing was, that the desire of her heart was this man and not the Lord. I told her that the Lord would bring His perfect will into her life as she desired Him and nothing else. The Lord reminded me of this today and asked me to share. Where she learned nothing from our encounter, I learned a lot.


Desiring something from Him, even if you are convinced it is His will, is not the same thing at all as desiring Him, His will and trusting Him to accomplish it. 


The Lord has taught me the value of having a surrendered heart. (That is how we receive Him, by giving Him our heart.) There is only Him in a surrendered heart, and there is peace without upset, fear, strife or conflict in a heart He is Lord of. But the minute we worry about anything in this life, we have denied Him His place of Lordship in our heart, and that is what robs us of 'knowing' He is Lord.




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God Brings About His Own Desires

By Kathy Mote



God brings about His own desires. You don't have to worry about that.


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That Moment

By Kathy Mote



That moment when you realize His hand was on you your entire life you also realize He pursued you long before your heart yearned to turn to Him to know His love.


There are things you don't know about this life. He doesn't tell you because you don't need to know all the particulars to love Him back. He created you, the you that you really are, the spirit man inside your heart, and He is filling you with the desire of His heart. Everything boils down to that. 


Oh, that sounds so lovely, so romantic and peaceable, don't you think? But if you are like me, it was more guns than roses. Then there was that long desert trek. Life is difficult when you are called to His side. There is more to this life than settling down to have what people consider a good life. In your time here, you are being prepared for eternity with Him.


So He empties you of all that is not suitable for eternity with Him. That is all of man's thoughts and every selfish, self serving, self preserving thought you will ever have that is the result of not knowing Him. 


We are in a season of being emptied, which is a much needed prelude to being filled. This life can be compared to a trip down the birthing canal. Take heart. 


You are being changed because of His deep mercy as He builds your inner man, especially as you are being emptied of all that won't stand in His presence. What won't stand can't abide. But in His presence, you will remain and abide, for you are being filled with what's important to His heart, and filling you is His greatest delight.





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