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"A Warrior Bride Won't Back Down" 

By Joshua Fowler



The Spirit of the Lord says, "For surely, My hand is coming upon the Church. 


Surely you will see My might and My power come forth. You will see the demonstration of My strong right arm as I bear it on your behalf. I will 'show up, show off and show out' against your adversaries; that which has come against you—sickness and disease; that which has tried to torment you through fear and unbelief; that which has tried to come against My Church to tie one arm behind its back and say, 'You cannot be heard, and you cannot stand up.’


Releasing the Roar of the Lion of Judah


"No!" says the Spirit of Lord. "I will take the muzzle from off of your mouth. I will release the roar of the Lion of Judah through My Church in this hour. For the wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1).


"Lift your hands and receive a fresh impartation of the boldness of the Holy Ghost! I impart to you the boldness that you need to stand up and proclaim My Word—to step forth and heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils. Freely you have received and freely you will give. Life-long conditions will fall before Me. Demons, sickness, financial struggles and tormenting lies will fall powerless before Me," declares the Lord.


Holy Snipers


The Lord says, "Watch and see...in this hour, I will begin to hone you in like a high-powered riffle that will snipe the enemy off at a great distance. In times past, the enemy had come in and caught you unaware, but now," says the Spirit of the Lord, "there will be prophetic precision, and you will pick him off before he even gets close to the camp.


"I will raise holy snipers. My prophets and My prophetic company will begin to arise as watchmen on the walls. They'll take out the enemy long before he comes. I will cause the wind of My Spirit to come beneath the wings of My Eagles, and My eagles shall soar like they've never soared before; they shall see further; they shall hear clearer; they shall proclaim My Word with great precision and accuracy.”


The Release of a Different Frequency


The Lord says, "There are those who have fear because of what has happened in the land, but know this: I have not given you that spirit of fear; I've given you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. So don't be afraid of the reports; do not be afraid of the news; do not be afraid of what people will say in their political views, but listen and tune into the frequency of My throne.


"Even now," says the Lord, "there's a different frequency that I'm releasing to those I call My own. You will hear My voice, and another you will not follow...you will hear My voice and another you will not follow. Yes, you will hear My voice and another you will not follow. You won't follow your reasoning; you won't follow your emotions; you won't follow your fears, but You will follow My voice in faith and victory," declares the Lord. 



United States – God Is Moving Behind the Scenes!


"Do not be worried about what you see going on in the political spheres of the United States, for I am moving behind the scenes now. I am now working things for your good. I am turning things around, and the very thing that the enemy meant for the demise of My Kingdom will turn on him. I will bring the enemy down, and My righteous plan will prevail in the United States of America.”


Watch and See


The Lord says, "Watch and see...watch and see. Even as you cross over into 2022, there will be a clear view of what I'm going to do. In 2022 you will see a clear view of what I'm going to do. For there will be an overturning and a changing and a rearranging of the house seats, and the senate seats," declares Spirit of the Lord.

"I will remove those that have shaken their fists against My move in the earth. I will remove in the Supreme Court, the White House, and in other places of authority. Watch and see! I will shift, I will remove and I will replace them with those that bear My righteous name," says the Spirit of the Lord.


Rise of the Warrior Bride


"Do not think it strange when you see these upheavals in the earth...do not think it strange because of the storms that blow...do not think it strange because of the wars that begin to come onto the scene; for My hand will be upon My Church. I'll raise up a warrior Bride in these days that will not back down—a warrior Bride who has her boots on and dress ready. I'll raise up a warrior Bride who will stand by My side and will fight for Me," says the Spirit of the Lord. 


"I'll raise up this warrior Bride, and she will not be a timid and weak Church anymore," says the Lord.


"Now My Bride is becoming My wife. She will take on My name, My nature, My identity, My power, and My glory. You'll go forth in My name, and by My name you will begin to see these things happen. For before you had your name, but now you will know the power of My name, and as My Bride, you will show forth My power.


"I Will Shake Governments and States”


"I will shake local governments; I will shake governments and states. Don't think it strange what you've seen with the former governor of New York; he will not be the last. I will replace and remove others who have shaken their fists at Me in this nation. Those who have said that there is no God; those that have resisted My move and tried to muzzle My Church—I shall put a muzzle on them. I shall release the roar of My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

California: Your Brightest Days Are Coming!


"Watch and see! I'm brooding and moving over the West Coast...I'm moving over California. Get ready, My Church of California! Your brightest days are coming," says the Spirit of the Lord. "There will be laws passed in the coming days in California." 


The Lord says, "California, watch and see! I will overturn things in California. I will begin to move Hollywood; I will begin to move upon the actors and athletes within California. They will begin to stand up for My name like they've never stood up before.


"Utah – I Will Step Right Into the Heart of the Mormon Movement”


"In Utah there will be a mass movement of Mormon's coming to know Me. I will step right into the heart of the Mormon movement; I will begin to move people out of Mormonism and into the ministry of the miraculous—into the ministry of Christ," says the Spirit of the Lord. "It's shifting and moving...it's shifting; it's moving.


Rise of Righteous Business Owners


"In the coming days, you will hear of mergers and acquisitions of companies that you thought would never be sold and owned by other people.”


The Lord says, "Know this: they think that they've outsmarted Me, but I have outsmarted them. I will bring righteous business owners to be the CEOs of companies that—for a long time—have resisted My move. I will acquire businesses and lands; I will raise up 'land barons'; I will raise up modern-day Abrahams. I will raise up modern day Joshuas who will possess the land," says the Lord.


"Even in this land, businesses and people that have tried to resist My move, and keep My people back from what I'm doing—those who try to enforce their rules and their wickedness upon people—I will judge those people. I will cause those people to bow their knee to Me. It will not be the governor and it will not be the government that will do this; so don't look to your government. Look to Me and My government, and I will do this," declares the Lord.



By Joshua Fowler

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17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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