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Natsar "Watchman" Report

Be Steadfast! - October 2021

By Deborah Taylor


Greetings Natsarim "Watchman" Tribe! 



May God grant you and your family the peace which surpasses all understanding.  The peace of Yahweh will sustain us in the days ahead. 



It's almost hard to believe that we are in the 10th month of 2021.  In less than three months this year will be over.  I am ever grateful for the mercies of Yahweh.  In Him we move, breathe, and have our being.  He has been our shield and fortress as we press into the New Jewish Year 5782/2022.   October is a very pivotal month.  This is the month where we must be careful not to participate in the celebration of evil.  October is laced with demonic portals.



During our J Tribe session, we discussed how generational portals affect us, and how we cannot destroy portals. 



Portals must be removed.  Generational portals are removed by following three steps:



Step 1. Repent for any sins you, your family, and ancestors may have committed.  Ask God to reveal any sins known or unknown, then wait silently for Him to reveal them and repent accordingly.



Step 2.  Renounce all sins and remove and destroy any objects or idols that are not pleasing to God. Again, you may need to ask God and wait for Him to reveal any objects or idols.  



Step 3.  Ask Yahweh to remove any and all demonic portals opened by you, your family, and/or ancestors. 



 As Yahweh removes these portals you will feel a shift in your atmosphere that will allow you to walk in the freedom He has established for your future.  



Remain humble and committed to God. 



As we transition into a new season lean on Yahweh at a greater level for the atmosphere is ripe with portals of evil. 



Pray for America, and the nations that surround her.  Yahweh is merciful and He hears our cries.  The bowls of intercession have filled the heavens and angels of war are fighting for us. 



Keep praying. Keep pressing.  Don't quit.  Don't give up.  Many in your family and sphere of influence rely on you to be strong and committed, even if they don't tell you. 



Be steadfast in God. 



Many things are happening in the spiritual realm and we, as Believers must align and stay anchored in Yahway, especially in the days ahead.  This demands steadfastness. 



As part of our commitment we have several events planned for the coming months. 



The first is a free mini course, Academy of the Prophet: Understanding the Role of Modern Day Prophets



You may have seen this as a paid course; however, we decided to open it up as a mini course instead of a full course.  This will allow anyone with access to the Internet to participate. 



The course is free, but registration is required. If you are interested you can register HERE for this event.



As Yahweh's watchmen and women, I encourage you to share this word with others to help spread the message of what God is doing in the earth during the month of October.



With Love, 




Word for October 2021

Steadfast (adjective): resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering; fixed firmly in place; immovable; committed;  loyal; faithful; devoted.




Be steadfast in the work of the LORD. "October is the month to be steadfast.  Much is happening in the earth.  The earth and its inhabitants are shaking; the galaxies are shaking; government, churches, religious institutions, families, entertainment, educational institutions, and anything not anchored in Me and My word will shake.  



Much is happening in the spiritual realm.  Things are taking place behind the scenes and I AM bring correction to many situations and circumstances.  Stay prayerful.  Be watchful.  Keep the faith, keep the faith, keep the faith," says the Spirit of the LORD.  



"Increase your endurance for the days ahead require strength.  Endurance is found in waiting.  Wait for Me before moving ahead. Pray for the lost.  Pray for the hopeless.  Pray for the widow and the orphan.  Pray and press into the secret place.  Seek Me diligently.  Seek Me for wisdom for the hour is late,"  says the Spirit of the LORD.



Portals of Evil.  Avoid opening portals of evil by participating in the celebration of evil that comes at the end of this month.  Hear My voice and take heed for I do not look kindly on those who align with darkness, especially in the season of shaking.  The enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy, for evil comes to snatch more souls.  Pray for open heavens to take place in your home by praying, worshipping, and through songs of faith.  Speak the word into the atmosphere.  Pray for the harvest. 



Lean into Me for I come to give life and life more abundantly.  Get in My Presence.  Joy is established in radical obedience.  Surround yourself with praise.  Worship Me and speak life over yourself and your loved ones.  Many portals of evil have opened over America, and the nations that surround her, but soon I AM coming to remove and dismantle them all.  



Again, I repeat, do not, do not, do not participate in the celebration of evil for I AM coming soon and My reward is with Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.  I will marked those who cry out against the injustices in the land.  I AM hear those who call on Me in times of trouble.  Hide My word in your heart.  Hide in Me, for all who dwell in My secret place will abide under My Shadow," says the Spirit of the LORD.




Prepare for Winter.  "Prepare, prepare, prepare your storehouses for winter." Do it now and do not delay.  Pray for the widow and the orphan.  Pray for those who are homeless.  Pray for the children, the children, the children.  Pray for the less fortunate for the winter will be challenging for many who are not prepared.  I have warned you multiple times to prepare. (These warnings began as noted in the July 2021 Report).   I have warned you so you can make sound decisions and not panic.  I AM warning you before the dark season of winter arrives.  Listen,take heed, and do not delay," says the Spirit of the LORD.



Stand for Justice.  I heard the Spirit of the LORD say, "Enough!  I AM shaking the nations awake.  My people in Australia, Canada (especially Toronto), America, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Israel, and around the world will fight back against the forces of darkness. No longer will the enemy manipulate My people with lies.  A great army will arise.  The court systems will be flooded with lawsuits, pushing back against forced mandates.  



They have no agenda," says the Spirit of the LORD!  "The sins of wickedness are a foul stench in my nostrils!  Vengenance is mine and I will replay!  All will know that I AM LORD!  I AM breathing on dry bones.  I AM waking up those who were asleep.  No longer will the enemy to inject the atmosphere with censored lies.  Blinders will fall off veiled eyes and destruction will come to the household of wicked.  Stay connected to Me," says the Spirit of the LORD.



The snares used to create division is on the docket in the Courts of Heaven.  A court date is set and the plans of the enemy will be overthrown and dismantled as My people cry out for justice and mercy. 




Prophetic Intercessors Arise.  Intercessors and prayer warriors arise and take your place for you will be key in holding up the arms of those fighting in the frontlines.  I will show you how to intercede.  I will show you how to dismantle the enemies plans as you press in and pray," says the Spirit of the LORD.




 "Cry aloud and spare not for I AM coming to deliver.  Lift up your voice like a trumpet.  Do not hold back!  Speak My promises!  Speak My word!  In the midst of darkness, you are My lighthouse.  In the midst of chaos, you are My voice.  Trust Me and do not fear.  Do not be afraid of the faces of humankind for I AM sending angels to gather My harvest.  They will throw the tares into an eternal fire. 




Shhh... be careful not to discredit those who speak My truth.  You will know them by their love.  You will know them by their fruit.  I will judge those who speak harshly against My servants.  I will not wink on those who mishandle My servants.  Use your words to speak life for a new and unknown group of kingdom laborers are coming to help with the harvest of souls.




Get in the secret place and inquire of Me for your assignment.  Avoid pilfering words from others that I have not given to you.  Ask Holy Spirit for a fresh word.  Ask and it shall be given to you. 




The season has shifted and the guards are changing.  Time is short. I need My people to wake up!  I need My people to be steadfast and immovable in the work I have given to them," says the Spirit of the LORD.  "Seek Me for your assignment!”




REPOST FROM SEPTEMBER REPORT: "A great shaking will occur among governmental leaders, both local and globally.  "I see and I know," says the Spirit of the LORD, "and what was meant for evil will be overthrown.  My words will not return void.




Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I AM LORD.  Vengeance is mine," says the Spirit of the LORD, "and I will repay, only do not fear.  Fear is a disruptor.  Fear not and do not move hastily for the enemy is setting snares.  Be alert!”




Greater Exposure.   "Open your eyes," says the Spirit of the LORD.  "Open your eyes and see what is happening.  I AM overturning and overthrowing ancient portals of evil.  I AM exposing wickedness.  I AM judging unrighteousness and cleansing the earth for the establishment of My kingdom.  Have I not told you? 



 Do you not know?  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid for I overcome the world.  You will be My witnesses.  You will reign with Me. My kingdom will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to other people.  Be encouraged!  Do not lose hope.  The days of trial are shortened for My people's sake.  I AM exposing the very core of wickedness.  I AM bringing it into the light for its final judgment before it is destroyed forever. 



Be steadfast and immovable.  Keep the faith.  Keep your oil lamps full and take extra with you for I AM coming soon," says the Spirit of the LORD.



Written in Love,





Prayer Points

Continue to pray for America.  Pray for God's mercy and grace to saturate our land.  Pray for those who are laborers in the harvest of souls.  There are somethings coming that I have not be released to share in detail.  What's coming can be dismantled through prayer and fasting.  Ask God to increase your faith.  Stand in the gap for your family and loved ones.  



Many lives are hanging in the balance.  Pray for the economy.  There is a major reset coming.  Pray for the establishment of righteous government.  God will give you insight as you press surrender your heart in humility and prayer.  Pray for the Christians in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, and along the West Coast.  There is a great harvest coming from both the east and west coasts. 



Always pray for Israel.  Pray for mercy, peace and protection of Jerusalem.  Pray for those who are enduring oppression in the midst of trying times.  God forgive us for not praying for Jerusalem as we should for many are suffering at the hands of wicked leaders.  Pray for God's perfect timing in all things. 



Pray for America, China, Australia, Canada, and Cuba for God has heard the cries of His people in these regions and the blood of the innocent is heard in the heavens.  Pray for the people in Afghanistan, God has not forgotten the injustices performed at the hands of greedy, soulless men. The heart of Father grieves for the children and His people abandoned to defend themselves. God sees and vindication will come that all will know that He is LORD.   I write the following as I hear God speaking to my spirit.  Washington, DC, the LORD is watching and is calculating the souls of those who died in this battle.  



As it is written in Daniel 5:25-28, so shall it be with those who fight against the God of Heaven.  Pray for Russia, Ukraine, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Italy, France, Belguim, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Alaska, West Virgina, New Mexico, and Missouri.  Keep your hands washed and engage in self-care which includes exercise, prayer, meditation, and eating healthy.



Stay hidden in Him,



Released for prayerful discernment ©October 1, 2021. The Writer's Inkhorn International.  All Rights Reserved.


Please feel free to share, but do not use the contents herein without appropriate credit to the source.  We allow reprints in full or excerpt if the source link thewritersinkhorn.com is included, and the message is not altered.



“ Therefore, my beloved brethren,

be steadfast, immovable,

always abounding in the work of the Lord,

knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”


~ 1 Corinthians 15:58



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