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For the Love of Money is the Root of all evil . . .


the love of money is the root of all evil KJV | For the love of money is the root of all evil: which
 while some ... | Kjv, 1 timothy 6, 1 timothy



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"If We Stand Together, We Will Win!"

By Nathan French



Word of the Lord given on September 30, 2021:


On the morning of Sept. 30, 2021, the Lord showed me a vision concerning people illegally entering the country because the U.S. was allowing it. I saw the letters "U" and "S" become the word "U.S." (representing the United States). The counterfeit leaders who have entered our seat of government "illegally" have become disqualified.


Then I saw people's bodies...the Lord was showing me this to warn people not to give room for the enemy to enter our land or our bodies, which are temples of the Holy Spirit. Just as we are to protect our land from illegal intruders, people need to place restrictions on themselves, not letting sin enter their temples (their bodies). I saw many who had no defenses; they were allowing sin into their bodies instead of resisting evil.


Revealing the Enemy's Strategy


The Lord then showed me the enemy's strategy: his plan is to destroy US (you and I) and the U.S., from the inside out. Those in leadership (in the spirit and in the physical government) are called to defend our country from enemies, both foreign and domestic.


I saw many imposters in leadership positions who were being led by the love of money. I saw masks made of money. People were hiding behind their money. I saw leaders putting on greed like chains, chaining themselves to solid gold cinder blocks. Evil people, not wanting to lose their capital, were causing us to lose our capitals of states. Willingness to compromise their convictions because of the love of money was causing our infrastructure to become weak.


We all know money is not bad; it's just a neutral tool. The love of money, however, is the root of all kinds of evil.


What's the Good News and How Should We Respond?


What's the good news? The Lord says, "I will bring justice, as I am going after every root. I will dig up the plants that have been illegally planted in the ground. I will expose the corruption and shine forth My light through those who hear My voice and are brave enough to speak out.


"This is not the time to be passive or silent," says the Lord. "Engage in spiritual warfare and take back what has been lost. Resist the evil and the evil will flee. Learn ways to get involved in bringing solutions. It's one thing to face the giants; it's another to fight the good fight of faith. The victory will come, if you humble yourselves and pray. Work together to take action. Faith is only faith when it is proven by action! No action, no faith; no faith, no reward."


Have faith in GOD. Have faith in Jesus, and in the power of His name! The Holy Spirit (Christ in us) causes nothing to be impossible. Fight from victory, not for it.


Be tough on sin by pressing in. If we stand together, we WILL win!





By Nathan French

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17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

30.09 | 06:43

i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

08.09 | 08:31

So beautiful.

29.08 | 16:23

As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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