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America and Canada Wake Up!

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"America & Canada, Wake Up! DJT, Now Is the Time!" 

By Barry Wunsch



Prophetic word for DJT and the USA received on September 30, 2021:


"America, America, America! Oh, how I long for you to return to Me! And return to Me you shall! The battle is going to be epic. This is of biblical proportions. I am about to overturn, expose and remove the evil ones once and for all. I shall remove them from all positions of power across this land. They shall mock Me no more!"

A Word for DJT:


"DJT, draw your sword! Now is the time. Now is the hour. Your advisors do not see like you see. For I have called you to lead, and lead you shall. You – only you – can stop what is unfolding, not only for America the great but nations of the world. You have accepted the call long ago, and you are a man after My own heart. You are called to bring justice and righteousness back to this land. You do not want one innocent one put in harm's way. You are a deliverer! You are a modern-day Moses.



"I have made you fearless in times of trouble, for you find yourself under My wing and close to My heart. There are some with you that are misled, and they do not see all that I have shown you. It is time; it is time for you to take action. I have given you the plan. It is burned into your heart, soul and spirit. You will have great success and overcome every enemy, for I have prepared a remnant across this land. They are on their knees. They are strong. They are resilient and they are committed to the end. They are with you. As you lead, they will rise up with you as never before.


"I will give you victory after victory. City by city, county by county, state by state; you shall prevail. I have called you, DJT, to deal with corruption, evil and perversion. And you will prevail as you walk with Me. As you talk to Me and pursue Me, I will meet with you! I will lead you by ways you know not. I will sort out those close to you. Supernaturally, I will bring correction and understanding to those that cannot see. I will expose those who have to go, and I will do it swiftly."

Word of the Lord for America:


"America the beautiful, prepare for unprecedented days ahead. Things will unfold rapidly. Be bold. Be strong. Be of great courage. You must take your stand and you must take it now. America, America, America...wake up, wake up, wake up! Come out of darkness! Come into the light! Turn your hearts to Me. If you are not for Me, you are against Me. Fall on the Rock before the Rock falls on you!


"Revival fire is being released across America! I am visiting men, women and children in the night. The fear of the Lord is being released in this hour. Men's hearts will burn within them; they will run on the streets looking to be saved, begging for salvation, and they will find it! They will find forgiveness, healing, and deliverance! I am turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers! So wake up, My Church, and get ready! For things are exploding around you, even now!


Prophetic Encounter Received on September 30, 2021:


DJT, USA Generals & the Military


I was taken into an encounter in the spirit where I saw generals in the American services (the Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Force) that are ready to stand for truth, righteousness, and justice. They are ready to revolt against the evil forces over them. 


They are being led by an evil regime, unfathomably corrupt and demonic in every way; an evil administration (with no real authority) leading with evil intentions—actually working with the enemy against the nation they are supposed to serve and protect.


This is NOT what the generals signed up for, nor is it what the service men and women signed up for. They signed up to honor and protect the great nation of the USA.


Plans were in place to stand and take action. As DJT, the commander-in-chief, took his place, things quickly began to happen. I saw control centers/bunkers with men and women on watch. I saw computers and satellite maps. When it was time, the generals gave the command to these control centers seamlessly, doing what they had to do, with complete precision.


I watched as power was lost. I saw darkness, and it appeared like there was no electricity for a time. They used all they could to fight this battle. It was not long at all until DJT and these generals had control once again, and peace began to flood the land. I saw citizens celebrating on the streets, rejoicing, and giving glory to God. I watched as DJT, commander-in-chief, stood back in his briefing room watching monitors of victory from across the country. He had a spirit of humility all over him. Silent tears of joy rolled down his face as he watched freedom, righteousness, and justice prevail in America once again.


Prophetic word for Canada received on September 30, 2021:


Canada, the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail!


I was given an open vision where I saw the hordes of Hell being released across Canada. I watched as leaders in Ottawa did all they could to unleash every evil and demonic plan, strategy and resource against Canada and her people. There were demons dressed in white lab coats that opened up gates, doors and cages, letting in the vilest, most evil flood across Canada. The leaders were trying to release these things as fast as they could to immobilize the nation. So many were blinded by what was happening.


I watched as these demonic entities ran across the nation chasing people with needles. As they ran, the streets became empty. People were hiding away to ride it out. Business after business, restaurants and venues—all once bustling with life, now were in a dismal, depressed state. Most were just scraping by. Cash registers were being counted over and over in disbelief. Ends were too far apart to make them meet. The sky was heavy, overcast and dark.


I saw what looked like Canada military services in uniform about to be deployed into action against their own people. As I looked closer, something did not look right. They were infiltrated by some members who wore two uniforms. I watched one leader who had some top buttons open (by accident or intention I do not know), revealing a CCP uniform under the Canadian one. This was not good.

Not only were there breaches for those in CCP uniforms to enter, but many were placed there with intention.


However, there were patriotic leaders on the sidelines well aware of what was going on, and they were taking intel and planning actions behind the scenes to deal with them. I saw these patriot military leaders with special encrypted devices to work, plan and collaborate together for what is coming. I saw ties to hidden political leaders, here and abroad (USA), strategizing together for the great battle ahead (and it will be a greater battle than we ever imagined).


I watched as, in a day, our Parliament shifted, as men and women finally took a stand for truth, righteousness and justice. I saw the Holy Spirit blowing across Canada. It was fierce. This was a storm far above and beyond anything we had ever seen here. Things were burning and on fire. People's lives were on fire. There would be no one escaping this one. They were forced out onto the streets, to stand up against the evil that was being unleashed.


I saw teams, like medics, helping the hurting and the wounded. They were from the Church, bringing salvation, healing and deliverance to the hurting and broken. I saw this movement growing from the Church to the streets.


As they stood and fought for freedom, unity flowed and ground was taken every day. I saw the masses gathering around the Parliament building in Ottawa, as well as other provincial buildings. As they worshiped and prayed, shared and rallied together, momentum grew. Numbers grew from a few hundred here and there to hundreds of thousands.


I was then taken into the House of Commons where a speech was given to stand and move. This MP (member of Parliament) crossed the floor into a new party, a new start and a new hope, as a voice of truth for Canada. As this member stood and moved, they were followed by over half the house members.


It was a day of repentance and a new start. Canada, the True North, strong and free! They finally were free from all control and evil leaders and agendas. The house was going back to the people. Righteous leaders were being placed in a new party. The momentum continued to grow under great and fierce opposition from the enemy, but the gates of Hell would not prevail.


I saw freedom fighters and patriots releasing people from camps. They went door to door to bring people hope and freedom. A nation that had been in severe lockdown was being brought out into liberty and freedom. As the deceived learned of the truth and saw the truth that was hidden from them, they were appalled and mobilized into action.


I watched as JT (Justin Trudeau) and his cabinet were suddenly removed—extracted. It was time to face the consequences of their actions. There was a national press conference. It was not led by the usual press secretary, but by military leaders. This was a new day. This was a new dawn for Canada. As Holy Spirit blew on Canada, the snow and ice began to melt away and new spring growth began to grow, fuller and healthier than ever before.


Word of the Lord for Canada:


"Canada, My Canada, stay strong. Do not relent. Hold your ground. Do not back down. Wake up those who are sleeping.


"Wake up! I have called you for this hour! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! Gather together as one! Stand with Me in unity! Your lives depend on it! Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! Wake up, Canada! Wake up!


"I am empowering you right here, right now, to go forth! I am aligning My people across this land to stand with Me and for Me! I am burning things out of you and your lives that don't belong!


"Canada, arise! Canada, take your place! The nations are counting on you! I am releasing resources beyond measure for your assignments! I am aligning with you now as you release and relinquish your lives unto Me! Supernatural provision! Protection! Strategy! Power! Signs, wonders and miracles!


"Be bold! Be strong! Take your call! Take your assignment! Do not shrink back! Canada, this land that I love, you will take healing to the nations. Canada, you shall be the True North, strong and free!





By Barry Wunsch

The Canadian Hammer

Email: bhwunsch@gmail.com



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Albany, OR 97321 


email: info@elijahlist.net

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Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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