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"Expect Unusual Miracles!" 

By Jay West




Acts 19:11 states: "God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul." This is what I have been personally experiencing most of this year, and I would like to give some examples prior to sharing the rest of this prophetic word. Please understand that each one of these is a result of God doing something miraculous, and has nothing to do with me at all (other than the fact that I am the one experiencing or encountering the unusual miracles).


9 Unusual Miracles


1.  My wife Diane passed away on January 3rd, and a beautiful flower spray was given to us for her grave. The arrangement was a blend of white and yellow flowers, with greenery attached too.


Here in Omaha, we experienced one of the harshest winters on record, with 2 blizzards, and 3 days with temperatures at -26 degrees. It was so cold, the schools were canceled on those days. Yet 3 of the yellow flowers right in the middle of that arrangement kept blooming, out in the bitter-cold elements, without any water to keep them alive. All of the other flowers died, but those 3 yellow flowers kept blooming. I have pictures from 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days showing the amazing, yellow hint of these flowers (and yes, yellow was Diane's favorite color). It was like God was saying, "I have your family of 3 covered and protected.”


2. As a way to combat the initial heavy grief, I would spend hours and hours watching various worship venues on YouTube—primarily Jesus Image. One evening, when I was fully engaged in worship, I had an open vision in which Jesus and my wife Diane came into my den and spent 30 minutes with me. I won't share the whole story, as some of it is private, but suffice it to say, it was an extraordinary experience and definitely unusual. This was only the second time that Jesus has manifested Himself to me personally.


3. A few weeks later, while watching worship again, the whole first floor of my home was filled with a wonderful, sweet fragrance, but I could not identify the fragrance. My wife enjoyed scented candles, and I thought, perhaps, our son Jason had lit one, so I went up to ask him. I found out that he had not, but he came downstairs and could smell the aroma too, which lasted about an hour before dissipating. This was incredible and not usual at all.


4. One night, while at my church's worship practice (which my son was leading), the whole team heard harmonies that they themselves were not singing. They stopped and dropped to their knees during this unusual manifestation of the presence of the Lord with His angels. They lingered there quietly and reverently for over 30 minutes.


5. When my son and I were in Branson, we observed a fountain water show. My son took a picture of a rainbow that appeared and posted that picture on Facebook. Soon after he shared it, someone sent it back to us with a circle drawn around a person in the photograph. You could see this figure in the background as if it was a spirit form. The person in the picture had on a white shirt and dark pants. 


Depending on how you look at the image, it could either appear like Jesus, or my wife Diane. Many people have said they can see both. Talk about unusual...WOW! 


6. Each night before going to sleep, I read a Scripture verse to put the Word of God in my mind and heart. On a recent night, I felt led to read Daniel 4, which is the story of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and then Daniel's interpretation of that dream (which has helped me interpret my own dreams.)


That night, I dreamed that my wife came home for a visit and I began to ask her about Heaven. I asked her what Heaven was like; she said it was bright. When I asked how bright it was, she responded that it was very bright and would hurt my eyes, but it did not hurt her eyes. I asked her why it did not hurt her eyes, and she told me that it was because she had new eyes. I then asked her why she had new eyes; she said it was because she had a new body, as her former body was buried in the cemetery.


I then asked her if the streets are really paved with gold. She told me "yes" but that they were not like how we think of gold bricks. She stated that the roads were a very smooth and translucent gold, with various colors of the rainbow interspersed throughout them...very warm and welcoming.


Finally, I asked her to tell me anything else about Heaven, and she said that it was very peaceful, without any stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, pain or sadness. She elaborated on how peaceful it was, and how I was really going to like it someday when I get there too. Then I woke up.


7. I recently had another dream in which I was observing the ascension of Christ. In the dream, God downloaded 8 videos to my phone of Jesus rising up into Heaven. Of the videos, 7 were from the perspective of the disciples on the ground, and one was from the perspective of Heaven; as if Jesus, rising back to Heaven from earth, was being viewed directly from the throne room. This was a very cool dream, and extremely unusual too. (You can read more about it here.)


8. I was recently invited to meet with Vice President Pence personally. This came about through a very unusual set of circumstances, which I did not initiate or even know anything about. 


9. As I've been ministering, personal manifestations have started to happen—including recently while preaching at a local church. I stood at the front of the church and shared over 40 words of knowledge, one after another, pointing at people and releasing Kingdom thoughts. The pastor later told me that every one was very accurate. Rapid healing prayers have also become the norm.


Sometimes while ministering, just by me saying the word "Lord," people have gotten well (and this is before I've even completed my usual and very short 15 to 30 second prayers). I have video-taped one of these experiences. A lady using a walker was experiencing pain in one knee, while her other leg was significantly shorter. When I started the prayer with the word "Lord," instantly her leg grew out! 


My son and I both saw it happen, as we always pray with our eyes open so that we can capture and see things that God might be doing. She then walked quite a distance and stated on the video that she had no pain. She was literally healed with a 1-second prayer. Praise God!


Recently, God also had me pray for a man in an unusual way. He was bent over as he walked, so I had him face away from me, and with others watching, I asked God to level his shoulders. Once his shoulders were level, he was able to stand up straight, which in turn solved the pain in his legs and feet. He was no longer limping or walking bent over in that very uncomfortable position. God healed him through an unusual 'shoulder prayer.’


Don't Settle for the Usual


In Ezekiel 1-3, there is a long description of a vision that Ezekiel had about God. In Ezekiel 1:22-28, he writes phrases like "the appearance of" or "the likeness of." This pattern repeats itself over and over because Ezekiel was trying his best to describe the unusual things he was seeing, but could only make comparisons to other things on earth. Later in Ezekiel 2:23, he saw the glory of the Lord and he fell on his face. (This is similar to when our worship team fell on their faces as they heard those harmonies, even though no one was singing). God loves the unusual, as it draws people to experience His glory, ensuring that He receives the glory and no one else. Someone say “glory"!


Sometimes people see an anointed pastor or leader do something; then they go and try to do the same thing, but fail. Jesus said (in John 5:19) that He only did what He saw the Father doing. That is why Jesus never followed a method. He healed 6 different blind people 6 different ways. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Don't settle for the usual. Don't copy a method. Be open to God revealing unusual ways of manifesting His supernatural power through your prayers, ministry, and realm of influence.


Here is one example: Many people pray for legs to be lengthened by sticking to a specific method. They hold them while the person is seated and watch them grow; which is fine, but God has me do it by having the person sit down and stretch their legs out to see the difference. Then I have them walk, simply stating that the steps of righteous people are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23). Then I have them return to a sitting position. At that point, I have them stretch out their legs over and over again until they are the same length. 


Sometimes God has me say, "Grow out," and they do. It is God's way—not ours—so I just submit to what He tells me.


One more unusual thing that God has taught me is that when I am attacked in my finances, I should give a good-sized offering to another ministry. The devil sees it and runs away in disbelief. The Father sees it and declares that He sees my faith. He then blesses me and honors me by saying, "Look at my son responding in faith!" Then the financial attack always disappears.


Expect the Unusual!


Begin to expect the unusual! Look for the strange and different ways to become the normal ways. Don't rely on a method, and certainly don't put God in a box, asking Him to manifest in a way that you have become comfortable with. God loves variety, and so should we! Anticipate the unusual and expect results. If God is doing a new thing, don't try to make it like the old. Accept it as new and enjoy the process, procedure and practice that God wants to unveil to you. The method may be unusual, but we serve an unusual God.




By Jay West

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Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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