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Scrolls of Justice for the Nations . . .

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"Scrolls of Justice Shall Hit the Nations" 

By Amanda Grace, Fishkill




Word of the Lord received on 10/20/21:


Almighty God, He is high and lifted up on the throne of grace. He reigns forever and ever and judges the peoples righteously and with power. And to His Kingdom there is no end.


The Spirit of the Lord God Adonai says this day: "My children, though you may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear NO EVIL, for I AM WITH YOU. My rod and My staff, they comfort you. My children, in this hour I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies, and those who so choose to superficially accuse you; for satan is the accuser of the brethren," says the Lord of hosts this day.


Scrolls of Justice Shall Be Hurled at the Nations


"The scales of justice are weighing in the balance for the enemy. The wicked—the corrupt—have attempted to weigh it down and tie it down so that it cannot be brought back to its rightful balance," says the Lord of hosts this day. "However, a sword in the Spirit has been sent, carried by heavenly hosts. And approaching the end of your year, the first cut shall be made, which shall severely weaken what they have used in an attempt to bind justice up and hinder it from moving and going forth into the earth.”


The Spirit of the Lord this day: "Toward the end of your year, scrolls of justice that have been written and decreed shall be rolled up and (at My command) hurled into the nations; into your nation; into the justice system of your nation; into the capitals of your nation; into areas of Canada; into the heart of Australia; into where the capital, the Hub of the EU, resides," says the Lord of hosts.


"These scrolls shall be sent forth as sharp as spears. They shall begin to correct and rectify what has become imbalanced," says the Lord of hosts.


A Tipping Point in the Supreme Court & the Writing of a New Law


"A tipping point shall occur in the Supreme Court, going into next year, as a scarlet thread shall be found tied to two judges," says the Lord. "Scarlet red for the blood of the innocent and the blood of those lost in the quagmire of events in your nation of America. A record has indeed been kept of the judges' records, including multiple appellate court judges who are tied to these scarlet threads for acts to give abortion life; to give it a way to progress through the decades.


"So I, the Lord, by MY HAND and outstretched arm, have begun to turn back the clock and reverse pacts that were made between doctors and lawyers and activists long ago; an unholy, triangular plot, with each one piercing the atmosphere and the radio waves and the scales of justice, stirring up resentments from a cauldron of oppression and declarations of inequalities for decades prior," says the Lord of hosts.


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "A quill dipped in ink shall (in the spirit and the natural) begin to rectify history and write a new law. This quill, this feather quill, shall go across state borders rewriting and rectifying the law. Events in Texas and NY you shall see—events in tandem—as the sins, and what man has written and judged [regarding] the blood of the innocent, are dealt with. 


"I the Lord thy God shall judge and decree life and a rewriting of the law as I write on the hearts of listening men and women to act in their states; as a victory cry begins to be sung faintly at first, then becomes as loud as a war cry across your nation," says the Lord of hosts.


The Bottom Feeders Shall Rise to the Surface


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "The Lord thy God is not fooled, for it is fools who rush in and foolish men who desire to weave a corrupt symphony of words that lull men into following as the rats did the Pied Piper.


"Disciples? Ha!" says the Lord. "The leadership of NY has attempted to double down; attempted to turn and twist the Word until it is so mangled in the midst of the people, to push the second half of this wicked agenda filled with malice and oppression. However," says the Lord, "I have driven a wedge in their plans and ordered principalities to retreat. And the scandal Cuomo was embroiled in, well, it shall get twice as hot under the collar—and for the interim, VERY-temporary governor of NY, because of what she has chosen to do," says the Lord.




The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "The bottom feeders shall rise to the surface; their concealers shall crack and fall off, and their true nature shall come forth," says the Lord of hosts. "And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "the serpent and the scorpion shall attempt to constrict and to sting. However, going into your new year, you shall see both the serpent and the scorpion cut in two, and the content of what the serpent so feasted on revealed.”




The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "For the remainder of the year and into the next, you shall see this: those who have been hidden and concealed for a season will rise to the surface and coming back up for air. I the Lord am bringing some back to the forefront; while others have pushed themselves back out into the forefront and have gotten out of MY timing," says the Lord.


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "The word 'LAUNCH' shall be heard and used in more than one way as you see people, missiles and missions launch.


A Key Archaeological Discovery

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "into next year there shall be a KEY archaeological discovery that matches a crucial area of the Word—MY WORD.

"The Word is LIVING. MY children, use it, utilize it, arm yourselves with it, feed yourselves with it. For satan has gone forth to attempt to disillusion the masses. He has gotten ahold of the mouths of some in an attempt to turn those away from Me who are seeking Me," says the LORD.


The Chromosome Script Shall Flip


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "The chromosome script shall be flipped on those who attempted to utilize it to confuse men and women. A whistleblower shall reveal the heart of their agenda; that the heart of the matter has little to do with 'coming out,' but more to do with breaking and entering and committing a heist under the noses of those they deceived," says the Lord of hosts this day.


It Shall Not Be a Jubilee for Disney


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "It shall not be a jubilee for Disney, for I shall pull out of the depths of their darkness that which shall be written in bold, and shall fracture their company and holdings, as fifty shall not be a good year for them," says the Lord of hosts.


Be Holy as I Am Holy


"I am a God who despises wickedness. Be thou holy for I am holy," says the Lord. "You are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, if you would just believe, My children, and utilize the authority the enemy has so tried to make you hesitate in. 



A Rushing Wind, Unusual Storms and Seismic Activity


"There shall be many twists and turns as the unexpected and unprecedented take place; as a rushing wind—a rushing holy wind—shall gust through the Supreme Court and Washington DC, blowing out that which has so desperately been turned over on the tables," says the Lord of hosts this day.


"It is by MY power and outstretched arm that you shall be redeemed. Come unto to ME, all who are heavy laden, and I the Lord shall give you rest. However, for the wicked, it shall storm indeed. There shall be the most unusual storms in various parts of the world to confirm what I the Lord have spoken this day.


"Seismic activity—the warning before the plates move and the earth quakes...There is much seismic activity in the spirit. Rumblings shall be heard in the natural as an area of the US shall report unusual seismic activity that has not happened for some time. This will be the precursor to the 'unusual' that is set to take place; including unusual events in the heavenlies to confirm that your nation shall tip," says the Lord of hosts.


The Church's Seesaw Shall Break


The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "The Church has been on a seesaw, and no longer shall they vacillate back and forth and go up and down on positions, depending on what benefits them most. For I the Lord am firmly planting those willing to take the tough stance, the difficult road, having done all to stand. The seesaw shall break on many who have gone up and down one too many times, and where the center has become brittle and compromised.


"I the Lord am calling MY shepherds to stand and be shepherds, and stand in the face of corruptness, and stand when its not the popular stance, and stand though the enemy and though their congregants may be angry; to stand because I the Lord told you to stand. And that, My children, should be a good enough reason," says the Lord of hosts.


Beyond the Veil


"Come, let us reason together as I show you things beyond the veil; as I am increasing those dreams and visions to prepare the people for a steep dip to come, followed by an incredible rising and soaring like the eagle," says the Lord of hosts. You shall run and not be weary. You shall run the race. You shall press toward the mark. You shall plant the flag next year," says the Lord of hosts this day. "You shall 'law' (lay) claim for Me, the Lord your God, the areas which I have given to you.


Advancement of the Word and the Retreat of Wickedness


"You serve an awesome God, high and lifted up. The earth is My footstool, and I the Lord shall have My way on the earth. Though wickedness attempts to advance, the Word must go forth and accomplish what it has set out to do. Wickedness shall be delayed," says the Lord of hosts, "as it has attempted to jump the gun, to jump the clock, to jump ahead. And now I, the Lord thy God, shall order it back in retreat. You shall see retreats coming that are historic," says the Lord of hosts. Believe in Me, trust in Me, and know I am God—that I AM." Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts. In the name of Yeshua, amen and amen.





By Amanda Grace

Ark of Grace Ministries

Email: amandagrace4him@gmail.com 

Website: www.amandagrace4him.blogspot.com   




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Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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