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Prophetic warning concerning weather systems . . .

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Prophetic Warning concerning Weather Systems & Patterns

By Veronika West




Prophetic Warning concerning Weather Systems and Patterns In the seasons ahead.


For a false Religion is rising that will seek to change Seed-time and Harvest on the earth!


While watching world leaders come together recently to discuss Climate Change, suddenly I was caught up in a powerful encounter with The Spirit of Revelation where I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch, as I release a special anointing upon the earth that will counteract the demonic agenda of the enemy concerning the lies of a false religion that is rising in the nations called Climate Change!


Watch! For in the days ahead, governments will come together in yet greater ways to create and manipulate the times and seasons upon the earth.


Watch! For they will even seek harness the light of the sun, the power of the winds and the waters of the rain to change seed time and harvest in the Nations.


Listen! For they will say to themselves and to those who have been caught up in their satanic trap, ”This is a good plan for it will bring an end world poverty and a solution to the problem of food production and transportation in the Nations.”


Watch! For out of fear of famine and lack of finances, many will be drawn into their lies and their demonic agenda. Many will even give their last penny to try to avoid their predictions of doom and disaster.


Beloved, do not be fooled by this Globalist plan of destruction, but put your Trust in Me, for I laugh at the plans of men.


For who can stop the sun from rising or setting, or hold back the powers of the Wind and the Rain that falls upon the earth? Who does man think he is?


For I AM the God of Seed-time and Harvest and by My Word, all things are held together and have their place in the earth.

Now watch, as My Governmental Hand of Truth and Justice moves to bring their plans to nought and their demonic purposes to nothing, for The Light of Glory shall fully expose and uncover their lies, and the Winds of My Spirit shall uproot and tear down their lies of doom and destruction, and The Waters of My Spirit shall wash away their demonic predictions that herald a false peace and an end to world poverty!”


Now, as I heard those Words, the Spirit of Revelation took me back to a powerful Word I shared at the beginning of 2020.

I believe aspects of this Word are now coming to pass. Let us remain sober and alert to the wiles of the enemy, who seeks to distract and draw you into his net of destruction!



Warning: Climate Change — The New Religion (Updated)

By Veronika West



A Strange Encounter; Prophetic Warning concerning Weather Systems and Patterns In the seasons ahead!


This afternoon as I was sitting in my garden, suddenly I felt a powerful angelic presence and so I closed my eyes and began to press gently into what I was sensing in The Realm of The Spirit.

I saw an Angel of The LORD standing behind me, holding what looked like a solid brass weather vane.


Now, as I looked at the weather vane, I saw that the arrow of the weather vane was spinning violently round and round and I knew by revelation as I looked at the Angel, that what I was seeing was one of The LORD’s Guardian Angels — a Watcher Angel, over the seasons and the weather systems and patterns in the earth.


Suddenly I heard these Words in The Realm of The Spirit, ”Watch and pray fervently, for a new religion will rise that will seek to captivate the hearts of many, brainwash minds and bringing forth great destruction upon many nations.”


As I heard those Words, I immediately began to pray for more revelation, as I did not understand what I was hearing.


So I began to inquire of The LORD, and then I heard The Spirit say these words, “Daughter, climate change. Climate change shall be upon the lips of many in the season ahead.


Yes! Climate change shall become a new religion that will sweep across the nations like wild fires, but watch and pray fervently.


Listen and pay attention, as the voices of many will begin to rise up within the nations in worship to the false gods of the sun, the moon and the stars.


They shall even offer sacrifices of the unborn to the false gods of the rain and wind — and to the earth, they shall call her ‘mother’.


Now look and see! Stay alert and vigilant, for this idol worship shall deceive many and it shall create a portal and a gateway for great destruction to come upon the land.

I say again watch and pray — as weather systems and patterns will begin to radically shift and change.


Severe floods, hail storms, tornadoes and powerful hurricanes will be unleashed upon the earth.


The land shall shake and quake and the waters of the sea shall be stirred up. Sudden and catastrophic tsunamis shall break forth upon the shores of many nations.


Beloved, tell My People to watch and pray, for now a new religion rises that will captivate many hearts, brainwash minds and bringing forth great destruction upon the land of many nations!”




Check This Out: Prophet and Code Breaker; Abel Praise of Kingdom Military Missions.


I have received this prophetic code-breaking word from Abel Praise of Kingdom Military Missions regarding two recent Words.


“Very Warm Greetings Dear Ma.


I trust you are doing well.


It’s amazing to follow through the prophetic insights you have been sharing and seeing amazing alignments.


I am urged to write to share perspective on the two words you shared yesterday and today concerning the New Religion and The Swine that eat up Prophetic Pearls, and how they line up with several words concerning increase in prophetic ministry, and also the war in the heavens specifically concerning prophetic thrones aligned to Angelic ministry and why this is a raging warfare into the season ahead, for the nations and for the 2020 elections; so we know how to petition and march along in praying. (See also updated to HKP Word: “Prophetic Warning of Demonic Swine.”)


  • Climate Change speaks of The Authority over atmospheres.


In the spirit, Horns are those that wield authority over atmospheres; they are those that bear The Presence of The LORD, where they are Angelic Horns, and when in the hands of the enemy that are the ones that threaten nations with perverse presence and even atmospheres and climate conditions.


This showed we were dealing with a being in the ranking of a demonic horn that had gained access through a portal and is plotting the release of legion of perverse spirits.


The word you share goes on to speak about the plot for perversions, with aim to bring idolatry into systems and gates across atmospheres.


  • However, the second word gives a bigger picture — The WORD about the swine, being the pig like beast you had seen.


It’s description highlights a being functioning with a prophetic character. It’s ears speaks of the prophetic ears, it’s eyes to see, and the odor speaks of the demonic atmospheric presence it carries as a horn.


The prophetic vision you had shows that as you word went forth, the demons reaction caused a change in the spiritual atmosphere; as I had explained about the horns being about spiritual atmospheres and presence; but they went on to feed on the word.


This however is what I had been receiving Of The LORD in recent days. It’s been a battle for The prophetic thrones aligned to Angelic ministry.

Elijah, Elisha’s works and experiences with The Chariots of Israel, Ezekiel prophesying to the Winds, Isaiah prophesying and releasing The Word from The LORD that released a host of Angels to war shows us there are prophetic thrones that are aligned to Angelic ministry in a very unique way.


The decrees, the utterances, the proclamations that these prophetic thrones that are aligned to Angelic ministry empowers Angels to fulfill The Proceeding Word Of The LORD.


However, when these offices are subverted and falls through perversion under the hold of the enemy; the enemy uses that authority to proclaim decrees that power demons to act. This is very significant because of all that’s building up in this season.


One significant heavenly strategy for President Trump first election was the proclamations of The Prophetic Word through prophetic voices in a very resounding way that sent Angels in motion in amazing ways despite the media frenzy and the enemy is all out to attack that line of defense.

There is so much WORD proceeding about The LORD stirring up the prophetic ministry in this hour, and there is now a perverse parallel in operation trying to counter this.


  • So how do we learn to march appropriately? There must be crying out for the cleansing of the work and a readiness to obey through the leading of The Spirit Of The LORD to see the birthings of the new prophetic releases The LORD is working into The Body in this time, because there is a war in the heavens; and we must keep the purity of the prophetic authority given and now to be given in increasing measures for the war and advance ahead; in birthing and proclaiming the decrees and ordinances Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST.


This Is believe is significant for this time. It’s always good writing you.


Abel Praise,


Kingdom Military Missions.”

Blessings to you all.

By Veronika West







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Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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