If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I am near to you as I was with My Son . . .

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I Am Not A Far-Off God

By Russ Walden



The Father says today I am not a far-off God. I am near to you as I am near to all those who are of a humble spirit and a contrite heart. Offer up your contrition says the Father. No need to rattle your saber or to bluster or be bellicose in the situation. I see what’s going on. I am exposing and causing to be shouted from the rooftop those things that need to be known and said. Say to your ears “hear” and to your eyes “see what God is showing you.” 


Do not falter or be afraid for I am not showing you merely what is coming I am showing you what My hand is doing and moving and exacting My justice in the situation that you might come forth blessed and being a blessing to all those around you.


Shout for joy says God and not for mastery. You don’t need to master the situation when I AM with you. Let Me be who I AM and you be who you are – My willing subject. Trust Me and know that I am working. Magnify Me and I will be magnified in your situation and cause things to work out in your favor. 


Speak of My righteousness and of My goodness for it is raining down on you this day, yes, even the beneficial rains of My favor that change and shift the atmosphere and bring heaven to earth over you in a moment of time.


Prophet Russ Walden


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17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

30.09 | 06:43

i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

08.09 | 08:31

So beautiful.

29.08 | 16:23

As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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